PRO101: Afinia 3D Printer SBU
Class Number 449-32018

In this Level 1 Safety and Basic Usage (SBU) class, you will learn how to import, prepare and print your three-dimensional parts using our desktop 3D printer.

3D printing, also known as “additive manufacturing” or “rapid prototyping,” allows you to quickly and easily create a physical object from a computer model, literally printing the part as it goes. Building your parts out of durable ABS plastic, our printer has a resolution of 0.2mm and is ideal for making small plastic parts and creating real world prototypes from your CAD designs.

After this class, you will have all the information and knowledge neccessary to use this machine for all your 3D printing needs!

Passing this class is a requirement to use this equipment at TechShop

TechShop Location: TechShop San Jose
Room / Area: Computer Lab
Instructor: Steven Tucker
Class Date: Friday, Apr 26, 2013
Start Time: 4:00 PM
Class Length: 2 Hours
Price: $55.00
Lab Fee: None
Age Range: 12 and Up (Contact the store to register students under 13.)
Must Attend with Parent: 12 through 15
Min. Students: 2
Max Students: 6
Current Students: 2
Seats Left: 4
Sorry, this Class is Over! There Are Currently No Other "Afinia 3D Printer SBU " Classes with Seats Still Available, But Please Check the Class Catalog Again Soon.