The goal of TechShop is to provide members with every conceivable tool and machine that they would need to build, hack, fix or create just about any kind of project.

Here is a list of the core tools and equipment are available to you as a TechShop member:


Disk sander, large, pedestal mounted
Sand blasting cabinet
Wire wheel, bench mounted
Vibratory polisher

Arts and Crafts

Vinyl cutter, computer controlled
Glass cutters, stained glass
Soldering irons, stained glass


Floor jack and jack stands
Motorcycle lift
Transmission jack
Engine hoist
Battery charger
Pneumatic tools


Soldering station
Power supply, DC
Signal generator
Frequency counter
Variable transformer, variac


Cold saw
Drill press
Horizontal band saw
Vertical band saw
Tubing bender
Angle iron bender/notcher

Fabrics and Sewing

Sewing machine, industrial
Sewing machine, standard
Overlock machine, serger
Embroidery machine, computer controlled

Hand Tools

Assorted hand and power tools


Camera, digital SLR


Granite surface plate
Height gauges, digital


Lathe, large metal, with digital readout and tooling
Milling machine, large, with digital readout and tooling
Milling machine, 4-axis, CNC (Tormach)


Calipers, digital and dial
Micrometer, digital


Vacuum forming station, 24" x 24"
Heat strip bender
Injection molder (Morgan)
Router table 


3D FDM printer, ABS
Laser cutter, 60 Watt
3D scanner (NextEngine)

Sheet Metal

Box and pan brake
English wheel
Planishing hammer, air powered
Rotary turret punch
Sheet metal shear, power, 48" wide
Slip roll, power, 48" wide
Throatless shear, bench mounted

Corner notcher

Surface and Finishing

Powder coating station and oven
Spray painting area, ventilation hood


Plasma cutter, CNC, 4' x 8' (Torchmate)
Welder, TIG
Welder, MIG
Welder, spot
Plasma cutter, hand held

Wood Working

Wood router, CNC (ShopBot)
Table saw (SawStop)
Compound miter saw, sliding
Table router
Band saw
Belt/disc sander, free standing
Lathe, 24", 3HP
Scroll saw
Drill press, free standing
 NOTE: Equipment may vary between TechShop locations. Additional equipment not on this list may be available at some locations, and some equipment on this list may not be available at all locations. See your local TechShop location for a complete list of equipment.