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Future home of TechShop Los Angeles in the LA Mart / The Reef Building at South Broadway and East Washington Blvd (TechShop logo signage added least for now!) Yes, that is a gigantic chair in the front of the building.

TechShop Is Coming to Los Angeles in Spring 2016



Posted September 1, 2015

TechShop has signed a Letter Of Intent (LOI) with the owners of The Reef / LA Mart building to lease 18,500 square feet of prime space so that we can build the first TechShop location in Los Angeles.

All of the design and architecture plans for the space have been completed and are ready to go.

We want to sign a 10-year lease before September 30, 2015 in order to secure our space in this building and get started on construction.

Some funding has been committed to us by the owners of The Reef building and from the City of Los Angeles, but before we can sign the lease and start construction, we need to make sure that there is enough interest and support from the people in the Los Angeles communities to make TechShop Los Angeles successful. That's where we need your help.

All of our eight existing TechShop locations were funded directly by individuals just like you in the local community. We need you and everyone else who wants TechShop to come to Los Angeles to pitch in and help.

You can help by pledging your support in several ways:


  1. Pledge to Become a TechShop Los Angeles Lender with $25,000 or more (you'll earn 8% annual interest, and you'll get a TechShop VIP Lifetime Membership for you and your entire immediate family).

  2. Pledge to Become a TechShop Investor by purchasing $25,000 or more of TechShop preferred stock, and you'll get a TechShop VIP Lifetime Membership for you and your entire immediate family).

  3. Pledge to Purchase a TechShop Lifetime Membership for $10,000, a TechShop Lifetime Partner Membership for you and your spouse or domestic partner for $12,500, or a TechShop Lifetime Family Membership for your immediate family (spouse or partner, and kids under 21) for $13,000. You'll enjoy access to all current and future TechShop locations in the US including TechShop Los Angeles.

  4. Pledge to Become a Monthly TechShop Member at the discounted 2-year lock-in price of $125 per month (with automatic credit card charge each month, but charges don't start until TechShop Los Angeles opens, and there is a 3-month minimum -- that's a savings of $25 per month).

  5. Pledge to Make a Donation to help build TechShop Los Angeles ($25 to $1,000 or more, every dollar helps).
Please fill out the form below and indicate how you would like to pledge to help open TechShop Los Angeles. Please include your name, address, phone number, and email address. Then, we will contact you and help to arrange your payment for your pledge.

Everyone who pledges their support in some way will have their name included in the Founding Members display at TechShop Los Angeles, as long as we reach our goals for pledges.

Everyone who pledges to become a TechShop member (either by becoming a lender or buying a lifetime or monthly membership) and follows through with their pledge will also be granted early VIP pre-opening access to the various areas of the TechShop Los Angeles workshop as they are made available. You'll be able to work on your projects before the general public has access.

Please tell EVERYONE you know about TechShop and let them know that we are calling for support to open TechShop Los Angeles, and enlist their help. Send them the link to this page (, and encourage them to sign up on this page and help however they can.

Without the active help of you and everyone else who wants TechShop to come to Los Angeles, we just can't make it happen. So please don't wait...we need your help today. The opening of TechShop Los Angeles depends on you.

Thank you from the entire TechShop team.


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Everyone at TechShop is excited to finally announce that TechShop Los Angeles will be located at 1933 S Broadway Street in downtown Los Angeles, just a few blocks from where the 110 and the 10 freeways cross, a 15-minute walk from the Los Angeles Convention Center and Staples Center, and a 3-minute drive from USC.

The space in The Reef / LA Mart building that TechShop Los Angeles will occupy will be almost 20,000 square feet, fully staffed, and open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Plus, the building has two huge private and secure parking lots with over 1,000 parking spaces, so getting there and finding parking with your project and supplies will be easy. That's pretty unusual in downtown Los Angeles.

We think this is a great place for us to build our first location of many in the greater Los Angeles area.

TechShop Los Angeles will feature all the same brand-new and truly professional-level tools and equipment that members enjoy at all our other TechShop locations, including:


  • Universal 60-watt laser cutters
  • Tormach CNC milling machine
  • 3D printers
  • 3D scanner
  • Formech 24" x 24" vacuum forming system
  • Formech heat strip bending system
  • Morgan Industries plastic injection molding system
  • Heavy-duty sewing machines for leather and canvas
  • Serger sewing machine
  • Computer controlled embroidery sewing machine
  • Computer-controlled long-arm quilting machine
  • Silkscreen printing equipment
  • Computer-controlled wide-format vinyl cutter
  • Powder coating booth (walk-in)
  • Powder coating oven (walk-in)
  • Spray painting booth (walk-in)
  • Water jet cutter, computer-controlled 4' x 8' (6" capacity)
  • Lincoln MIG welders (steel and aluminum)
  • Lincoln TIG welders (steel and aluminum)
  • Oxy aceylene welder and cutter
  • Lincoln hand-held plasma cutter
  • Strong-Hand welding tables with full fixturing
  • Sheet metal spot welder
  • Sheet metal brake, 16 ga x 50"
  • Rotary sheet metal hole punch
  • Sheet metal corner notcher
  • English wheel and planishing hammer
  • Sheet metal shear, 16 ga x 50"
  • Sheet metal roller, 16 ga x 50"
  • Drive-in automotove bay with tools and equipment
  • Sandblaster, large
  • Metal grinders and sanders
  • Metal chop saw
  • Metal cold saw
  • Metal horizontal band saw
  • Metal vertical band saw
  • Electronics testing and soldering equipment
  • Large-format achival printer
  • ShopBot 5' x 9' CNC wood router system
  • SawStop professional cabinet table saw
  • Wood planer
  • Wood jointer
  • Wood band saw
  • Wood sanders
  • Wood scroll saw
  • Wood lathe
  • Drill presses
  • Metal lathes, 14" x 40" with DRO
  • Vertical milling machines with DRO and power feed
  • Granite surface plate with digital height gauges
  • Lots of machine shop accessories and tooling
  • Lots of fast computer workstations with 2D and 3D design software
  • Spacious and sturdy 4' x 8' worktables througout the shop areas
  • Completely-stocked tool tribs
  • Member storage rental from small to large
  • Private studio and office rentals
  • Meeting rooms free for members
  • Comfortable co-working areas
  • AC power, compressed air, and high-speed Wi-Fi
  • Retail store with supplies and materials
  • Free coffee and popcorn
  • ...and LOTS more
Here is the proposed floorplan for TechShop Los Angeles that shows where all the tools and equipment will be. (Click on the image below to see the highly-detailed 3.6Mb full-size version.)

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