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TechKids - After-School Program
Fri 2/15/2013 at 4:00 PM -- Fri 3/8/2013 at 6:00 PM
TechShop Mid-Peninsula

TechShop After-School Program: Ages 9-12

Dissatisfied with run-of-the-mill after-school programs for your kids? Looking for something spectacular? 

Enroll your kids in the TechKids After-School Program at TechShop Menlo Park. For one afternoon a week for four weeks, your child will be immersed in hands-on, how-to fundamentals that will supercharge their creativity and curiosity!  

In this jam session for the mind, we will couple their newfound curiosity with real-world applicability: kids will learn how the everyday things around them work, how they are made and how they function. They will build things, break things and experiment ... and, in the process, learning how our technical world works and how to search for answers.

Once a week for four weeks, your children will enter the TechShop hands-on learning zone and be immersed in two hours of curiosity-charged power-learning. They won’t even realize they ARE learning until it's too late! Each TechKids module spans one month, totalling four lab sessions (one session per week) lasting two hours each. This TechKids series is designed for kids 9 through 12 years of age.

Note: This is a fantastic learning environment and we work hard to ensure it remains so. For this reason, disruptive children will be removed from the class; parents agree to pick them up immediately.

TechKids Module 1: Electricity and Its Friends

How to make electricity, how to get it where you want it, and what to do with it once you get it there! In this module, your child will make conductive, insulating, and battery dough! They will learn the basics and safety requirements of electricity and how to use it to do work, how electricity is used to make digital information, and why. In addition, they will learn about magnetism, the special relationship it has with electricity, and how we can use this to do things. Finally, they will learn the basics of how electromagnetism is used to transmit energy through space -- and will even get to build a crystal radio receiver! 

When: Thursdays from 4 PM  -6 PM: February 14, 21, 28 and March 7

Price: $250 (includes all four lab sessions)

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Module 2:  Bridges, Buildings & Their Buddies

How to make structures and move things. In this module, your child will make bridges and cranes, and learn how we use and leverage force to build and move the world around us. They will learn the basics (and safety requirements) of levers and pulleys, how to make rigid structures, and how to devise shapes that go with the flow. They will be introduced to how we use different materials to build things and why. They will learn about tensile, tension and compression ... and how we can use these properties to do work. In addition, they will learn the basics of how to design to transmit load through structures. They will even get to build a functioning sky crane! 

When: Fridays from 4 PM - 6 PM: February 15, 22 and March 1, 8

Price: $250 (includes all four lab sessions)

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About the Instructor: Alan Federman, PhD, has been a TechShop member since 2007 and instructor since 2008. Alan is a physical scientist and has worked as a software engineer for NASA, Yahoo, Cisco and other Internet-related companies. He has been involved in STEM education since 1999 as a mentor for several national championship high school robotics competition teams and has published in Make Magazine and Servo Magazine.