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Post-Maker Faire Detroit Open House
Saturday, 8/2/2014
11:00 AM to 6:00 PM
TechShop Detroit-Allen Park

Hooray! You met us at Maker Faire and can't wait to get your hands on all of the goodies we have in the shop, or you've been curious about TechShop for some time and just needed an excuse to come and meet us.  

Well, here's your chance! 

Here at TechShop Detroit we'll have workshops, demos, tours and popcorn for the entire family!

Workshops and demos include:

10:00AM - Laser and Etching SBU

10:30AM - Basic Sewing

10:30AM - Electronic Instruments

11:00AM - Build a Scooter

Noon-4:00 PM - Don't miss the FREE Paper Rocket Launching!  

Noon - Woodshop SBU

12:30AM - Begining Sewing - Tote Bag

1:00PM  - Arduino Project Simon Says

1:00PM - Bologna Sandwich Casting

3:00PM - Drones 101

Click here to RSVP. See you there!

This Open House is free and open to the public at:

TechShop Detroit, 800 Republic Drive, Allen Park, MI 48101