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The January Maker's Cup at TechShop Austin-Round Rock
Thursday, 1/19/2017
6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
TechShop Austin-Round Rock

Maker’s Cup is TechShop’s monthly competition for craft-inclined adults. Make friends, play to win, and get inspired.

The January challenge is a Flash Film Festival. Team up to create your very own stop motion film in this two-hour event. Teams will have 90 minutes to write and direct an original stop motion short film to share with the other competitors.

Awards will be given for:

      - Best Actress/Actor

      - Best Original Score

      - Best Comedy

      - Best Drama

One talented team will walk away with the coveted award for Best Picture.

All you need to bring is your smartphone; TechShop will provide the rest. The Maker's Cup is a great event to attend with friends who you’ve meant to share the TechShop experience with, but haven’t found the right time to drop by for a tour.

In lieu of a ticket fee, we are requesting clean new or gently used blankets that will be donated to a local shelter.  One blanket is good for two attendees, but we will happily accept more than one. This event is 18+.

Light food and drinks will be provided. Members who choose to imbibe alcohol must have a valid picture ID proving them to be legal drinking age and aren’t allowed to return to the shop for the remainder of the night.