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Concepts & Coffee and a Special Town Hall Meeting with Mark Hatch
Saturday, 4/12/2014
12:00 PM to 2:00 PM
TechShop Detroit-Allen Park

Join TechShop Detroit on April 12, 2014 at 12:00 noon for an exciting afternoon of sharing! Enjoy TechShop member project presentations, followed by a town hall-style meeting with TechShop CEO Mark Hatch and lunch on the house! As always, it’s entirely free and open to the public.

This month's Concepts and Coffee features the following:

Steve Frey – Open Casket Bar and Grill: Caskets don’t have to be all doom and gloom; this one is the life of the party! The Open Casket Bar and Grill is a combination outdoor grill and beverage cooler built into a real casket. In his presentation, Steve will go through the logic and process of how he took a final resting place and transformed it into a venue for tailgating parties from beyond the grave.

Luciano Golia – Learn with a Luthier: Why are stringed instruments so different than other instruments? How does coming from a culturally and historically rich culture in Italy shape decisions and influence considerations as a maker? Find answers to these questions in a conversation with master luthier Luciano Golia about how wood and business can be used together to build an international market in instruments.

Stay for the Town Hall Meeting at 1PM , an in-person information session hosted by TechShop CEO Mark Hatch  where you can learn how you can become a part of TechShop's mission to democratize access to the tools of innovation!

Discover how you can participate in the growth of TechShop (we are currently offering our Series B Preferred stock for sale to accredited investors), meet with Mark, and discuss some of the many exciting things happening in the Maker Movement around the country.

The town hall-style sessions are open to the public. Please RSVP here.

For more information on investment opportunities with TechShop, visit or email us at