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Kids and Parents: Learn Tinkercad, FREE eco-friendly filament samples, and more!
Friday, 10/27/2017
6:00 PM to 8:30 PM
TechShop Chandler

  • Room 130 at the Arizona Chandler Innovation Center - adjoining space with TechShop Chandler; walk to the West end of the building near the restrooms - if you're facing the restrooms room 130 is on your left and look for our event sign.

  • Tinkercad, new biodegradable filaments and more local educational 3D printing/modeling resources - ME OH MY! Come give it a try.  

    We will be introducing you to all this and more at this month's Phoenix 3D Printing Meetup. Have children? Ages 8 and up are welcome to come learn and play (parents must accompany).

    Are you brand new to CAD or do you want a safe and easy environment to introduce your children ages 8+ to this game-changing world of 3D technology? Not only will we be teaching Tinkercad basics for FREE, but we'll introduce more educational resources for beginners and children to get an engaging and easy-to-understand introduction to 3D printing/modeling. Dream Factory will showcase their new children's 3D printer called the "Little3D Printer," or L3D. It's meant to be a great first 3D printer

    Tonight also happens to be the Youth 3D Printing Club at TechShop Chandler. If you RSVP you get $10 off the $60 class price for this 3 hour freeform class where qualified staff will help you 3D print using the available printers here at TechShop. Model your creation in Tinkercad then hop over into the class to print your design - or come ready to print and join us at the Meetup while you wait for your print to finish. Better yet - come grab a free filament sample to test out on the TechShop 3D printers.

    As an added bonus, 3Dprintlife has agreed to send some FREE samples for you to try of their PLAy/PHAb and EnviroABS - both high-quality biodegradable American-made 3D printing filaments. They have many more varieties we'll briefly introduce and if we make a group order we all benefit from a bulk discount!

    Contributors to tonights event: 

    TechShop Chandler - www.techshop.ws

    3Dprintlife - www.3dprintlife.com

    Dream Factory - www.dreamfactory.build