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WKS92212: Ready to Take Your First Orders: How to Sell to Friends and Family
Class Number 721-24891

Making products is expensive.

Are you interested in crowdfunding your project, but you're still building the prototype? Before you try and raise funding from the general public on a site like Kickstarter or Indiegogo, you can raise money or pre-sell your first few prototypes to family and friends privately with a site called

Focusing on building the first 80 instead of 8,000 units will give you invaluable feedback from your early production runs as well as these early customers.

In this workshop, we’ll help you understand how you can easily and quickly raise money from your group using the Crowdtilt platform. The workshop will also have a longer Q&A session to open up a dialogue on individual member funding needs.

TechShop Location: TechShop San Francisco
Room / Area:
Class Date: Saturday, Sep 22, 2012
Start Time: 2:30 PM
Class Length: 2 Hours
Price: FREE!
Lab Fee: None
Age Range: 8 and Up (Contact the store to register students under 13.)
Min. Students: 4
Max Students: 30
Current Students: 6
Seats Left: 24
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