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WKS883: Electronic Hardware

Are you more comfortable with computer software than computer hardware? Have you ever wondered how a computer actually works at the hardware level? Do you want to design your own electronic project/prototype circuits? Do you want to know Boolean logic and understand Inverters, OR, AND, NOR, Exclusive OR and NAND gates? How about flip-flops, multiplexors, decoders, etc.? Would you like to understand how Transistors, Diodes, MOSFETs, LEDs, Capacitors, Resistors, Inductors and SCRs work and when to use them? Then the Basic Electronic Hardware Workshop is for you.

The three-hour Electronic Hardware Workshop - Level 1 will help you understand the basics of electronic circuit design. You’ll learn how the simple Ohm’s law can be used to guide you through most of your electronic designs. You’ll learn all about voltage, current and power and how they affect each other. You’ll learn how to read a datasheet for LEDs, MOSFETs and other components. You’ll learn how to read and draw schematics. This fun and very interactive workshop will include interactive discussions, hands-on demonstrations and electronic experiments.

After attending this workshop, you should be able to answer this question: If a switch is rated at 10 Amps and 250 Volts, how much current (Amps) will it handle at just 25 Volts? (You’d be surprised at how many EEs get this wrong!)

The Electronic Hardware Workshop – Level 1 is presented by Lou Lippincott. Lou has over 30 years of experience in electronic design and has his name on over 70 hardware design patents. Now an independent inventor, Lou has taught electronics at many levels. Lou has a knack for teaching complex concepts in clear and understandable terms for people at all levels of knowledge and experience. You do not need any prior electronic hardware experience to enjoy this workshop.

1 session currently scheduled:
    Electronic Hardware Friday, 5/29/15 7:00 PM 3.0 Hours 20 SEATS TOTAL
    * Member Sign Up $89.00, No Materials Fee
    Non-member Sign Up $115.00, No Materials Fee
    * Membership is verified at the time of the class session. Be sure to bring your badge.