Refer a Friend!

Get free classes for helping friends join TechShop!

We want to expand the TechShop community with more people like you, and we'd like your help. The "Refer a Friend" promotion makes it easier than ever for your friends, acquaintances and colleagues to join TechShop. In return for your referral, you earn free classes!

How It Works

  1. Your friends join TechShop.
    As part of this program, your friends receive a discounted membership of $150 a month for a minimum of three months and their pick of two JumpStart classes or one Choice class. The membership is renewed automatically every month on the new member's credit card but can be cancelled any time after the three-month commitment has been met by notifying TechShop five days prior to the renewal.
  2. You get free classes.
    For every person you refer who joins TechShop for the first time, either for the above promotion or one of our standard membership offers, you will receive a coupon good for your choice of two classes from our JumpStart list or one class from our Choice list. Coupons are good for six months from the date of your referral and can be used by you or given freely to anyone.


Q: How does TechShop know who I referred, and how do I receive my coupons?

A: You can let TechShop know that you and your friends are participating in the Refer a Friend program any of these three:

  1. In person.
    Come in with your friends when they join. They will receive their badges and we'll e-mail the free class coupons to both of you.
  2. With your badge.
    Make a copy of your TechShop badge and give it to your interested friends. When they join TechShop and show the picture of your badge, they will receive their badges and we'll e-mail free class coupons to both of you.
  3. Via e-mail.
    Send an e-mail message to info@tec with your full name and the full name of the person(s) you are referring. When your friend(s) join TechShop, they will receive their badges and we'll e-mail free class coupons to both of you.

Note: Referral rewards are offered to current TechShop members only, and the people you refer must be first-time TechShop members. The program does not apply to family members who would join as add-ons.