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Metal Shop SBU
Class Number 156-1111

Learn the principles and practices of cutting and forming simple and compound curves and shapes from aluminum and light-gauge sheet-metal material without molten metal, flames and expensive molds, etc.

Use our tools to fold, shape and cut sheet metal like paper! Learn to operate a sheet roller, sheet metal shear, punch, corner notcher and the box and pan brake. Use an English wheel, shrinker/stretcher, pneumatic planishing hammer, delrin shaping hammers and beater bags provided to create artistic, useful curved aluminum or light-gauge steel objects. Also learn to use the horizontal and vertical metal band saws.

Through tool demonstration and use, you will shape, form, harden and fabricate a fruit or nut bowl or a bike fender in class. Other tools and techniques as well as your project and future classes will be discussed.

NOTE: ALL classes at TechShop subject to change; we make every attempt to notify all registered students. PLEASE ensure that we have correct contact information on file to contact you in the event of a schedule change.

San Francisco course is being modified, please call Techshop SoMa at 415-263-9161 for more information.

Passing this class is a requirement to use this equipment at TechShop

Class Date: Sunday, Oct 21, 2007
Start Time: 3:00 PM
Class Length: 1 Hour
Instructor: Jon Barnard
Age Range: 16 and Up
Price: $30.00000
Lab Fee: $10
Location: Hot Shop / Sheet Metal Room
Max Students: 5
Seats Left: 4

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