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Autodesk Meet-Up, TSDT - Special Session
Wednesday, 2/6/2013
6:30 PM to 8:30 PM
TechShop Detroit-Allen Park

"Share what you know and ask questions about what you don't. What a great way to learn tricks and tips for Autodesk software!" That's the goal for our monthly Autodesk meet-up. In February, Autodesk content developer and TechShop Detroit instructor Patrick Miller presents "Art to Part" for Autodesk Inventor.

"I'll demonstrate how to use Autodesk SketchBook Designer software to create a concept sketch of a product, and then use the sketch in Autodesk Inventor software to build a digital prototype," Patrick says. "Autodesk SketchBook is so easy to use, it can make an engineer look like an artist. The concept art can be used in Inventor to build a 3D model. You will learn how to import images into an Inventor model and then build features around the concept images."

This workshop is for Techshop members and it's FREE. Space is limited - enroll below: