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Pittsburgh City of Learning - Summer Workshops
Mon 6/23/2014 at 12:30 PM -- Fri 8/29/2014 at 3:30 PM
TechShop Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh City of Learning is part of a nationwide movement to leverage community resources to ensure learning doesn’t stop when school lets out. By participating in City of Learning programs in schools, museums, libraries, parks and community centers, young people can explore their interests, develop new skills and connect their learning to real world opportunity by earning digital badges.

Sign up for our exciting Summer Workshops at TechShop Pittsburgh, make cool projects and start earning digital badges. Summer Workshops are week-long workshops geared towards projects and learning in CNC technology, electronics, robotics, woodworking and art. Designed for kids ages 12-18 with an interest in making and tinkering, and led by professionals in STEAM fields.

Sessions include the following (dates and times vary; check the individual listings for more information and to register):

Build a ZeGo Robot: Build a multifuncitonal robot kit and learn about microcontrollers, robotics, and rapid prototyping.

Wireless Energy: Electrify your summer and learn about high-voltage electronics and microcontrollers while making a cool wireless-powered Tesla coil!

Textile Printing and Sewing: Design your own unique fiber art piece using TechShop's top-of-the-line sewing equipment and silk screening studio.

Drum Makers: Design a unique wooden hand drum using Adobe Illustrator and jam out CNC style with TechShop member James Gyre!

21st Century Printmaking: Remix ancient printmaking methods with new technology and make some truly tech-worthy art!

Make a Mountain DulcimerBuild a dulcimer – a stringed, Appalachian, folk instrument – while learning basic woodworking and instrument-making skills.

This project is part of Pittsburgh City of Learning, an initiative of The Sprout Fund. Learn more at