3D Printing

TechShop provides 3D printing services to serve your needs. Whether or not you are a TechShop member, we will print your model for you!

ProJet HD 3000 HD 3D Printer
An astonishing machine with incredible tolerances and resolution, the ProJet HD 3000 prints in HD (high definition), which means better, more accurate parts for you with sharper edges and cleaner lines. The material used for printing is EX200 build material, a UV curable acrylic plastic that is a semi-clear resin-based material cured by UV light. Similar to acrylic in feel, it is much stronger. Better suited for volume printing with this new machine, we look forward to being the first stop for your 3D printing needs.

TechShop members receive a discount on both material and processing fees! To get started, email the 3D printing team at 3dprinting@techshop.ws for a no-commitment quote and/or more information. Please attach an .STL file for faster quoting.