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Autodesk Meet-Up at TechShop Detroit
Wednesday, 5/1/2013
6:30 PM to 8:30 PM
TechShop Detroit-Allen Park

Share what you know and ask questions about what you don't. What a great way to learn tricks and tips for Autodesk software! Bring in your Autodesk files to share with others at the meet-up (and don't forget to bring your latest prototype!) Meet-up emcee is Patrick Miller, TechShop instructor and education developer for Autodesk software.

This meet-up is free and open to TechShop members.

Multi-body allows you to design several components in one file like the top and bottom of a remote. It also makes it easy to create a cavity for a mold.

To find out about this month's demo topic and to RSVP, please join our online forum : See you there!