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Sales for Serious Makers 301: How to Price Right
Tuesday, 10/10/2017
6:00 PM to 9:00 PM
TechShop Austin-Round Rock

If you make something to sell, either one original or many, coming up with the best price can be tricky. Price right and it can help you live a better life and make your business dream come true. It can create enough profit to grow, pay yourself, hire and pay staff, take a vacation, have health insurance, etc. A hobby cannot provide these and many other good things.

If you are a serious maker, join us on October 10th at 6PM for Sales for Serious Makers 301: How to Price Right.

Learn from The Profit Mover Mentoring Team™ (PMT) of business management experts about the legal, social media, marketing, sales, financial and pricing model decisions you need to make before setting your prices. If you are already selling what you make, come to make sure you have priced right, not left money on the table, and accounted for all your costs and contingencies. This is part of the continuing “Makers Growth” program provided by the Profit Mover Team™ and sponsored by Tech Shop. You don’t need to have attended previous sessions to benefit from this session on pricing.

EXTRA HELP: Stay after the session for one-on-one team mentoring. Please sign up HERE for your 30-minute time slot from 7-9PM with the Profit Mover Mentoring Team™ (PMT) of business experts.

Presenters & Mentors:
The Profit Mover Mentoring Team™ (PMT) of business experts

   • Jan Triplett & Daniel Diener, Business Success Center & PMT leaders

   • Bill Combes, No Time for Social?

   • Andrew Eisenberg, Michael Best Attorneys?

   • Francoise Luca/Sam Thacker, Business Finance Solutions?

   • Steve Pearson, Pearson Strategy Group