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Jon Barbara

TechShop, Inc.

TechShop Chandler Celebrates 4th Year of Partnering with Local Makers to Bring New Concepts to Life
TechShop Chandler open to the public and offers tools, resources, and more for innovators and entrepreneurs
Chandler, AZ , August 8, 2017 --

The team at TechShop Chandler is excited to celebrate their fourth anniversary of community service and partnership with Arizona State University and the City of Chandler.

TechShop Chandler is located within Arizona State University’s Chandler Innovation Center. For the past four years, the facility has offered leading-edge tools, machinery, software, and more to those who want to create. In addition, creators have enjoyed being plugged into a network of like-minded innovators.

“The options for equipment are immense,” said one recent visitor. “Laser engravers are the most popular, then 3D printing, but the metal shop and wood shop, textiles (think industrial sewing equipment, screenprinting), and machine shop are also incredible.”

“The more I go, the more I realize I need the tools they have and they’ll teach me to use them,” said another recent guest.

The open-access workshop has become a staple for everyone from hobbyists to aspiring entrepreneurs, offering the tools and guidance needed to create everything from furniture to metalworks to exciting new products for consumers.

TechShop Chandler is open to the public, as well as to ASU students, and is located within the ASU Chandler Innovation Center..

The facility will be hosting an open house on November 18, 2017, to celebrate their fourth anniversary. Community members are invited to come join in the celebration, learn more about TechShop Chandler, and make reservations to bring their creations to life. More information can be found at

About TechShop, Inc.
Founded in October 2006, TechShop is a membership-based, do-it-yourself (DIY) workshop and fabrication studio that provides access to a vibrant community of creative makers and millions of dollars' worth of facilities, equipment, tools and software in each location. Based in San Jose, Calif., with locations globally, TechShop offers classes, workshops, instruction and training for people of all ages and skill levels to build whatever they can dream.For information on memberships and course listings, visit, email or call 855-TECHSHOP. You can follow TechShop on Twitter at @TechShop and on Facebook as TechShop Incorporated.

TechShop currently offers a number of investment opportunities. For more information, or to RSVP for one of our upcoming live webinars, visit

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