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FabMo @ TechShop
Saturday, 8/5/2017
11:00 AM to 4:00 PM
TechShop San Francisco

FabMo is bringing their fabulous designer materials to TechShop San Francisco!  Saturday, August 5th, FabMo will deliver a  load of fabrics, wallpapers, leathers, stone/glass/metal/ceramic tiles, woods, and more to the Gallery at TechShop San Francisco!   TechShoppers and the FabMo public can gather treasures from 11a-4p.  There is no admission charge or membership requirement for this event.  Materials are offered on a donation basis only.

There is a lot of overlap and symbiosis between FabMo and TechShop.  One offers beautiful, high-end, unique materials, not normally available to the public at all; the other offers a fabulous variety of very high capability tools and equipment that are normally way outside the budget of the DIY public.  Put them together and magic happens!  When FabMo was last at TechShop in Redwood City and in San Jose, about 50 tours were conducted and some new memberships were gained.


Mark your calendar!  Saturday, August 5th for FabMo at TechShop San Francisco.  Bring your friends!  Show off TechShop and get some spectacular FabMo stuff!  See you there!