Class Pricing

Effective April 1, 2014, class prices for nonmembers will increase roughly 25%. Class prices for TechShop members will generally remain the same.

Q. What happens to any Choice or JumpStart coupons I already have?
A. Choice and JumpStart coupons will still be honored after the new pricing structure takes effect. Choice or JumpStart coupons can be redeemed by both members and non-members after the new pricing takes effect. Standard conditions and original expiration dates still apply.

Choice class and JumpStart class lists are published on our website.

Q. When will the new pricing take effect?
A. New pricing will take effect on April 1, 2014.

Q. Will this new pricing apply to all classes?
A. Yes, all our classes (SBUs, workshops and advanced classes) will be split into member and non-member pricing.

Q. Will class prices increase for members?
A. No, but we will be including class materials into the class fees. It may look like fees have increased, but it's just the inclusion of class materials.