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SOC726: Creativity and Innovation Jam with The Play Storming Group!

Generate brilliant ideas, boost your everyday creative flow and keep your innovative edge sharp.

Join Play Storming at TechShop for this fun and free workshop where, through the experience of improvisational play, we will focus on design thinking, creativity and innovation.

In this workshop. you will experience how "play" can lead to ...


  • Unleash an aliveness only found in the moment
  • Awaken and focus previously dormant creative potential
  • Engage and integrate different parts of the brain and body


  • Break habitual patterns of thinking, being and doing
  • Enable more risk taking and spontaneous behavior
  • Foster experimentation without fear for failure


  • Develop confidence in navigating the unknown
  • Generate more novel ideas in a shorter amount of time
  • Activate the imagination in new and exciting ways

Creative Collaboration

  • Breaks down barriers quickly and non-threateningly
  • Sets the stage for ongoing generative co-creation
  • Enhances the skill of supporting; giving and receiving
  • Engages the whole person and whole team

1 session currently scheduled:
    Creativity and Innovation Jam with The Play Storming Group! Thursday, 1/29/15 7:00 PM 2.0 Hours 40 SEATS TOTAL
    Member and non-member Sign Up FREE, No Materials Fee