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Tesla Coil Design & Operation
Saturday, 7/27/2013
6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
TechShop Pittsburgh

Learn about design methods and operating principles of a traditional spark gap Tesla coil! Mathematical relationships and empirical measurements will be used to gain a greater understanding of high voltage electronics. We will be demonstrating these concepts on a giant homemade Tesla coil!

This is the perfect workshop for high-voltage electronics enthusiasts and for those who want to build their own Tesla coils.

About the Instructor: Mark Barlow teaches electronics classes at TechShop Pittsburgh. He has worked in the solar industry for five years and has cumulatively worked on 35 megawatts of solar power generation, including the first solar array in downtown Pittsburgh. Mark built his first Tesla coil in high school and continues to be an enthusiast of high voltage electronics.

This workshop is open to members and non-members. Sign up here!