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Members Only ShopBot Meet-Up
Sunday, 7/22/2012
6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
TechShop San Jose

Come and discuss all things ShopBot!

This is your time to show your projects – finished or not – socialize and ask questions. Bring your scrap material, ideas, jigs, half-finished projects and files.

Only current members who have passed the ShopBot SBU may operate the machinery – if we get to that. The ShopBot will be reserved and we may do some small jobs. Meet-ups have neither registration nor min or max attendees – it may show FULL in the schedule, but it's not ... just drop on by.

This meet-up is for TechShop members ONLY. Lots of members have asked us for a regularly-scheduled social event that lets them meet with other TechShop members who work on their projects at different days or times, show off their projects in progress and network. We have several different meet-ups that are focused on a specific area of interest: Textiles, Laser, Arduino, RepRap and MetalWorkers. We are continuing to expand to more topics, so come and join in the fun!