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MAKE's First International Raspberry Pi Meet-Up Featuring the Release of MAKE v33
Thursday, 1/17/2013
7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
TechShop Austin-Round Rock

Join MAKE magazine, leader of the maker movement, for its second International maker meet-up around the release of MAKE Magazine Volume 33: Software for Makers, hitting newsstands January 22, 2013.

Join us as we take a deep dive into the magazine and take a special look at one of the most popular microcontrollers on the market today: Raspberry Pi. Often when we think of making, we envision physical objects like wood, metal and electronic components. But as fellow makers we know that software has become a critical part of the making process. Today, software is as important to makers as soldering irons and screwdrivers. MAKE volume 33 looks at the software you need to become a great maker, featuring 22 projects you can build, showcasing the way in which software has become a critical part of the making process.

During the meet-up, the MAKE team and featured guests Matt Richardson and Shawn Wallace, authors of Getting Started with Raspberry Pi, will join us in a live Google+Hangout On Air at 6PM PST They’ll talk about the featured projects in the magazine and discuss everything Pi. They’ll offer tips and hints of how to maximize your interaction with tools and software. You’ll be able to engage in a live chat with the participating guests and ask them questions as well as share your own projects.

Whether you’re a designer, inventor, hacker, tinkerer or weekend DIYer—anyone interested in finding out more about software, arduino projects, Internet-based projects, projects using parts fabrication, or anything in between—you are welcome to join in the conversation. We suggest getting together at convenient locations such as a hackerspace, coffee shop, community center, library or restaurant. Bring your laptop, tablet, or smartphone to access the Internet and G+ Hangout on Air.

Join fellow makers in your community and a chance to win a Raspberry Pi Starter Kit:

Share how the software you use today has transformed your DIY skills. Plus, MAKE will be offering the top three highest attending meet-ups a stipend of $200 for food and beverage. Five lucky winners will receive MAKE’s very own Raspberry Pi starter kits, which include a copy of Getting Started with Raspberry Pi. The first 25 meet-ups to sign up will each receive a signed copy of the book, Getting Started with Raspberry Pi, to host their own local raffles. All meet-up attendees will receive a free PDF download of MAKE Magazine Volume 33.