Q: What are your hours of operation?

A: We are open 8AM–2AM daily except for major holidays.

Q: How do I purchase a membership?
A: On our website here, or visit the shop.

Q: Can do I reserve equipment time?
A: Yes!* All active members may reserve time on equipment by going to our Equipment Reservation Calendar page, locating an open time slot for the equipment they wish to use, and then calling the front desk to reserve the slot.
*You must take and pass a Safety and Basic Use class for some equipment before access is granted. 

Q: How do I get my TechShop badge?
A: We can process member badges on site; just stop by.

Q: Does my TechShop badge work at other TechShop locations?
A: Yes! TechShop badges are good at all locations nationwide.

Q: Where do I enter TechShop San Jose?
A: Access to our building can be made from the northeastern corner of our building in our parking lot (the side facing McDonalds). Entrances to our parking lot are on San Carlos Street or 3rd Street.

Q: Is there parking at TechShop San Jose?
A: Yes. We have a large lot for TechShop members and guests who have a TechShop San Jose parking permit. Permits are available to all members and guests while they are on the premises. Please be sure to get a valid permit from our front desk when you arrive. (BE SURE DISPLAY YOUR PARKING PERMIT IN PLAIN SIGHT) – you can enter the lot from either San Carlos Street or 3rd Street. There are adjoining for-fee parking lots and garages. The VTA is close by for mass transit access.

Q: Is there a bike rack area to lock my bike?
A: Yes! Right out front.

Q: Do you offer project storage?
A: Yes! We make a range of small, medium and large "personal storage" spaces available for rent. 

Q: Is all the equipment in other TechShop Locations also in San Jose?
A: With a few exceptions – yes. In some cases, we have chosen newer equipment in San Jose so we will have the same type of equipment, but a newer model.

Q: Will I need to get re-certified for equipment in San Jose if I took a class at another TechShop location?
A: This should not prove to be much of an issue as the majority of equipment in TechShop San Jose is the same as at TechShop Menlo Park and TechShop San Francisco. However, if we feel the operation of the new equipment is sufficiently different or unique, you may be required to take the amended SBU again, at half price. In others cases where the equipment differences are negligible, a simple checkout will be done with a Dream Consultant. 

Q: Do you have onsite offices for rent?
A: We have three offices available for rent. If you are interested in renting an office, contact us at info.sj@techshop.ws.

Q: Will you offer corporate and student memberships?
A: Yes! Check out our Membership page for more information.