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GeekDad Father's Day
Sunday, 6/17/2012
12:00 PM to 6:00 PM
TechShop San Jose

Come and make stuff with your dad for GeekDad Father's Day at TechShop San Jose! We have several amazing workshops lined up for the day.

Steampunk LED Ties

Bring a tie and we'll show you how to add LEDs to it and add a bit of steampunk flare!

Build and Fly a Folding-Wing Glider

With wings folded back, these gliders rocket into the air using a hand-held rubber band catapult. At the apogee, the wings pop out for a gentle glide down. This glider has a fun history which you can become a part of, as you cut the parts on the laser cutter (and customize the wing) and build the glider from scratch. Once done, we'll head down to a local field for some high flying fun. All parts are included in the fee and you'll go home with a neat glider that can be used many more times.

Pewter Drop Casting: Cuff-Links Edition

In this workshop, you'll create a pair of pewter drop casted cuff-links with your own custom/personal image or initials.