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LIFT Economy Meet-Up: Open-Source Artifacts for the Resistance
Thursday, 6/1/2017
6:00 PM to 9:00 PM
TechShop San Francisco

As the urgency of our time becomes more apparent, what if we channeled that maker energy into open-source sustainable living artifacts and resilient emergency preparedness systems for meeting basic needs at home, festivals, backpack trips and even for application on the front lines of the fossil fuel resistance? Think:
  • Home scale water filtration/treatment

  • No-energy food dehydration

  • Portable compost toilet design

  • Improved cookstove design

  • Home scale passive refrigeration

  • Grow-your-own carbon sequestering kelp mariculture systems

  • The sky's the limit...

Analogous open source model heuristics have been proven for software and other fields. There are already a significant number of people working to create some of the aforementioned needed artifacts/solutions. What if we built on this foundation by galvanizing a network of makers characterized by emotional intelligence and cooperative literacy?

Likewise, applying permaculture ethics, principles, design methods and processes harnessed by the talent and technology of modern industrial design and mechanical engineering to solve problems of energy conservation, yield processing, sanitation, etc. through appropriate artifacts?

Join us for an evening of practice. We'll start with a core question, namely, "How do we filter water?" and present some design constraints (e.g., scalable, affordable, repeatable, using only waste materials), and then spend the bulk of the evening doing direct-design in small groups.

Join us for this inspiring event. RSVP on Eventbrite here.