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EEE100: Soldering and Basic Electronics

Learn how to use solder and a soldering iron to make small stick figures, as well as how to solder electronic "through-hole" components for electronic printed circuit board assembly (PCBs).

In this class, you will learn basic solder and flux types, safe soldering practices, and soldering iron maintenance. You will learn to de-solder using various techniques, including a "solder sucker" tool or solder braid. In addition, you will build an LED Blinkatron 2000 - it's a simple soldering project that works!

All parts are included. Add the potentiometer to change the blink speed.

This is a fun first class for kids and adults!

1 session currently scheduled:
    Soldering and Basic Electronics Sunday, 4/26/15 11:30 AM 2.0 Hours 6 SEATS TOTAL
    * Membership is verified at the time of the class session. Be sure to bring your badge.
EEE205: Arduino Part 2 - Basic Programming

This class is an introduction to the use of microprocessors and uses the Arduino. This is Part 2 of the Arduino Electronics Series. Part 1 is building your first Aduino board although you can skip that class and just buy one if you like.

Please bring the Barebones Arduino board you built in the Arduino Part 1 class, the BUB board and a laptop with the Arduino software and drivers pre-installed. The software may be downloaded from Arduino Software. If you do not have a laptop, call your TechShop store to see if there is a computer for rent, or if the class will take place in a computer lab.

In this class, you will learn how to use an Arduino in simple projects. We will cover programming and the simple electronics need to connect an Arduino to switches, dials, brightness, temperature and other sensors; and to lights, motors and other output devices. The three hours will switch between instruction, hands-on and some free time.

This is a fast track class for people who want to add simple automation to their projects. Example programs will be provided. You can cut and paste from the examples to start writing your own programs.

The class fee includes a breadboard, switch, sensors, motor, LEDs and various electronic components.

Prerequisites: You must have an Arduino that can be used with a breadboard, that is, with male headers pointing down in the power rail and "front" edge holes (A0, RST, GND, +5, digital 0-13, and GND). You can either use the board you built in Part 1 Building an Arduino - Educato, or you can bring an Arduino -ompatible board.

If you bring your own laptop, you MUST pre-download and install the Arduino software and drivers.

There are a few laptops for rent at the Detroit store; please reserve ahead by calling the Front Desk.

You must make arrangements for a computer before signing up for the class - either be able to bring a laptop, or call the shop for assistance.

1 session currently scheduled:
    Arduino Part 2 - Basic Programming Sunday, 4/19/15 7:30 PM 3.0 Hours 8 SEATS TOTAL
    * Member Sign Up $70.00 plus $25.00 Materials Fee
    Non-member Sign Up $90.00 plus $25.00 Materials Fee
    * Membership is verified at the time of the class session. Be sure to bring your badge.