TechShop has been getting a lot of press lately. Below are some recent articles and blog posts about us.

04/09/14 (Web)
The missing link in 3D printing: User-friendly software
In his keynote at the conference, Bass said the software trend is moving towards accessibility, but not ownership, just like every other industry. Think Netflix, Zipcar, and TechShop, he said. People are gravitating more toward using services and less toward owning the technologies to run them.

St. Louis Business Journal
04/08/14 (Blog)
Ellison tapped for director position at Cortex
Cortex President and CEO Dennis Lower said officials are close to raising the $3 million and 1,000 membership commitments needed to bring TechShop to town.

04/07/14 (Blog)
Nine Billion times Nine Billion

Out of nine billion people, a few of them probably do have better ideas than the employees of any one particular company ... Part of the movement in the Maker Movement is entrepreneurial. It’s about lowering the barrier so far more people become a part of the innovation economy ... Mark Hatch is the CEO of a new kind of community for makers called TechShop that ... is like a health club for the mind combined with a social network combined with the most distributed factory floor on the planet ... Along the way you build a network of connections to reduce the time to invent new ideas—and produce them—from months and years to weeks and days.

Washington Post
04/06/14 (Web)
With TechShop, the maker movement begins its rise in Washington
If making things is going to become big business again in Washington, ground zero may be a shop class playground for adults that will open in Crystal City this month ... This is the eighth outpost nationally of TechShop, a membership-based chain of places for building things ... Many of TechShop’s 6,000 members are hobbyists, students or teenagers. But it also serves as a laboratory for start-up companies, which is why it has become the darling of big research and development backers like General Electric, Ford and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

Chicago Tribune
03/31/14 (Blog)
How 3D printing will change Etsy, and more on the manufacturing revolution
In today’s economy, the spectrum of production spans from individual makers to corporate giants. All of them will be changed by the ongoing revolution in manufacturing ... “I would’ve preferred us to call it the ‘creative’ movement ... rather than ‘the next industrial revolution,’” TechShop CEO Mark Hatch said during the Friday panel, referring to the frequent description of this wave of affordable, easy-to-use tools ... Hatch said these devices are already affecting the way large companies take on design challenges.

Fox 10 Phoenix
03/29/14 (Video)
Tech Talk: 3D Printing -- TechShop brings digital edge to traditional arts
Craftsmen have been woodworking, welding and sewing for centuries, and one business, called TechShop, is transforming those arts with cutting edge technology. Here’s a look at how you can get in on the high-tech fun ...

PADT, Inc.
03/21/14 (Blog)
TechShop Chandler: A Place for Makers, Builders, Inventors, and Engineers
Even in this new location (there are seven other location) in Chandler, [TechShop Chandler has] fully functioning labs that contain the equipment and software one would need to truly build almost anything. That in itself is pretty useful, but what is more important is they offer training on all of the tools they make available, often the missing piece in other attempts we have seen to offer technology and tools to people.

03/19/14 (Web)
TechShop Announces Plans to Open in Downtown Los Angeles
TechShop, a membership-based, do-it-yourself (DIY) workshop and fabrication studio with locations across the United States, today announced it has signed a Letter of Intent with ownership of The REEF to pursue its first facility in Los Angeles, CA. TechShop would target to open later this year at The REEF, the new name for the LA Mart building, a design and innovation hub in downtown that also houses Maker City LA.

Silicon Valley Business Journal
03/19/14 (Web)
TechShop picks location in LA for 9th do-it-yourself studio
TechShop, the membership-based, do-it-yourself workshop and fabrication studio operator, on Wednesday said it signed to open a new space in Los Angeles, its ninth location.

Pando Daily
03/19/14 (Web)
Autodesk has found new life with the maker revolution. (It just took a while)
“I think what you’ve seen recently in technology is a shift to a world of access, not ownership,” he says. “Look at Airbnb, or Zipcar, or even TechShop. Young people want the access and exposure without the burden of ownership.” Every local community may one day have their own futuristic Kinkos equivalent. It’s a trend we’re already starting to see with TechShops and MakerSpaces popping up in cities across America. But every home? Probably not.

Huffington Post
03/18/14 (Blog)
Bloomberg Businessweek Has Designs on You
Bloomberg Businessweek brought out their A-Team of editors ..., TechShop's Jim Newton, Quirky's Ben Kaufman, ILM's Hal HIckel (can't go wrong with Star Wars stuff) ... Bloomberg Businessweek built this conference around designers who were daring, divergent, and distinguished in the dissemination of their thinking. They know that those are the designs that define.

Popular Mechanics
03/18/14 (Web)
25 Makers Who Are Reinventing the American Dream
16. Mark Hatch & Jim Newton, TechShop: If you want to see inventors launching companies alongside hobbyists building birthday gifts, step inside one of the eight TechShops that Hatch and Newton have opened so far. They are creating spaces where people can tinker with laser cutters, welding equipment, CAD software, sewing machines, and 3D printers—all for a $125 monthly membership fee. Think of it as a gym for makers. TechShops have birthed a number of commercial products, including Square's electronic payment system, DODOcase's iPad covers, and Lumio's stylish, booklike lamp.

Adweek Online
03/17/14 (Web)
Which Big Brands Are Courting the Maker Movement, and Why: From Levi's to Home Depot

The challenge of logistics looms for both sides, with massive companies struggling to work with multiple one- or two-person operations. It helps that makers often share resources through online outfits like Quirky and Skillshare and workspaces through entities such as TechShop, which can offer big marketers a single, efficient way to organize their maker relationships. Like the inventors themselves, maker branding alliances are eclectic.

The Drum
03/13/14 (Blog)
3D Printing – Industrial Revolution or Sinclair C5?
Just imagine the potential for innovation and invention when you remove risk. Anyone will be able to come up with an idea, prototype it, demo it, find out if there’s demand, and then simply sell the schematics online to produce it. Limited upfront costs will mean there won’t even be a need for huge investment or crowdfunding. TechShop is halfway to achieving this entrepreneurial petri dish already with some impressive success stories.

Business Etc
03/13/14 (Blog)
DCU to launch its own fabrication studio early next year
DCU’s Innovation Campus formed an alliance with TechShop, a membership-based, DIY workshop based in the US, will give both members of the university and the general public the opportunity to learn advanced manufacturing skills and allow them to rapidly prototype new products ... DCU President Professor Brian MacCraith said the partnership would see an impact in “job creation, training, re-skilling and STEM education opportunities both in the local economy and right across Ireland.”

Silicon Republic
03/12/14 (Blog)
High-tech maker space TechShop planned for Ireland at DCU Innovation Campus
TechShop is coming to Ireland. The high-tech ‘maker space’ and Dublin City University (DCU) are today announcing an alliance that aims to give TechShop a home at DCU’s Innovation Campus in Dublin.

Campaign Asia-Pacific
03/12/14 (Web)
The maker revolution: A movement fueled by the wisdom of crowds
Mark Hatch, CEO of TechShop, a leading advocate of the 'maker' revolution, shared multiple anecdotes and case studies spurred out of Techshop on stage. Techshop is essentially a creative community that provides access to tools, software and spaces based around different states in the US. People with no prior experience with engineering, design or product development have created wildly successful businesses.

03/12/14 (Blog)
DCU signs deal to bring cutting edge tech workshop to Ireland
Dublin City University has struck an alliance with US firm TechShop, which will give people easier access to powerful innovation tools like 3D printers and laser cutters in Ireland.

Business & Leadership
03/12/14 (Blog)
TechShop fabrication studio coming to Ireland thanks to DCU alliance
A workshop and fabrication studio called TechShop which has locations across the US is being brought to Ireland next year as part of an alliance with Dublin City University (DCU) Innovation Campus. The news was released after TechShop CEO Mark Hatch and president of DCU Professor Brian MacCraith formally agreed to the effort at TechShop San Jose in the presence of Lord Mayor of Dublin, Oisín Quinn.

Social Media Today
03/10/14 (Video)
Mark Hatch Talks to @simonpearcelive About His Passion for Collaboration, Robots at #SXSW
Simon Pearce (@simonpearcelive) caught up with the amazing Mark Hatch (@markhatch) of TechShop at SXSW on Sunday. Mark had a lot to say about how co-working spaces and social networking are combining to give passionate, talented individuals the opportunity to come together and achieve amazing results. Mark told us about some of his favorite projects to come out of TechShop in the past few years. This was such a great interview that we left the blooper reel in! Mark's passion is infectious and, at one point, rendered us speechless (not a common occurrence).

Community Impact
03/05/14 (Web)
Meanwhile, in other parts of the Round Rock facility, TechShop members work on projects ranging from building acoustic dividers for a recording studio to using a textile machine to stitch a quilt. By being a part of the TechShop community, Warren and the other members have access to more than $1 million in equipment and software that allows them to build almost anything they can imagine, TechShop Facilities Lead Christian Manrodt said ... “People are always interested in what other people here are doing and if they want to collaborate,” he said. “Without all these awesome people here, this is just a place with a bunch of tools in it.”

Forbes - SAPVoice
03/03/14 (Blog)
The True Workhorse Behind the Maker Revolution (Hint: It's not 3D Printers)

But it’s not just big business that’s benefitting from the next generation production tools. TechShop, which offers paying members access to 15,000-square-foot shops that have everything from 3D printers and CNC machines to a textiles lab and water jets, is one of the fastest growing private companies in the U.S.

BBC World Service
02/28/14 (Video)
TechShop: turning ideas into cool stuff
How do young start-up manufacturers make their ideas a reality? It's not easy. Developing a prototype for a new product takes money and the necessary machinery. A business hub in San Franciso called Techshop is offering a collective space to provide some practical solutions to common teething problems. Dan went to have a look around.

St. Louis Business Journal
02/28/14 (Blog)
TechShop needs millions to move to St. Louis

Cortex and TechShop officials hosted an informational meeting Thursday to discuss the benefits of having a TechShop in the Cortex district and to pitch the corporate community on sponsoring members. TechShop COO Dan Woods said he left the meeting convinced that the workshop could be up and running by the fall of 2015.

02/28/14 (Blog)
Cool New Tools

We asked [Wired co-founder Kevin Kelly] Kelly to share three liberating tools that were not available in his Whole Earth days ... TechShop. Why bother to purchase fancy tools when you could join Techshop-a tool gym that has the latest of everything?

The Austin Chronicl3
02/28/14 (Blog)
It's Do or DIY: Whether quiet protest or paradigm shift, the handmade crowd has plenty to say
TechShop CEO Mark Hatch's panel, "Maker Democracy Spurs Innovation," suggests that the maker spirit can drive American entrepreneurship. And it's another indicator of how far the contemporary DIY ethos has veered from its hippie and punk roots. Modern makers dream big – not so much seeking an anarchic destruction of the American corporate culture as the creation of a whole new paradigm.

02/28/14 (Blog)
Is the Maker an Agent of Change?
With the ‘Maker’ being hailed as the new way of living, the phenomenon is spreading like wildfire. According to Mark Hatch, author of the Maker Movement Manifesto, makers now have the tools available to change the world. But is it enough to move from consumption to production at large?

Riverfront Times
02/27/14 (Blog)
High-Tech Workshop Where Jack Dorsey and Jim McKelvey Built Square Eyeing St. Louis
Inventors need workshops. Thomas Edison built his in Menlo Park, New Jersey, and it's there that he hit upon the incandescent light-bulb; Nikola Tesla's mythic New York lab contained only God-knows-what. (Teleporters, probably.) But when St. Louians Jim McKelvey and Jack Dorsey needed a prototype for a mobile payment platform, they went to TechShop in Menlo Park, California ... TechShop is eyeing St. Louis for expansion, and the possibility has the city's technology and innovation community hustling to gin up interest and funding.

St. Louis Public Radio
02/27/14 (Radio)
TechShop Looking For Members In St. Louis
TechShop, a do-it-yourself industrial workshop, based in seven cities made its pitch Thursday to expand into St. Louis ... Cortex President and CEO Dennis Lower said TechShop has about a third of the membership commitments required and half of the $3 million needed in start-up capital.

02/27/14 (Web)
Wired co-founder Kevin Kelly
An event scheduled for today at Cortex is part of the effort to attract TechShop—a sort of DIY workshop for inventors—to the life sciences district in St. Louis.

Huffington Post
02/27/14 (Web)
How One Man Went From Being Homeless To Owning A Small Business
After a week in the homeless shelter, Roth found a flier for TechShop -- a community workshop that allowed members to use computers, tools, equipment and studio space ... After one month, he had earned enough to pay for another month of membership. The side jobs rolled in, and eventually TechShop hired him as an instructor ... two years later, Roth lives in an apartment with his family, owns his own successful business and helps his city's mayor tackle San Francisco's monstrous homelessness epidemic.

100K Garages
02/26/14 (Blog)
World’s first “origami” kayak sets sail out of TechShop SF
"My team worked on dozens of small paper prototypes before we got ready to ‘make it real’ over at TechShop. We worked with a number of traditional shop tools for fabricating in metal and plastic, and then we added in their ShopBot full-size gantry CNC in order to cut the floor board, as well as small plastic reinforcing parts..”

St. Louis Business Journal
02/25/14 (Blog)
Cortex officials meet to woo TechShop to St. Louis
Lower said if all goes smoothly, TechShop could be ready for its first occupants by the end of 2015 and would become one of five innovation centers within a block of each other in the Cortex district ... The resulting innovation cluster is intended to create a critical mass of entrepreneurial talent, business support and access to venture investment that will accelerate new company formation that will benefit the St. Louis region.

CBS St Louis
02/25/14 (Radio)
Charlie Brennan – Tuesday, February 25th ... Entrepreneur Dennis Lower, Cortex Pres., on Possible “Tech Shop” in St. Louis

The 43rd in a series on growing innovative entrepreneurism in the STL region with Dennis Lower, President and CEO of Cortex, who would like to see a TechShop come to St. Louis. TechShop is a do-it-yourself “Maker Shop”, designed to let people of varying skill levels gain access to industrial tools, equipment and technology.

Southwest Maker Fest
02/25/14 (Blog)
swmf 101: what is a maker?
Mark Hatch, CEO of TechShop (which now has a location in Chandler!), wrote eloquently about the principles behind this movement in his book The Maker Movement Manifesto ...

02/24/14 (Blog)
Is The Maker Movement Making Souls?
Have you heard of the Maker Movement? I recently picked up a book titled The Maker Movement Manifesto (McGraw Hill, 2014). In this book, Mark Hatch, CEO of TechShop, argues that a Robin Hood-like revolution is underway in the world of manufacturing. He lays out a vision for a culture in which making is taken from powerful corporations and placed in the hands of individuals.

The State News
02/23/14 (Web)
Students place in top five in U-M Makeathon competition
The Makeathon took place in Detroit at TechShop, a workshop and prototyping studio. The competition followed a series of workshops held at U-M. “Just being in TechShop, being in that place, being in that environment was just an absolute dream,” Wang said.

SF Gate
02/22/14 (Web)
Marc Roth opens fund campaign for Learning Shelter program
Within six months, Roth was supporting himself as a TechShop instructor and part-time helper for other members. Within 16 months, he had started SF Laser, making $75 an hour for production laser cutting and etching. Now, two years later, Roth, 39, wants to help other homeless people reap similar benefits.

Pando Daily
02/21/14 (Web)
Marc Roth hacked his way out of SF homelessness. Now he’s helping others do the same.
Roth’s story is one for the books: He fought his way out of poverty using nothing more than a TechShop membership, perseverance, and a little help. Now that he’s sorted out his future, he’s trying to raise money to help other homeless individuals do the same through TechShop training.

Elevation DC
02/20/14 (Blog)
Arlington maker space to open in March
In addition to classes, Woods says that TechShop is open for corporate events and birthday parties. The Arlington location will have three large conference rooms and a full catering kitchen. Storage is available for rental on site, and community groups should be able to use the shop occasionally for meetups for free.

02/20/14 (Blog)

One of the five targeted innovation centers is TechShop, a membership-based, Do-It-Yourself workshop and fabrication studio that provides its members access to more than $1 million worth of machines, tools, and software for design and prototyping. Launching TechShop requires start-up capital and approximately 1,000 memberships. Currently, Cortex has one-third of the memberships secured and is seeking membership commitments for the remainder.

Type A Machines Blog
02/12/14 (Blog)
FAIS Creates Visits Type A Machines at TechShop
FAIS Creates is a San Francisco-based after-school club that gets middle school French-American students involved with hands-on learning projects. The group of about 15 students visited TechShop in San Francisco on Monday, Feb 10 and stopped by our office to get the scoop on 3D printing.

Crain's Business Detroit
02/10/14 (Web)
'Makerspace' movement brings invention – and some contention – to Grand Rapids
Alternately described as a tremendous asset for West Michigan or the "great Satan," the arrival of TechShop Inc. in Grand Rapids no doubt would bolster the ability of entrepreneurs to build prototypes cheaply through "makerspaces" — community-operated workshops that offer members the use of sophisticated machine tools.

St. Louis Public Radio
02/09/14 (Web)
St. Louis Looks To Land TechShop

There may soon be a place in St. Louis where entrepreneurs and hobbyists can turn their plans into reality... [TechShop] CEO Mark Hatch said St. Louis has the right elements for the company, including a robust start-up scene.Cortex, St. Louis’ technology district, is working with TechShop to raise $3 million in capital and obtain 1,000 membership commitments that Techshop needs to open its doors.

02/07/14 (Blog)
VegasTechFund’s Jen McCabe on making hardware startups easier and surviving the ‘trough of sorrow’
As companies move on to the building phase, cheaper prototyping methods offer startups an advantage. Resources like TechShop, 3D printing and incubators, have greatly simplified the process.

02/06/14 (Web)
New Initiative Aims to Teach Hardware Skills to the Homeless
Here's how the program will work: four students will be given accommodations for 90 days. Each will spend 30 days working on a core curriculum and 60 days working on their own track, VentureBeat reported. They will also have a free membership at TechShop, the San Francisco-based do-it-yourself workshop where Roth picked up the skills he used to start his business. Roth is looking for $60,000 to be able to run four students through the inaugural class.

Huffington Post
02/05/14 (Blog)
Makers Are Radically Changing the World...Already
Briefly, a very well equipped makerspace, like TechShop, has all the tools you need to make almost anything in the world ... The question is no longer, "Will the Maker Movement change the world?" Rather, "How will it change it next?" and "How do you want to change the world?"

02/05/14 (Video)
‘Learning shelter’ is raising $60K to teach maker skills to the SF homeless
A formerly homeless man who taught himself how to use laser cutters and CNC machines while living in a shelter now wants to give that kind of opportunity to others ... After a year at TechShop, he was able to start a hardware company of his own called “SF Laser.” He not only supports himself but is employing several other people now, too. In January, he was invited to Washington D.C. to advise a coalition of city mayors, including San Francisco’s Ed Lee, about actionable solutions to homelessness.

02/03/14 (Web)
Exploring the Deep Ocean With Underwater Robots
"We're living in a really extraordinary time," Lang says. "Here are two guys with almost no money, and we're building submarines in Eric's garage because we had access to prototyping tools at TechShop. All of a sudden you don't need much to get something off the ground."

The White House
02/03/14 (Blog)
Announcing the First White House Maker Faire
The Defense Advanced Projects Agency, or DARPA, collaborated with the Veteran’s Administration to support the creation of a TechShop in Pittsburgh, where members can access cutting-edge tools for making, andprovided memberships for thousands of veterans. With funding from the Department of Labor, the AFL-CIO and Carnegie Mellon University are partnering with TechShop Pittsburgh to create anapprenticeship program for 21st-century manufacturing and encourage startups to manufacture domestically.

02/03/14 (Blog)
Redoing American Innovation - Indian Style
“TechShop and places like it are where we’ll find the innovators of the future. Gen Z is not interested in sitting in a classroom and learning about STEM,” Radjou says. “We need to attract young people back into the industrial sector and we need a new breed of innovator, someone who is highly skilled – a tinkerer. There’s innovation led by thinkers—PhDs and scientists—and then there’s innovation led by tinkerers. They go hand-in-hand, but for too long innovation has been dominated by the former.”

Critical Margins
01/30/14 (Blog)
The Gospel (of Making) According to Mark
Hatch’s book doesn’t use the term manifesto lightly. This is not just marketing. He’s a believer. He converted me. He’s got the 12-step program for frustrated knowledge workers and people pushed out of the last remaining manufacturing jobs ... And I have to say he sold me on it. So much so that I had to go out to San Francisco and see what this TechShop was all about.

Nancy Pelosi
01/25/14 (Blog)
San Francisco, Leading the Way

That is why I was thrilled to take a behind-the-scenes look at TechShop this week, a remarkable company that is revolutionizing the way we innovate in America right here in San Francisco ... TechShop offers much more than a workspace for today’s entrepreneurs; it is a hands-on learning space for the innovators of tomorrow. Through field trips, after-school programs, K-12 workshops, and partnering with universities, TechShop is helping ensure that our students have the skills they need to create and lead the industries of the future.

01/24/14 (Web)
Nancy Pelosi: ‘I’m in awe’ of the maker movement

Pelosi concluded that TechShop and the maker movement is important, because it offers anyone an opportunity and narrows “the distance between an idea and selling.”

Arizona Republic/AZ Central
01/23/14 (Web)
Chandler, ASU team up for high-tech workshop
The city and university have partnered with California-based TechShop to open a high-tech workshop where ASU students and the public have access to the latest tools they need to make whatever they dream up ... At the facility’s grand opening Jan. 17, Chandler Mayor Jay Tibshraeny teamed with ASU President Michael Crow to cut a ceremonial steel ribbon with a plasma torch. “It was the toughest ribbon and the longest ribbon-cutting ceremony in history, but it was also the most enjoyable,” Tibshraeny said.

3D Printer
01/23/14 (Blog)
3D Print Customizable Clothes On-Demand
The Electroloom team was the recipient of Alternative Apparel’s Grant for Sustainability in Design & Technology, a design competition hosted in San Francisco, California during December 2013. The team was awarded $1000 for prototyping, a yearlong membership to TechShop San Francisco, and a design mentorship.

01/22/14 (Web)
Nancy Pelosi Meets New Breed of Maker-Entrepreneurs at TechShop
She watched equipment demonstrations—including a machine etching the TechShop logo onto squares of Ghirardelli chocolate—and met with entrepreneurs who’d used TechShop’s facilities to launch their businesses.

3D Printer World
01/22/14 (Blog)
3D Printer World Interview with TechShop Founder Jim Newton: What If Santa's Workshop Was Crowd-Sourced?
TechShop founder Jim Newton ruminates on the origins of his unique makerspace franchise, 3D printer technologies, and the future of the Maker movement.

Michael Carnell
01/22/14 (Blog)
Review – The Maker Movement Manifesto

That is where Mark Hatch’s book “The Maker Movement Manifesto” comes in to play. Published by McGraw Hill and subtitled “Rules for innovation in the new world of crafters, hackers, and tinkerers”, this book is a 40,000 foot management overview of the changing world of innovation ...

01/21/14 (Blog)
ASU Chandler Innovation Center and TechShop Chandler

(Links to press articles, blogs and images related to the Grand Opening of the ASU Chandler Innovation Center and TechShop Chandler on January 17, 2014)

ABC 15
01/18/14 (Web)
ASU's TechShop do-it-yourself workshop opens in Chandler

TechShop’s fabrication studio is part of ASU’s ever-expanding presence in the Valley. The Chandler location is just the latest for TechShop, which has other sites in San Francisco, Austin and Detroit, among others ... The Chandler Innovation Center opened as a collaboration between the city of Chandler and ASU’s College of Technology and Innovation and is located at Chicago Street and Route 87.

The South End
01/18/14 (Web)
Toy shop for tinkerers opens Downriver

Until recently, there haven’t been many places you could go if you wanted to build a symphony-quality, upright double bass, design a new aerospace component or play around with a Ford Motor Co.-owned 3D printer on the weekends. But TechShop in Allen Park is one of them ... Will Brick, the general manager of Allen Park TechShop, said what they do best is connecting innovators and makers with each other. That’s something he said is just as valuable as their facility’s $1.5 million worth of machinery.

MAKE Magazine
01/17/14 (Web)
New TechShop Opens at ASU
"Today in Chandler, Ariz., has been proclaimed Maker Movement Day. Why you ask? Because a new TechShop has just opened in Chandler! If you haven’t experienced a TechShop before, you can leave a bit overwhelmed ... [L]ooking into the eyes of everyone there, it was just plain magical. Whatever you want to make, this is the place to be." -- MAKE community member and Maker Mom Julie Hudy

East Valley Tribune
01/17/14 (Web)
Photos: TechShop Chandler/ASU Chandler Innovation Center
The ribbon-cutting ceremony at the grand opening of the ASU Chandler Innovation Center and TechShop Chandler on Friday, Jan. 17, 2014

Fast Company
01/16/14 (Web)
This 3-D Printer Will Make Clothes You'd Actually Wear

The Alternative Grant gives Electroloom a one-year membership to San Francisco’s TechShop, and Alternative Apparel president Erik Joule says that mentorship from him and Soma founder Mike Del Ponte should help Electroloom be ready for an end-of-year launch.

eCommerce Bytes
01/15/14 (Blog)
Online Selling Trends 2014
Excitement has been building among consumers about handmade goods. Etsy crossed $1B in sales in 2013, crowd funding sites have been boosted by several high-profile projects and a growing number of workshops like TechShop that provide access to equipment to build unique/custom products.

The New Yorker
01/13/14 (Web)
MAKING IT: Pick up a spot welder and join the revolution.
When, in November, Brand was asked about who carries the flag of counterculture today, he pointed to the maker movement. The makers, Brand said, “take whatever we’re not supposed to take the back off of, rip the back off and get our fingers in there and mess around. That’s the old impulse of basically defying authority and of doing it your way.” Makers, in other words, are the new hackers ... A proper movement requires more than newsletters and magazines; it also needs manifestos. Chris Anderson, the Wired editor-in-chief who quit his job to become the C.E.O. of 3D Robotics ...published one such manifesto, “Makers,” in 2012. More recently, Mark Hatch, the C.E.O. of TechShop, a chain of makerspaces across the country, published “The Maker Movement Manifesto.” Both books promise a revolution.

Silicon Valley Business Journal
01/10/14 (Web)
Jim Newton's best invention? Creating a new class of inventors
Blame MythBusters for hatching membership-based workshop chain TechShop. Jim Newton had worked as a science adviser to the hit television show when, back at his real job teaching a robotics class at College of San Mateo, the professor grew frustrated at the lack of access to machinery he had grown accustomed to on set.

Harvard Business Review
01/07/14 (Blog)
Why the Real World Will Matter More in 2014
Inside [TechShop San Francisco], budding start-ups are crafting models of anything from lamps to “origami kayaks” that you can carry around like a briefcase but unfold into fully functional vessels. Within 5 months of building a prototype iPad cover at TechShop, for example, Dodo Case reached $1 million in sales. Not only does this DIY manufacturing process generate feedback and results quickly, but it also accelerates learning about how to grow the business.

Open Source
01/07/14 (Blog)
The Maker Manifesto: What are you going to do?
And 2006 was also the year that TechShop was founded to give those makers a place to have access to industrial tools they otherwise likely wouldn't be able to use, from CNC mills and lathes to laser cutters and welding tools. Whether you've been in the middle of it for the last decade or are just an observer starting to notice the growing changes, TechShop CEO Mark Hatch's insights into it in The Maker Movement Manifesto: Rules for Innovation in the New World of Crafters, Hackers, and Tinkerers are worth a read.

Chandler Channel 11
01/03/14 (Video)
Chandler Inside & Out: TechShop

City of Chandler Mayor Tibshraeny interviews TechShop founder and chairman Jim Newton about the history of TechShop and what has brought it to Chandler, Arizona.

Westmoreland Museum of American Art
01/02/14 (Web)
Pop-Up Exhibition: But I am the Fire with Laurie Trok
Trok is an abstract artist born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA. She studied flute performance at Duquesne University and attended Pennsylvania Governor's School for the Arts ... She is an active member of Techshop Pittsburgh, where she is able to fabricate works of art on a much larger scale and include a wide range of materials.

01/02/14 (Blog)
Jeremiah Owyang: Profiting From A Collaborative Economy
A few partnerships have already formed. Lowe’s Home Improvement Stores, a Brand Council member, provides space to the Austin TechShop. The TechShop entrepreneurs buy materials at a discount from Lowe’s, and have an opportunity to develop products that may have access to Lowe’s retail shelves.

San Francisco Business Times
12/27/13 (Print)
Entrepreneur Profile - Mark Hatch: CEO and Co-founder, TechShop

Reason for starting business: I overheard co-founder Jim Newton at a demo party saying TechShop is like Kinko’s for geeks. He invited me over and I came to the original location, which at the time had 150 members. I talked to three startups, and he told me that they had saved 98 percent of development costs by leveraging the TechShop platform. It was an epiphany moment ...

12/26/13 (Blog)
How Makers are radically changing the world

Writing for Forbes, TechShop CEO Mark Hatch confirms the rapidly growing Maker Movement is having a “surprising” impact in the United States and around the world ... Hatch emphasized that he has personally seen the development of many new products which have begun to change the world. Each of them, he says, was kicked off due to cheap access to the powerful tools of the industrial revolution combined with a platform (MakerSpace) designed to encourage their success.

Edison Inventors Association
12/26/13 (Blog)
Create! Innovate! Profit! The Maker Movement
A cofounder of TechShop--the first, largest, and most popular makerspace-–Hatch has seen it all. Average people pay a small fee for access to advanced tools–-everything from laser cutters and milling machines to 3D printers and AutoCAD software. All they have to bring is their creativity and some positive energy. Prototypes of new products that would have cost $100,000 in the past have been made in his shop for $1,000. The Maker Movement is where all the next great inventions and innovations are happening–-and you can play a part in it.

California Home + Design
12/25/13 (Blog)
Secret Sources: Brit Morin, DIY Queen
TechShop is a SF spot that’s very near and dear to my heart. It’s where I rediscovered my love for making, and really why I decided to start Brit + Co. TechShop is a community­-based workshop that operates like a gym. You pay a monthly membership fee, and get full access to their cutting-­edge tools and equipment. From milling machines and vinyl cutters to band saws and spot welders, it has everything you need. Oh, and did I mention they have classes? I learned everything from 3D printing to laser cutting from their expert (and awesome) teachers.

12/23/13 (Web)
Makers Are Radically Changing the World...Already

As the CEO of TechShop and author of The Maker Movement Manifesto, I sit at the apex of activity that is not only creating interesting art, t-shirts, bracelets and other small personally produced items ... but [also] the development of many new products that have begun to change the world. Each of them was started because of cheap access to the powerful tools of the industrial revolution combined with a platform (makerspace) designed to encourage their success.

Haritha Shah
12/22/13 (Blog)
TechShop and Chistmas in the Park
Last week, I went to the TechShop in San Jose, where I took a free tour of the facilities. Oh my god. It is like the workshop I’ll never have.

Society of Publication Designers (SPD)
12/22/13 (Blog)
Bloomberg Businessweek Design 2014 - Design Conference
Need a last-minute gift request idea? How about tickets to the Bloomberg Businessweek Design 2014 conference on March 10, 2014? The daylong event will be held at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco and will convene an international crowd of some of the world's most forward-thinking design professionals. Speakers include: Gadi Amit (NewDealDesign), Neville Brody (Research Studios), Elizabeth Diller (Diller Scofidio + Renfro), Florentijn Hofman (Artist), Jim Newton (TechShop), and many more.

12/20/13 (Blog)
Making a maker: 3D printed chess pieces with a few twists
I started by working with TechShop’s NextEngine 3D scanner; a panel of lasers and lights attached to a rotating turntable. By scanning a physical object, I could then print a replica–a perfect application for a 3D printer.

CBS Detroit
12/19/13 (Web)
2013 Tech Report Year In Review — The Third Quarter, July-September
September -- TechShop, a California membership-based do-it-yourself workshop and fabrication center, Monday announced a goal to raise $60 million to build more TechShop centers across the country, including one in Grand Rapids. TechShop already has a location in Allen Park in a former Ford Motor Co. engineering center.

SF Examiner
12/16/13 (Web)
Holiday event sheds light on giving side of tech
Photos with Santa, a gift giveaway, a puppet show, a free meal. That was the scene in Golden Gate Park Thursday evening when more than 100 homeless San Francisco families gathered for a little holiday cheer ... Smaller examples cited by [San Francisco mayor Ed] Lee included startups Zendesk, Shoe Biz and TechShop, which were all involved with Thursday’s event.

Peninsula Press
12/13/13 (Web)
Menlo Park loses an innovation space as TechShop relocates to San Carlos
When the warehouse-style building on Independence Drive is demolished, as planned, the physical traces of one of Menlo Park’s most important incubators for tech entrepreneurs will be gone. But the legacy of TechShop Menlo Park, of the ideas and businesses hatched there, won’t be forgotten anytime soon ... TechShop Menlo Park ... has found a new home in San Carlos, where the company plans to stay for at least the next year while searching for a permanent location with proximity to San Francisco. The name has been changed to TechShop Mid-Peninsula.

12/13/13 (Blog)
Making a maker: laser cutting a chessboard
Last week, I showcased a beautiful chess board that I was hoping to make at TechShop with a laser cutter. After a lot of trial and error with 3D printers, I was prepared for it to be a tough project that wouldn’t yield quite the same result. But in the end, the board turned out perfectly. Laser cutters are a lot more forgiving of the inevitable mistakes, and it didn’t hurt to have some in-depth help from the TechShop staff.

Intuit Small Business Blog
12/12/13 (Blog)
TechShop CEO Offers a Manifesto for the Maker Movement

Shortly after [TechShop CEO Mark] Hatch visited the first — and at the time only — TechShop location, in Menlo Park, Calif., he was on board. “It was one of those moments, kind of mind-blowing,” he says. “When I had three entrepreneurs tell me they had saved 90 percent of their development costs [by] coming to TechShop, it became very clear to me that I was standing in an environment that literally represented the future.”


Carnegie Mellon University
12/12/13 (Blog)
Build Your Dreams: TechShop Offers Discounts to CMU Community
TechShop is offering some great membership packages exclusively to the Carnegie Mellon community through a new partnership with the university ... The partnership is one of many being forged through Carnegie Mellon's new Integrative Design, Arts and Technology Network (IDeATe), which is building on the connections already thriving between the world-class technology and arts units at the university.

I Heart PGH
12/11/13 (Blog)
Happy Handmade Holidays – 25 Classes to Make Holiday Gifts Before Christmas

Here are 25 classes between now and Christmas where you can make a holiday gift to give or a tasty treat to eat ... Friday 12/13, 7pm - WaterJet Ornaments @ TechShop Pittsburgh ($60/person) – use the waterjet cutter to make a custom ornament ... Saturday 12/14, 1pm - Laser Etched Holiday Glasses @ TechShop Pittsburgh ($30/person) – use the laser to etch a design on a pint glass ...

12/10/13 (Blog)
Product developers to gather at San Francisco Tech Shop to chart the impact of 3D Printing
More and more companies with traditional manufacturing and prototyping methods are increasingly asking themselves: “When is the right time to start paying REAL attention to this?” That time is, apparently, yesterday ... MRT will be conducting [a] workshop again on March 6, 2014 at the San Francisco location of TechShop, a chain where members of the public can have access to and experiment with industrial tools and equipment. See the video above for a quick look at 3D printing at TechShop.

12/06/13 (Blog)
Making a maker: Checking off the holiday shopping list with a DIY chess set
My workflow began with a call with one of TechShop’s “dream consultants;” an adviser who let me know the best way to tackle different parts of the set and suggested some new techniques I might not have considered. After struggling for months on my own ... it was a huge relief to have someone to point out possible improvements and assure me an idea would work.

Strategy + Business
11/26/13 (Blog)
Seeking Scale in the Maker Movement
There was one thing in the book, however, that surprised me: Major corporations are beginning to underwrite maker spaces. Ford funded the development of a TechShop in Detroit in 2011, as a way of bolstering innovation. The company “bundled a TechShop membership into an award pool that Ford gives to employees who submit quality patent ideas,” according to Hatch, and got a 50 percent increase in the number of such ideas. Since then, a couple of other companies have jumped on board: GE asked TechShop to help it set up a maker space in Chicago, and BMW is funding a space with TechShop outside Munich. In terms of the future of the maker movement, this seems like an especially newsworthy development ... For the maker movement to reach scale, nothing will help as much as the participation of big companies. Such companies can provide the capital needed to underwrite maker spaces, the means to commercialize new innovations, and avenues to market.

East Valley Tribune
11/25/13 (Web)
ASU partners with TechShop to open site in Chandler

TechShop opened up its newest shop at Arizona State University’s Chandler Innovation Center on Nov. 16 for students and members of the community ... Although the equipment found at the ASU Chandler Innovation Center is the same as the other locations, the partnership with ASU is the first time TechShop has partnered with a university to do so. [TechShop founder Jim] Newton provides full credit to ASU for getting the partnership going, and he said the university also understands how important it is to spark the entrepreneurial drive, in this case among the student body.

Birmingham Science City
11/25/13 (Blog)
US TechShop sets sights on 20,000 sq ft facility at the Innovation Birmingham Campus
TechShop and Innovation Birmingham are seeking expressions of interest from academic institutions, public sector organisations, SMEs and large corporates with regard to potential multiple memberships ... Dr David Hardman MBE, CEO of Innovation Birmingham said: “TechShop is a new and very exciting opportunity for Birmingham. It is the perfect accompaniment to iCentrumTM. Together, the two facilities will create a comprehensive package of incubation support for the translation of products and innovative services to marketplace."

11/18/13 (Web)
AlphaLab Gear looks to boost hardware, robotics startups

In addition to funding, the accelerator [AlphaLab Gear] will provide business mentorship and space for working on the project, according to the organization. The offer also includes access to TechShop, a Pittsburgh-based facility where companies can fabricate equipment and design software.

Digital Journal
11/18/13 (Web)
AlphaLab Gear A New Hardware & Robotics Startups Accelerator
Located on the urban edge of the city in East Liberty, AlphaLab Gear is just a block from Google's local headquarters and near TechShop, giving the entrepreneurs easy access to advanced equipment and expertise for building their product prototypes or small production runs.

Arizona Republic / AZ Central
11/15/13 (Web)
Chandler TechShop aims to bring ideas to life
The maker movement has come to Chandler in a big way ... TechShop will host a grand opening of the facility from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 16, at 249 E. Chicago St. The partnership will give students in Arizona State’s College of Technology & Innovation, or any other discipline, access to top-notch fabrication equipment. Allowing the public to also use the facility will give those students a chance to interact with so-called makers — entrepreneurs, craftsmen, artists, people who create things.

11/12/13 (Blog)
Designing The Innovation Economy: Using Technology To Shape The Future City
The “maker movement” gained steam in San Francisco thanks to organizations like TechShop, which provides 3D printing and light manufacturing resources and training that allow ideas to become creations in the span of mere hours. TechShop is part of the innovative 5M development, a relationship eco-system that allows art and tech people to meet and work together in co-working spaces.

Phoenix Business Journal
11/11/13 (Web)
TechShop opens DIY studio in Chandler
San Francisco-based TechShop is opening its seventh studio and first in Arizona with a unique partnership with Chandler and Arizona State University. It's the first university in the country to partner with TechShop, giving the public and students a chance to use the equipment and classes to drive innovation and create something in a supportive community.

11/08/13 (Blog)
Gearbox Hardware Meet Up in San Francisco
With the help of our friends at TechShop, Juliet and Nathaniel hosted a two hour gathering that brought together makers, hardware innovators and companies from not just the Bay Area but people from even as far India and Sweden who were looking to gain insight on how to build a makerspace ... The meet up was a great opportunity to share with the Bay Area hardware community the history of the making culture in Africa as whole, and Kenya in particular.

11/07/13 (Blog)
The Maker Movement: 5 Tips to Turn Your Bright Product Idea into a Business
In his book, The Maker Movement Manifesto: Rules for Innovation in the New World of Crafters, Hackers, and Tinkerers, TechShop CEO Mark Hatch plots the course of the Maker Movement, and how it can help you turn bench ideas into world-revered products.

11/06/13 (Web)
Small-Shop Hiring Fueled by 3-D Printers to IPhone Tools
All the experimentation and new equipment are translating into hundreds of small companies, each with the capacity to hire more employees, said Mark Hatch, CEO of TechShop ... “There’s a whole ecosystem being created and people are creating their own jobs in ways that are probably not even being counted,” in official employment figures, he said.

Man Crates
11/06/13 (Blog)
Many Thanks to Menlo Park TechShop

So, like a baby raptor finally leaving the nest, we’ve finally officially moved our lasers out of TechShop. It seemed like the perfect time to say a huge thank you to everyone at the Menlo Park TechShop- thank you for your hours of help, thanks for your patience and your expertise. Thanks for helping us build our dreams.

Popular Mechanics
11/04/13 (Web)
TechShop CEO Mark Hatch: Why I Wrote a Maker Manifesto
Mark Hatch is a leader of the newly minted maker movement, a revolutionary moment in manufacturing history where the boundary between dreaming and making is blurring. In 2007, he moved on to TechShop, a DIY space that gives its users the power to create whatever they want. He's chronicled the movement and its creed in his new book, The Maker Movement Manifesto.

11/03/13 (Blog)
'Design & Thinking' Team to Release 'Maker,' Full-Length Doc Charting the Maker Movement
While "We Are Makers" was the first documentary looking at the burgeoning Maker Movement, it certainly won't be the last. As of this week, we know what the next one will be: The team behind 2011's Design & Thinking doc are gearing up for their next effort, Maker ... Hit the jump for the rather impressive list of subjects they've already managed to lense ... [including] Jim Newton: Founder of TechShop.

10/28/13 (Web)
SEC considers allowing startups to 'crowdfund'
More and more inventors are using websites like Kickstarter to get their new products off the ground with great success. But soon, products won't be the only thing sold on those sites. A federal decision made Wednesday is paving the way for entrepreneurs to sell you a piece of their company over the internet ... "This is a very exciting time for both the investor, because they've never been able to invest in these kinds of companies. Local companies with stories that you care about," TechShop CEO Mark Hatch said.

10/28/13 (Blog)
Une semaine dans la Silicon Valley : TechShop
On peut se mettre à rêver : imaginer des bassins d’emploi en danger avec des tas de main d’oeuvre qualifiés se prendre au jeu de poursuivre dans leur expertise en entrant dans le Techshop spécialement mis en place dans la région, améliorant ses connaissances et se mettant à apprendre un nouveau métier, se mettant à vendre ses produits.

10/27/13 (Web)
Hardware is now open (sourced) for business
One of the companies [TechShop CEO Mark] Hatch is excited about is OpenROV, a small-batch manufacturer of underwater robots developed at TechShop's San Francisco space. The start-up's submersibles are capable of diving 100 meters to do serious scientific research but cost less than $1,000.

10/23/13 (Web)
DARPA-funded TechShop location to open in Arlington, VA next year

Just ahead of its Menlo Park location's crowdfunded move, TechShop has announced a second (or third, if you want to get technical) space to let your inner maker flag fly. Later this year Arlington, VA's Crystal City neighborhood will see construction begin on the new idea-friendly space near our nation's capitol, with a projected opening of early 2014.

10/22/13 (Blog)
TechShop will open a Washington, D.C., makerspace in 2014
National makerspace TechShop will begin constructing a Washington, D.C., location this fall, with plans to open it in the first quarter of 2014. It will be the seventh TechShop location.

10/22/13 (Blog)
TechShop Plans a New Veteran-Friendly Maker Space in DC Area
While many co-working, innovative type spaces are mostly about coming together and working on digital technology, TechShop is all about the tools. After its launch [in the D.C. area early next year], TechShop members will be able to access more than $1 million worth of machines, tools and equipment. Additionally, the location will feature classes each month and have a knowledgeable staff at its members' disposal. And though TechShop is a place to get dirty, break stuff and craft something truly remarkable, it also offers the community aspect that people need to think outside the box and network.

10/22/13 (Blog)
High-Tech Workshop Coming to Crystal City
TechShop, a workshop that offers access to high-tech equipment like 3D printers and laser cutters, is expected to open in Crystal City early next year. The Crystal City Business Improvement District announced Tuesday that TechShop would move into the Crystal City Shops at 2100 Crystal Drive in early 2014. Construction is expected to begin this fall.

Daily Tech Whip
10/22/13 (Blog)
DARPA-funded TechShop location to open in Arlington, VA next year
Just ahead of its Menlo Park location’s crowdfunded move, TechShop has announced a second (or third, if you want to get technical) space to let your inner maker flag fly. Later this year Arlington, VA’s Crystal City neighborhood will see construction begin on the new idea-friendly space near our nation’s capitol, with a projected opening of early 2014.

Silicon Valley Business Journal
10/21/13 (Web)
Inside TechShop San Jose: See the DIY tools of the local maker movement
If you're a maker at heart — someone who loves DIY projects and tinkering with power tools — TechShop is the place for you. The membership-based workshop chain, started in 2006 in Menlo Park by Jim Newton, is growing rapidly ... Click through the pictures to see inside TechShop San Jose and some of the coolest DIY tools and machinery available in Silicon Valley.

Business Association Italy America
10/20/13 (Video)
3D Printing: Revolution in the Making
On Thursday, Oct 10th, BAIA in collaboration with Novedge brought together a panel of experts on 3D printing at TechShop SF. With guest speakers Tatjana Dzambazova, Saul Griffith, Mark Hatch, Espen Sivertsen (view bios), and moderated by Cristiano Sacchi, CEO and Co-founder of Novedge, the event was a big success and had a full-house attendance!

Silicon Valley Business Journal
10/18/13 (Web)
TechShop named third-fastest growing private company in Silicon Valley
“TechShop democratizes access to the tools of the Industrial Revolution for the first time in human history,” said Mark Hatch, CEO of TechShop. Hatch, who joined TechShop in 2007, has led the company to grow from its original location in Menlo Park to seven locations across the country. The company is slated to open another location in Chandler, Ariz., in mid-November and another in Washington, D.C., next year. TechShop brought in $6.47 million in revenue last year, and is on track to make $10 million in 2013. TechShop became the third-fastest growing private company in Silicon Valley. Its revenue shot up 483 percent between 2010 and 2012, according to Business Journal research.

Occasional Story
10/17/13 (Blog)
The Maker Movement Manifesto: A conversation with Mark Hatch on a creative revolution
Last month I sat down to interview Mark Hatch for Live Talks LA. Mark is the CEO of TechShop, an open access makerspace filled with “every tool and piece of equipment needed to make just about anything.” He is also the author of The Maker Movement Manifesto: Rules for Innovation in the New World of Crafters, Hackers, and Tinkerers, a thorough and fascinating tour of the maker movement, the makers who have thrived from it, and the principles that inspire all of us to get out there and make something.

10/15/13 (Blog)
TechShop and the Intel Galileo
“TechShop has been the birthplace for scores of invention prototypes – from Square, Embrace, underwater submarine robots, bipedal robot legs, and many more. This sponsorship reflects Intel’s commitment to encourage innovation whether it takes place in a corporation, a classroom, a garage, or (the ultimate garage) a TechShop. (((They’ve even been known to encourage guys in art studios and design ateliers, which is especially endearing of them.)))

Johan Schwind
10/12/13 (Blog)
TechShop Coming to Munich
In a collaboration with BMW, American company TechShop is bringing its first outpost to Europe. Construction work is soon to begin and the new shop in Garching, Munich should open its doors early 2015. TechShop offers memberships to builders, inventors, designers and entrepreneurs, granting them access to a huge work space equipped with the latest in high tech tools and machines. For a designer, that means relatively cheap access to 3D printers, laser cutters and CNC mills, giving us the chance to bring some of our ideas to life quickly and easily.

10/11/13 (Blog)
TechShop Menlo Park seeking $3M to keep its doors open (using general solicitation)

TechShop Menlo Park is raising $3 million, and it isn’t afraid to say it ... Now thanks to the JOBS Act, it’s far easier to rally community support. “We can go into every community and say, ‘If you guys are interested in funding your local TechShop, we now have a way of making that happen,’” [TechShop's CEO Mark] Hatch said.

Agency by Design
10/11/13 (Blog)
What We're Reading: The Maker Movement Manifesto
Based on a series of stories [TechShop's CEO Mark] Hatch tells about successful innovations borne of the ingenuity of TechShop members, The Maker Movement Manifesto provides a call to action for all makers ... advocates of maker learning experiences—and makers themselves—will find inspiration for their interests in Hatch’s passionately told manifesto.

10/10/13 (Web)
Intel steps up to help TechShop fund its Menlo Park location move
After national makerspace TechShop found out its original Menlo Park location needed to be moved, it calculated it needed $2.5 million to seed a new location in the area. It hoped to raise $250,000 of that on crowdfunding site IndieGoGo ... CEO Mark Hatch said today that Intel has signed on as a corporate sponsor, which helped TechShop reach the $250,000 mark.

Silicon Valley Business Journal
10/10/13 (Web)
Intel backing helps TechShop move in Menlo Park
TechShop said on Thursday that a new sponsorship deal with Intel has helped it raise enough money to relocate its headquarters in Menlo Park ... Intel and TechShop plan to collaborate on workshops involving the chip giant's technology.

10/10/13 (Web)
Now the Maker Movement Has Intel Inside
Intel will also take the development tools beyond academic engineering departments to equip everyday makers through a corporate sponsorship of TechShop, announced today. The deal will enable the membership-based workshop and fabrication studio to follow through on a planned rebuild of its original Menlo Park location and headquarters. The two companies will also collaborate on a series of workshops featuring the Galileo ...

10/10/13 (Web)
Intel Sponsorship to Help Fund TechShop Menlo Park Move
A joint press release said that the companies now plan to collaborate on a series of workshops giving thousands of TechShop members hands-on access to Intel technology. The workshops will feature Intel’s recently announced Intel Galileo, the first in a line of Arduino-compatible development boards based on Intel architecture.

10/05/13 (Web)
Cities are the Innovative Labs for the Future
Meeting at the intersection of design, the arts, and technology, the nascent Maker Movement is helping revive light manufacturing. With the creation of the first TechShop in Menlo Park in 2006, Jim Newton, former adviser to Discovery Channel’s Mythbusters, has grown this business to six markets with over 3,300 members. What’s more, the urban creatives that have migrated from their garages to this futuristic factory floor are building, molding, and creating anything from small prototypes to fully functioning products.

10/02/13 (Blog)
TechShop opens first European outpost in Munich with BMW
We’re big fans of the expansion of TechShop, a ‘gym membership’ scheme for workshops and equipment, which has now announced its expansion out of the USA and over to Germany. In Detroit we saw how TechShop had partnered with Ford to give workers the ability to work on its own projects, and even develop after-hours solutions for its cars as part of the worker patent award scheme, and now BMW is getting in on the action.

Yelp Community Blog
09/30/13 (Blog)
Yelp Geeks Out @ The TechShop in Pittsburgh
Over 360 Pittsburgh Yelpers gathered for the second annual Yelper Party held at the newly opened TechShop in Bakery Square for Yelp Geeks Out. We ate, we laughed and we created! "Welcome to the land of tasty tastings and scientific experiments!" exclaims Lauren G. And we couldn't have put it any better ourselves.

09/27/13 (Web)
Manufacturing In The States: A Hardware Startup Perspective
Some of these components are fashioned by McDonley using his TechShop membership. For example, he makes metal brackets and bolts using tools at TechShop’s offices in San Francisco. Similarly, he also cuts tempered hardboards for his product there.

09/27/13 (Web)
World Maker Faire New York 2013: The Play-at-Home Version for Maker Pros
During his talk, [TechShop CEO Mark] Hatch read nine rules that comprise his manifesto. Number 2 was “share,” which seemed particularly relevant, given the setting. “You cannot make,” he declared authoritatively, “and not share.” The 650+ makers who attended World Maker Faire New York would probably all agree.

Live Talks LA
09/26/13 (Video)
Mark Hatch, CEO, TechShop with Larry Vincent, Exec. Director, UTA Brand Studio
A revolution is under way. But it’s not about tearing down the old guard. It’s about building, it’s about creating, it’s about breathing life into groundbreaking new ideas. It’s called the Maker Movement, and it’s changing the world. Mark Hatch has been at the forefront of the Maker Movement since it began. A cofounder of TechShop—the first, largest, and most popular makerspace— Hatch has seen it all. Average people pay a small fee for access to advanced tools—everything from laser cutters and milling machines to 3D printers and AutoCAD software. All they have to bring is their creativity and some positive energy.

09/26/13 (Web)
TechShop: Democratizing Manufacturing and Creating Personal Industrial Revolutions
On Monday TechShop announced a $60 million investment offering that will help expand existing facilities and build at least 11 new ones. As the maker movement expands, some say it will empower a resurgence of American manufacturing. This is especially promising for cities like Detroit, where a faltering manufacturing base has weakened the economy.

Huffington Post
09/25/13 (Blog)
9 Reasons You Should Experience VIA Festival in Pittsburgh
Reason #9: You can become an avatar. Friday and Saturday night, festivalgoers can enter a 3D scanning station at TechShop—a community-based workshop and prototyping studio—where their faces/body parts will be scanned and rendered live to be incorporated into the video mix on the main stage. Files will be available for download after the fest as little digital mementos. There's even a raffle so you can win a 3D print of your own head. A collaboration between VIA, TechShop, CMU Expanded Theater students and a selection of new media artists ..., the project is called h3D Space (Head Space) and is "VIA's most ambitious and all-encompassing visual arts project to date," sewing together curated, live and crowd-sourced visuals.

Popular Mechanics
09/24/13 (Blog)
Now That JOBS Act Is Law, Startups Look to Expand Read more: Now That JOBS Act Is Law, Startups Look to Expand
Jim Newton, founder and chairman of TechShop, is wasting no time putting the new law to use. Newton wants to raise $60 million to aggressively expand his DIY workshops across the nations in cities such as Boston, Cedar Valley, St. Louis, and even allows write-ins for future locations on its website. Although the new law caps public fundraising to $1 million, potential for private investor capital is endless.

The Verge
09/23/13 (Web)
At Maker Faire New York, the DIY movement pushes into the mainstream

TechShop, a maker coworking space that started in San Francisco in 2006, posted 798 percent revenue growth in the last three years and was just named to Inc.’s list of fastest-growing private companies. “We’re just riding the wave,” CEO Mark Hatch says. “We’re responding to the demand.”

Silicon Valley Business Journal
09/23/13 (Web)
TechShop seeks $60M to take inventor playgrounds to new cities

TechShop is taking its inventor playgrounds national. The workshop where the prototype of the Square credit card reader was made has launched a $60 million public fundraising campaign to open in more cities across the country.

Crowdfund Insider
09/23/13 (Blog)
TechShop Seeks to Raise $60 Million, Will Use General Solicitation to Promote Offering

Founded in 2006, TechShop is a membership-based, DIY workshop and fabrication studio based in Menlo, California.  The company has announced it has set a goal to raise $60 million to build new facilities in communities across the United States. The new fundraising by TechShop is possible because a critical part of the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act, which lifts the ban on general solicitation and advertising for certain offerings, goes into effect today.

St. Louis Business Journal
09/23/13 (Blog)
New JOBS Act regulations could help bring Calif. company to St. Louis

California-based TechShop has announced it is seeking $60 million in fundraising to build new facilities across the country, including in St. Louis ... Andrew Hoyne, a lawyer who represents several life sciences and technology-based companies in St. Louis, said the regulations could expand the existing pool of investors to as many as 50,000 active investors.

09/23/13 (Web)
Thanks To The JOBS Act, This Company Is Raising $60 Million From Its Customers
Many companies and investors are taking a wait-and-see attitude, reluctant to take full advantage of the new legislation until things clear up. TechShop, a chain of membership-based industrial workshops headquartered in Menlo Park, Calif., isn’t so bashful.

The Wall Street Journal
09/23/13 (Web)
Startups, VCs Now Free To Advertise Their Fundraising Status

One Silicon Valley startup, TechShop — a workshop and fabrication studio popular among hardware makers and industrial designers — took immediate advantage of the change, issuing a press release this morning soliciting $60 million from investors to fuel expansion of its facilities to cities across the U.S.

Yahoo! Small Business Advisor
09/23/13 (Blog)
How TechShop is spawning individual industrial revolutions

The company has emerged as a leader of the so-called “maker movement” by democratizing access to design, prototyping, and manufacturing tools. While Hatch says 18 percent of TechShop members have postdoctoral engineering experience, many more come with no design or manufacturing skills, take classes, and learn to make whatever they can imagine.

The Verge
09/23/13 (Web)
Startups can now ask for your money, but you can't give it to them

But despite the opposition, companies are jumping to take advantage of their new freedom. TechShop, the fast-growing coworking space for hardware builders, just announced it will be raising $60 million.

09/23/13 (Web)
TechShop Seeks Big Bucks Using JOBS Act
TechShop aims to democratize product design and manufacturing by offering individual paying members access to state-of-the art DIY workshops and tools across the country. Several startups, including Square, DODOCase, Solum, Embrace, Clustered Systems, Lumio, Oru-Kayak, and OpenROV have already emerged from or employed TechShop innovations

In The Capital
09/23/13 (Blog)
The JOBS Act: 8 Sites to Solicit Accredited Investors Starting Today
Almost immediately companies began taking advantage of the new openness. TechShop announced in a mass-emailed press release just hours after the flood gates were opened that it was seeking investors for $60 million in funding to build new facilities around the U.S., with hopes for one here in Arlington.

The Wall Street Journal
09/23/13 (Blog)
General Solicitation Brings Startups Capital, Risks

 Mark Hatch, the CEO of TechShop, a network of workshops for tinkerers and startup founders, says he is excited to market to the public the company’s next fundraising round. He hopes to raise a $60 million investment that values TechShop at about $110 million.

09/23/13 (Web)
Make-It-Yourself: The rise of the micro-manufacturers
It is one of several sites founded by TechShop, a pioneer in the "make-it-yourself" movement ... Founded in 2006 using money raised from amateur investors and passionate makers, TechShop has six centres in the US, each with around 1,000 members.

09/23/13 (Web)
The ban has lifted: Here’s what these 6 companies think about general solicitation Read more at

[TechShop CEO] Hatch said it takes $2.5 million to $3 million investment to open a new TechShop location. Previously, he was able to open locations in Pittburgh, Detroit, and Austin only with help from local city leaders, followed by a string of face-to-face meetings — “which is stunningly inefficient, particularly in the Internet age,” Hatch said. 

09/23/13 (Blog)
Dylan’s Desk: JOBS Act will trigger growth in the innovation economy

One company, TechShop, shows how that could make a major, positive economic difference ... TechShop announced this morning that it would be seeking $60 million in funding to expand into a handful of new cities -- an announcement that only became possible thanks to the JOBS Act's provision on general solicitation.

Portland Business Journal
09/23/13 (Web)
TechShop inventor playground eyes Portland
The workshop where the prototype of the Square credit card reader was made has launched a $60 million public fundraising campaign to open in more cities across the country, including Portland.

San Francisco Business TImes
09/23/13 (Blog)
TechShop raising $60 million
Taking advantage of brand new federal rules that allow public fundraising by private ventures, Menlo Park-based TechShop has announced a plan to raise $60 million to expand its chain of fabrication studios and workshops around the country.

Nerdophiles: A Collaborative Blog on Nerd Culture
09/22/13 (Blog)
Educate Yourself With These Geek-tastic Non-Fiction Titles
What I love about Mark Hatch’s book is that he recognizes that and instead going on about himself and his own contributions to the movement he takes the time to really look at the people and what they are doing ... It encouraged me to look into TechShop myself. It turns out that in November – in conjunction with my university, Arizona State University – they are opening up a TechShop in Chandler, Arizona!

09/21/13 (Web)
Companies look for innovation in tours

Executives toured Daedalus Inc., a firm in Lawrenceville that helps companies design products, and TechShop Inc., a workshop and prototyping studio at Bakery Square in Larimer, which furnishes the tools of innovation to its 450 members and hundreds more who have taken classes and training since it opened six months ago.

Environment & Energy Publishing
09/18/13 (Web)
'Fab labs' out front in U.S. push to make manufacturing cool

When you're driving in circles, searching in vain for a parking space, do you wish your car could fold into a scooter? There are now places where you can try your hand at making that scooter. In fact, someone's already working on it. Welcome to TechShop Inc. -- your dad's basement workshop on steroids.

Woodworking Network
09/17/13 (Web)
GE and TechShop Open Public CNC Training Center
GE will open a training center here for CNC and other tech production platforms in partnership with TechShop, the operator of a growing national chain of public access workshops. - See more at:
GE will open a training center here for CNC and other tech production platforms in partnership with TechShop, the operator of a growing national chain of public access workshops. - See more at:
GE will open a training center here for CNC and other tech production platforms in partnership with TechShop, the operator of a growing national chain of public access workshops. - See more at: will open a training center here for CNC and other tech production platforms in partnership with TechShop, the operator of a growing national chain of public access woGE will open a training center in Chicago for CNC and other tech production platforms in partnership with TechShop, the operator of a growing national chain of public access workshops.

GE will open a training center in Chicago for CNC and other tech production platforms in partnership with TechShop, the operator of a growing national chain of public access workshops.

CBS Detroit
09/16/13 (Web)
Automation Alley Welcomes 22 New Members In July

Automation Alley, Michigan’s largest technology business association, welcomed 22 new members to the organization in July, including TechShop Detroit.

Crain's Detroit Business
09/15/13 (Web)
Ford Global Technologies' Coughlin among the winners of Automation Alley awards

Bill Coughlin oversees intellectual property for Ford Motor Co. Under his watch, Ford employees have submitted 60 percent more inventions, thanks in part to an incentives program that Coughlin developed. At his behest, Silicon Valley-based TechShop Inc. opened a Detroit outpost, giving Ford employees and area residents access to a 33,000-square-foot facility equipped with fabrication and design tools, including plasma cutters and 3-D printers.

Faded Industry
09/15/13 (Blog)
Use your hands and make something cool at Pittsburgh TechShop!
When was the last time you used your hands to make something cool? Something actually worthy of an Instagram photo unlike your chicken breast and vegetable dinner? Maybe you just don’t have the right tools to let your creativity out but guess who does AND will let you use them: the Pittsburgh TechShop.

Austin Chronicle
09/14/13 (Blog)
TechShop Austin-Round Rock Makes Best of 2013 List

TechShop in Round Rock opened up last October and is happily serving the needs of all the creatives, inventors, and mad scientists in town.

09/07/13 (Blog)
Efforts to find new space for TechShop Menlo Park outlined by Jim Newton
Jim Newton of TechShop Menlo Park sent us an email with updates about efforts underway to find a new makerspace.“We have made progress in identifying a couple of spaces that would work well for a permanent facility ... For updates and additional information about the move, please visit our current Menlo Park location page."

Daisy Chain
09/05/13 (Blog)
Review: The Maker Movement Manifesto by Mark Hatch

WELCOME TO THE MAKER MOVEMENT. A revolution is under way. But it’s not about tearing down the old guard. It’s about building, it’s about creating, it’s about breathing life into groundbreaking new ideas. It’s called the Maker Movement, and it’s changing the world. Mark Hatch has been at the forefront of the Maker Movement since it began. A cofounder of TechShop–the first, largest, and most popular makerspace–Hatch has seen it all.

Pittsburgh City Paper
09/04/13 (Web)
Thrival Festival brings big names together at Bakery Square
As part of Thrival, the Hustle Den's denizens will have a chance to pitch their ideas to potential investors. In addition, there will be an "Innovation Showcase," a series of TED-style short talks from local and national figures like Jim Newton, the founder of TechShop, a shared workshop facility whose sixth location opened this year in Bakery Square.

09/03/13 (Web)
TechShop is moving its original Menlo Park makerspace

Tons of members have launched products prototyped at TechShop on crowdfunding websites, so, fittingly, founder Jim Newton took to Indiegogo today in hopes of raising $250,000 to ease the transition.

09/03/13 (Web)
TechShop to relocate its Menlo Park workspace, wants your help funding the move

Do you appreciate TechShop's community-driven hackerspaces? If so, the company would like your help in keeping one of those facilities alive. TechShop has to relocate its original Menlo Park workspace before October 31st, and it just launched a $250,000 crowdfunding campaign to help cover the moving costs.

Boing Boing
08/30/13 (Blog)
Electrified Vehicle Hackathon in SF Bay Area, Sept 6-8
On the heels of our exhilarating Boing Boing Ingenuity: Data Driven hack day, our partners at Ford are hosting another hackathon at TechShop Menlo Park on September 6-8!

08/29/13 (Blog)
Then, There Was The Homebrew Club, Now There Is A Meetup
In the 1970s, there was the Homebrew club and an entrepreneur’s garage. Together, they were enough to birth a PC revolution. In recent times, there is the meetup website and TechShop. Together, they have become important entries in a Bay Area-based hardware entrepreneur’s book.

Boing Boing
08/28/13 (Video)
Tiny "Ghost Car" mimics route of full-size car

Matt Biddulph and Chris Martin wowed fellow hackers with their charming Ghost Car hack, taking home the People's Choice award at the Boing Boing Ingenuity: Data Driven hack day held on August 18, 2013. During eight hours of intense hacking at TechShop San Francisco, Matt and Chris used Ford's OpenXC platform to collect vehicle data and send it to a toy remote control car, allowing it to mimic in miniature the driving route of a full-sized vehicle.
08/28/13 (Web)
Geek, meet geek, at Yelp party
People make a lot of worldwide connections through social media, but local Yelp members -- and newcomers -- will have a chance to meet offline and in person at the second annual Pittsburgh Yelper Party, aka Yelp Geeks Out. The event will be held at TechShop at Bakery Square in East Liberty from 8-10 p.m. Sept. 5 ... "As soon as I walked in for a tour, I was like, 'Oh my gosh I have to have this party here,' " said Yelp Pittsburgh community manager Rachel Carlson, who is organizing the event.

08/26/13 (Web)
Girl Geeks Gather in San Francisco
From the place to the participants, this wasn't your typical business networking event. At San Francisco's TechShop -- a shared work space for makers, inventors and engineers -- blazers and jeans took the place of pantsuits, and sneakers and boots replaced heels. Most of the 125 participants were women working in the tech industry, or interested in doing so.

08/25/13 (Web)
Tech women find opportunities in Girl Geek Dinners

At San Francisco's TechShop - a shared work space for makers, inventors and engineers - blazers and jeans took the place of pantsuits, and sneakers and boots replaced heels. Most of the 125 participants were women working in the tech industry...They'd gathered on a recent evening for one of the latest editions of Bay Area Girl Geek Dinners, enjoying wine, sandwiches and sauteed chicken and checking out TechShop's 3-D printers and silk-screening machines. And, not incidentally, sharing stories and advice on surviving and thriving in tech's male-dominated culture.

08/21/13 (Web)
Riding the hardware wave, FounderDating partners up and launches new platform for the category

FounderDating is launching a series of dedicated New Member Kickoff events focused on hardware entrepreneurs. These events will be hosted in partnership with TechShop, and will allow attendees to “tinker” together, in the company’s words, in TechShop’s make spaces. “FounderDating and TechShop both help entrepreneurs get together and get started, although in different ways, so this was a natural partnership for us,” says TechShop Founder and Chairman Jim Newton.

08/20/13 (Web)
TechShop Ranked #567 on the Inc. 5000 List

TechShop is a membership-based center offering equipment and training for fabrication and prototyping. The facilities includes laser cutters, plastics and electronics labs, a machine shop, a wood shop, a metal working shop, a textiles department, welding stations, and a waterjet cutter.

Boing Boing
08/17/13 (Web)
Data Driven hackathon kicks off Boing Boing: Ingenuity

A unique dataset, strong coffee and a soundtrack provided by a gigantic robotic gamelan. What more could anyone want at a hackathon? Our first-ever hack party kicked off this morning at TechShop San Francisco, marking the beginning of Boing Boing: Ingenuity, a two-day extravaganza of art, science and creativity.

Boing Boing
08/16/13 (Web)
Boing Boing: Ingenuity is this weekend!

Boing Boing: Ingenuity brings our site off the screen and into the physical realm for the very first time. The experience begins on Saturday August 17th with a 12-hour marathon hack day at TechShop San Francisco...

08/16/13 (Web)
'Maker Movement' enabling more women to launch tech businesses?

Arguably the popularity of e-commerce and social brands such as Etsy and Pinterest have incited a new do-it-yourself (DIY) movement. But it also appears that businesses like these are giving way to a new trend in the tech startup community, now referred to in some circles as "the Maker Movement." Co-sponsored by software giant Autodesk and DIY online hub Instructables, Wednesday night's TechShop Girl Geek Dinner was set up to demonstrate how the Maker Movement is propelling women in tech to learn new skills, and perhaps eventually, to launch new businesses.

Free Enterprise
08/07/13 (Web)
Maker Movement Spurs Pittsburgh's Manufacturing Turnaround

Today, the skies over Pittsburgh no longer glow red from the steel mills. But for a growing number of amateur tinkerers and entrepreneurial engineers, manufacturing is still very much on the mind of Steel City.  Take Scott Ardisson, a local computer technician who earlier this year decided he wasn’t going to buy his wedding band, he was going to make it. Ardisson spent nights at a workspace called TechShop on the East Side of Pittsburgh where he built a kiln to do the casting.

08/06/13 (Web)
How TechShop is changing the way hardware companies are born
Walk around TechShop’s San Francisco location and you feel the hum. There’s $1 million worth of equipment creating a physical hum, but also the murmuring hum of dozens of people working on making their small business a reality ... Nearly anyone you talk to in TechShop’s San Francisco location is working on a product that is or will be part of a business ... Hatch said about two Kickstarter campaigns are launched out of the location a week ... Many businesses end up running everything from TechShop.

Pittsburgh Business Times
08/01/13 (Web)
AlphaLab Gear Finds a Home in East Liberty

AlphaLab Gear, the hardware accelerator launching this fall, finally has a home in East Liberty just up the street from TechShop. The East Liberty neighborhood was selected because of its growing startup community. Gear was looking for space near the TechShop so that its companies could easily access TechShop equipment, said Ilana Diamond, co-director of Gear.

07/30/13 (Blog)
Working on a Business?

Research and product development is one of the most important steps. There are 9 places to go for research and product development in Detroit. [TechShop is in the #2 position. Also check out and find TechShop in the Idea or Startup section.]

Making It in America
07/17/13 (Blog)
Free TechShop Membership for Veterans!

TechShop, General Electric (GE) and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Center for Innovation (VACI) are partnering to offer all veterans a FREE one-year membership at any TechShop location and $350 worth of classes. Currently, there are TechShops located in Pittsburgh, Detroit, Austin-Round Rock, San Francisco, Menlo Park and San Jose. For more information and to enroll, go to

Worse Than You Think
07/09/13 (Blog)

Art Exhibit, August 2nd @ TechShop, part of First Friday Artwalk: “I’ve been working on developing an art exhibit that presents the idea of trafficking to our community in an accessible but thought-provoking way. The art, created by local artists, both professional and amateur, addresses the themes of freedom and enslavement and aims to show that even today, in the twenty-first century, slavery is still rampant. I am proud to announce that this show will be part of San Jose’s First Friday Artwalk series and will take place on Friday, August 2nd at TechShop. The show will also be accompanied by information about human trafficking and how to get involved in combatting the issue.” Julia Wood

07/08/13 (Video)
I used a 3D printer for the first time. Here’s what I learned

How far do we have to go before 3D printers are easy enough to use that anyone can own one? I decided to visit TechShop in San Francisco to find out. TechShop stocks all kinds of equipment for woodworking, metalworking, laser engraving and beyond. It’s also a big center for 3D printing.

07/08/13 (Blog)
Why public libraries should follow Chicago’s lead and build maker labs
Libraries should, and have in many instances, extend that same treatment to new technology that is promising. Few will be as disruptive as the internet, but resources like Chicago’s maker lab will bring in people who might have never had the chance to build something otherwise. Dozens of people build prototypes and products or even run their businesses out of TechShop, where they also meet other makers full of new ideas. Imagine if libraries offered similar opportunities.

N Housing
07/08/13 (Blog)
Cool Spot: TechShop
If you’ve got big plans to build something awesome but don’t have the right equipment to make it a reality, TechShop might be just the place for you ... Available through monthly or annual memberships, the equipment is accessible via drop-in visits and organized classes taught by fellow members, and cleverly enough, the Round Rock location feeds right into the Lowe’s store next door. Now, the next time you want to create that concoction of epic proportions, you’ll know exactly where to go to get it done.

Future Talk TV
07/07/13 (Video)
FUTURE TALK #43: 3D Printing
This episode looks at the rapidly growing field of 3D printing, which is similar to ordinary printing except that the output is not ink on paper, but solid 3-dimensional objects. The program includes a visit to the Menlo Park TechShop for a 3D printing demonstration ...

Crain's Detroit Business
07/05/13 (Web)
Resources for veterans and employers

TechShop Detroit. This fully equipped fabrication and design space, which includes everything from plasma cutters and 3D printers, offers free one-year memberships, good at any TechShop across the country. TechShop CEO Mark Hatch is himself a vet:

Crain's Detroit Business
07/03/13 (Web)
TechShop celebrates Detroit vets by helping them to reskill and start businesses
Before I came to Crain's Detroit Business, I covered personal finance for America's military families. I had no idea what that meant when I took the job ... I was excited when I heard that TechShop Inc. is celebrating our vets by helping them retool for new jobs and start their own businesses.

Ideas Laboratory
06/26/13 (Blog)
How TechShop And Fab Labs Enable The Maker Revolution
Now, would-be inventors can take their ideas from paper to prototype with the help of workshops and labs that give them access to advanced equipment and resources. TechShop, a facility based in California, and MIT’s Fab Labs are two such services growing with the nation’s “maker” movement, which the Wall Street Journal describes as a “subculture of do-it-yourselfers who make everything from drone plans to sculptures.”

Crain's Detroit Business
06/23/13 (Web)
Making it: That ticking sound isn't just a watch; small manufacturing in gear in Detroit
The Detroit area has more than a half-dozen companies -- from the for-profit to the collective model -- housing these manufacturers and artisans. One of the best known is TechShop Detroit, an offshoot of Silicon Valley's for-profit TechShop Inc. ... [according to TechShop CEO Mark Hatch], "Detroit is a place where our greatest export for the past 20 years has been smart, talented people who have gone on to make other cities great. Now those people are coming back, and a number of them, myself included, have decided to stay."

WTAE Channel 4
06/21/13 (Video)
TechShop helps build dreams in Pittsburgh
A do-it-youself fabrication and make shop holds open house

Make: Magazine
06/20/13 (Web)
Free Membership and Training for Veterans at TechShop
Are you a veteran and live near a TechShop? If so, then you should know about the TechShop program for veterans, developed in partnership with the Veterans Administration. It’s a free one-year membership plus $350 for training classes.

San Jose Public Library
06/20/13 (Blog)
Free TechShop Membership for Veterans
Veterans of all eras are eligible for a free year long membership to TechShop, at any of their nationwide locations. We have one in downtown San José!

Deloitte University Press
06/19/13 (Print)
TechShop: A case study in work environment redesign
Maker space provider TechShop designs for open innovation by creating a community that encourages “chance” encounters and rapid experimentation.

Nak You Out
06/17/13 (Blog)
TechShop Pittsburgh Open House
Pittsburgh’s creative community has been buzzing with excitement and delight over the arrival of TechShop, a model that enhances and encourages the flourishing creativity of local artists, builders and crafters ... This exciting endeavor is only as good as the community utilizing its services, which is why they’re hosting their first ever summer exhibition – an opportunity for anyone who is curious about what TechShop has to offer.

CBS Detroit
06/16/13 (Web)
TechShop Offers Free Membership To 3,000 Veterans

TechShop, the California-based maker’s paradise that also has a location in a former Ford Motor Co. shop in Allen Park, announced Friday that it would offer 3,000 one-year memberships free to veterans at its six nationwide locations.

CBS Pittsburgh - KDKA
06/15/13 (Web)
Learn To Make Unique Keepsakes At TechShop Exhibition
You may never have thought about branding your own steak or making custom chocolates, but you can learndo those things at Pittsburgh’s TechShop next weekend. Local studio and “playground for creativity” TechShop is hosting a free exhibition Saturday, June 22.

Southeast Michigan Woodworkers
06/15/13 (Blog)
FREE TechShop Membership for Veterans
I recently joined the TechShop ranks through their VA promotion and can verify its authenticity. There are at least 2000 free 1-year memberships available with an additional $350 in class credits.

Upstart Business Journal
06/13/13 (Blog)
Silicon Valley elite hack British Airways flight to DNA Summit
British Airways added itself to the mix by handpicking 130 visionaries to board the inaugural UnGrounded "Innovation Lab in the Sky" for a 11-hour ride at 30,000 feet from San Francisco to London last night. There was Craigslist founder Craig Newmark, Google Ventures partner Wesley Chan, Women 2.0 CEO Shaherose Charania, Jim Newton of TechShop. They hit ground in time to meet with policymakers and innovators at the DNA (Decide Now Act) Summit, many of whom are en route to Northern Ireland for this year's G8 Summit June 17-18.

The Wall Street Journal
06/11/13 (Web)
Build a Better Mousetrap—Fast
For inventors, the growing number of facilities and accelerator programs that provide access to high-end tools is opening opportunities to create physical products at speeds and costs that were once unthinkable ... Over the past six years, TechShop has attracted more than 4,000 members to facilities in six cities, from Round Rock, Texas, to Pittsburgh, and it has three more in the works. On most Friday nights, they hum with dozens of hobbyists, academics, students and artists sawing, blasting and carving. They have their own version of a “genius bar,” with experts in tools and manufacturing on standby.

The Wall Street Journal
06/10/13 (Web)
Build a Better Mousetrap—Fast
New facilities let entrepreneurs create physical products at speeds and costs that were once unthinkable

Fred Beans Ford of West Chester
06/10/13 (Blog)
Bringing Ideas to Life with TechShop and Ford
Around this time last year, the brass at Ford went and took a liking to the creative geniuses at TechShop. They were so impressed by their work that they helped the gang at TechShop move their operation to Detroit so that they could work with Ford to create new ideas and patents for the models on their lineup. It was the start of a beautiful friendship, and since that time, they've helped bring Ford's portfolio of issued and pending patents to a whopping 17,000. As you can imagine, it's changed the face of the brand.

YNN Austin
06/08/13 (Video)
Maker Faire Teaches Beginners and Professionals
TechShop in Round Rock hosted a Mini Maker Faire this weekend for adults and kids alike to get a firsthand look at workshops and demos.

The New York Times
06/05/13 (Web)
It’s Not Just Nice to Share, It’s the Future
Collaborative consumption is also an experience that people share with their social networks. “We get most of our customers through word-of-mouth,” said Mark Hatch, the chief executive of TechShop. “Social networking platforms in which people talk about their experiences at TechShop really drive our membership model. If we didn’t have that, we wouldn’t be nearly as far along as we are today. People don’t e-mail these kinds of experiences. But they do put them on Twitter.”

San Francisco Chronicle
06/03/13 (Web)
Detroit retools for innovation
On Saturday, Ford Motor Company and TechShop celebrated the one-year anniversary of TechShop Detroit. Ford's Bill Coughlin wooed Menlo Park's membership chain of do-it-yourself workshops to open a Detroit facility as a way to foster innovation among employees and local businesses in economically ravaged Detroit. Ford offers employee inventors a three-month-free membership. The result? A 50 percent increase in patentable ideas by Ford employees ... Coughlin said[,] "... If there was ever a region that needed a place (like TechShop) where people could go to change their lives and change the lives of others, Detroit was it."

06/03/13 (Blog)
Tales of an Intern in Silicon Valley: Maker Culture Edition
For a monthly fee, institutions like TechShop in San Francisco and Silicon Valley offer training and access to industrial sewing machines, welding equipment, table saws, 3D printers, laser cutters, and much more so that nothing stands in the way of producing virtually anything from scratch. What strikes me the most about the Californian Maker Movement I see around me is that it goes way further than a simple hobby. People are proud of their designs, share them for free on Instructables, GrabCAD, etc. They are willing to spend a little more money and create something unique, rather than buying the new Ikea coffee table, serial number XYZ. A real revolution is taking place, born right here and armed with circuit boards and soldering irons, science and creativity.

05/31/13 (Blog)
TechShop CEO Mark Hatch on his Toshiba T1100 Plus and radio tech magic
In the latest installment of our high-tech queries, TechShop CEO Mark Hatch discusses annoying reboots, the ka-chunk of classic tech and much more. The full gamut of answers -- from Leatherman to Siri -- await your perusal on the other side of the break.

05/31/13 (Blog)
Distro Issue 93: The minds behind XPRIZE
In a brand new issue of our weekly, Tim Stevens takes a look inside the making of the next visionary challenge and offers a glimpse at how the the outfit decides which revolutionary ideas have earned its support. Weekly Stat tallies up the numbers on the Xbox One, Rec Reading peeks inside Google's secret lab and TechShop's Mark Hatch stops by for the Q&A. Some relaxing end-of-the-week gadget reading is here, thanks to a speedy download via the links that follow.

Pittsburgh Business Times
05/30/13 (Video)
Hardware entrepreneurs unite! (Video)
Hardware is the new software. At least that was the theme of Wednesday evening’s Pittsburgh Hardware Startups Meetup at TechShop.

Bloomberg TV
05/26/13 (Web)
TechShop: An Inventor's Paradise in San Francisco
Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Brink" explores how cutting edge technology and high-end machinery are increasingly accessible. Here, Rachel Crane visits San Francisco's TechShop.

05/24/13 (Web)
Kickstarter and the view from the trenches of TechShop
Blaine Dehmlow, the general manager of the TechShop in San Francisco, describes what has become a tradition of sorts at the well-known building place that provides members access to tools and software: An entrepreneur sits down at a computer in the center of the second floor studio with a bottle of champagne in hand. She clicks a button, and launches a Kickstarter campaign for the project she’s been working on at the workshop. Everyone crowds around her and cheers.

05/23/13 (Web)
GE and Manufacturing Institute Expand Skills Training Program for U.S. Veterans
The GSTW coalition also announced an additional 1,000 training slots for veterans at TechShop, a membership-based do-it- yourself workshop and prototyping studio that supports both advanced manufacturing skills and entrepreneurism. The Department of Veterans Affairs Center for Innovation has also linked its partnership with TechShop by joining the GSTW coalition. The additional TechShop training packages, online tool expansions, and 190 new GSTW members were announced today at the GE Veterans Network (GEVN) National Summit, which was established to bring greater visibility to GE's veterans and highlight what the private sector can do to support U.S. veterans.

05/23/13 (Blog)
DodoCase iPad Cover
Jim Newton, oprichter van TechShop is bijzonder trots op het verhaal van DodoCase. Terwijl Apple enkele straten verder de iPad aan het bouwen was, vroeg Patrick Buckley, een student in TechShop zich af hoe je zo’n mooi maar kwetsbaar ding met stijl kon transporteren.

Drive the District
05/22/13 (Video)
Meeting Your Makers: Driving Innovation at Maker Faire 2013 - See more at:
Our friends at TechShop, the nation’s foremost DIY playground for inventors and prototypists, were kind enough to give us the lay of the land (in exchange for a joy ride in a Chevy Volt ) and share a bit about what drives them to “make.”

05/22/13 (Blog)
Is it a Hackerspace, Makerspace, TechShop, or FabLab?
Before the terms ‘makerspace’ or ‘hackerspace’ were widely known in the United States, TechShop was offering public access to high-end manufacturing equipment in exchange for membership fees. TechShop has always focused on providing public access to a variety of craft areas with supporting equipment infrastructure; all of their facilities include woodworking, machining, welding, sewing, and CNC fabrication capabilities, to name a few.

San Mateo Patch
05/20/13 (Blog)
San Mateo's Maker Faire Offers Opportunities for New Companies
The Bay Area’s own TechShop is one example of a company that launched their business at the San Mateo Event Center. The company hosts member-based workshops that lets people of all skill levels come in and use industrial tools and equipment to build their own projects ... Since their own launch, the company has been helping others to launch by offering the space and tools as a resource for making products. Kids as young as 10 can work in their shops.

KQED Public Radio
05/20/13 (Radio)
The Making Of… TechShop
Laser cutters, 3D printers, sewing machines, injection molders, welders, notchers, planers, lathes, hand tools, computers. Enter Tech Shop, San Francisco—three vast floors of every kind of maker’s tool imaginable ...“Any given day it's a mix of hobbyists, artists, people who have invented things they’re trying to get to market or to prototype,” says Blaine Dehmlow, General manager for SF TechShop. “Today I saw a guy making a bicycle rack here in the welding department, another person making jewelry on the laser cutter. And there’s a group here making a medical device for prototype.”

05/20/13 (Blog)
3D Printer Kit From Cooking Hacks
The name Cooking Hacks might be one that you would want to keep a keen eye peeled open for, where this open hardware division of Libelium has just announced the immediate availability of a new 3D Printer Kit which comprises of all the hardware components required in order for you to mount a 3D printer device from scratch. Not only that, the Cooking Hacks 3D Printer Kit will also feature a step-by-step instruction guide as well as access to hands-on Build-It Workshops to get you off on the right footing ... Since May 17th, there has been a series of hands-on workshops offered at TechShop in its Menlo Park location in California ...

05/19/13 (Web)
The New "Handmade"

She decided to pay a visit to Silicon Valley-based TechShop, one of the earlier “maker spaces,” as these tool-filled workspaces are called. TechShop, which has since expanded to several cities in California, New York, D.C., and elsewhere, offers a wide range of professional equipment which members can train on and use for just about any kind of project. It was where Square co-founder Jim McKelvey once built the first three protoypes for the Square card reader, and where a datacenter technology startup called Clustered Systems designed a prototype of a fanless liquid-cooling system which outperformed IBM in a “chill-off” contest.

05/16/13 (Web)
Homeless to hacker: How the Maker Movement changed one man’s life
When [Marc Roth] spotted a business card for TechShop in the shelter’s garbage bin, it seemed like a sign. Intrigued, he fished it out ... “I had these inventions in my head but didn’t know I could make them myself,” Roth explained. So he spent his remaining dollars on a membership and a few introductory courses.

05/16/13 (Blog)
Ford Empowers Makers to Innovate on TechShop Tour with Open XC; Judges Named for Fuel Efficiency App Challenge
TechShop CEO Mark Hatch, Ford Chief Technical Officer Paul Mascarenas and Ford Senior Technical Leader Venkatesh Prasad are the first three judges for the app challenge ... Ford is hosting a series of open workshops at membership-based do-it-yourself maker space TechShop locations around the United States to help makers get started with the company’s OpenXC platform.

Media Ford
05/16/13 (Blog)
Ford Empowers Makers to Innovate on TechShop Tour with Open XC; Judges Named for Fuel Efficiency App Challenge
As members of the Bay Area maker and hacker community gather this weekend for the eighth annual Maker Faire in San Mateo, Calif., Ford Motor Company invites them to explore open-source hardware and software tools now available to anyone who wants to work with cars. Ford is hosting a series of open workshops at membership-based do-it-yourself maker space TechShop locations around the United States to help makers get started with the company’s OpenXC platform.

Ferndale Patch
05/16/13 (Blog)
TechShop Detroit's First Anniversary Party and Star Wars Bike Build
TechShop Detroit, your local open-access DIY workshop and prototyping studio, is having its 1-Year Anniversary Party Saturday June 1st. Custom WHEELS is the theme of the day!

KG0-TV San Francisco
05/13/13 (Video)
San Francisco inventors usher in new era of innovation

You may not have heard about TechShop -- the playground of powerful tools and ideas where the "makers" hang out the other 363 days of the year. "I love being here in San Francisco on a Friday or Saturday night, because this is literally the most creative place in the city on those evenings," said TechShop CEO Mark Hatch, as he looked around at the bustling second floor workspace in San Francisco's South of Market neighborhood. TechShop also has [California] locations in Menlo Park and San Jose.

05/08/13 (Blog)
Innovation Works and Startbot Launch AlphaLab Gear
Seed-stage investor Innovation Works has teamed with Startbot, an investment firm specializing in early-stage robotics companies, to launch a hardware and robotics startup accelerator... Companies can choose to receive $25k or $50k in investment in exchange for 5% or 9% equity. In addition, they will receive ... membership to nearby TechShop Pittsburgh with access to their prototyping and manufacturing equipment and software ...

05/08/13 (Blog)
3D Printer Kit from Cooking Hacks Launches with Hands-On Training
Destined for makers, hobbyists and DIY enthusiasts, the Cooking Hacks 3D Printer Kit includes professional online customer support for assembly and calibration. Starting May 17, a series of hands-on workshops is offered at TechShop, in its Menlo Park location in California, and at Cooking Hacks in Spain, to guide users as they build their personal 3D printer.

Silicon Hill News
05/06/13 (Blog)
Austin Mini Maker Faire: The Greatest Show – and Tell – on Earth!
TechShop is a maker’s dream come true, and the Austin area is lucky enough to have one of six nationwide. Part fabrication and prototyping studio, part hackerspace and part learning center, TechShop has an entire collection of tools: Laser cutters, plastics and electronics labs, a machine shop, a wood shop, a metal working shop, a textiles department, welding stations and a waterjet cutter. They train you and give you access to design software, and over $1 million worth of equipment.

05/06/13 (Blog)
Maker Pro Newsletter #11: Fab Labs and Hackerspaces
Finally, Robert Scoble (@scobleizer) makes a video visit to the San Francisco branch of TechShop, which currently has six locations: in California, Texas, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, and three more planned for Arizona, Washington DC, and Brooklyn. TechShop CEO Mark Hatch (@markhatch) leads the 66-minute tour. If you have the time, the visit gives a good overview of what a TechShop-flavored hackerspace is like.

Education Week
05/06/13 (Blog)
Pittsburgh: An EdTech Hive
Hive Pittsburgh is just one of many innovative learning initiatives happening in Pittsburgh. Tweens and teens have access to maker learning in MakeShop, STEAM learning at Assemble, on-line literacy games at community libraries, multimedia training at the LABS at the Carnegie Libraries, a Robotics Academy at Carnegie Mellon University, and even music remixing at Hip Hop on LOCK. TechShop , a big maker success from Menlo Park ( featured on Bloomberg last week), recently opened a new location in Pittsburgh's Bakery Square.
05/02/13 (Video)
The Ethics and Sustainability of 3D Printing
Rated "Best in Class, Midrange" by Make Magazine, the Series 1 is designed and produced at TechShop San Francisco, where the company continues to work on new designs and innovations.

San Francisco Examiner
05/01/13 (Web)
SFMade Week celebrates local manufacturing boom
Beginning Monday and running through May 12, SFMade Week features events, demonstrations, panel discussions, open studios, factory tours, walking tours and tastings at local manufacturers. Big-name participants include Bi-Rite, DODOcase, Heath Ceramics, Mission Bicycle, Rickshaw Bags, TCHO Chocolate, TechShop and Timbuk2 ... More SFMade Week events include panel discussions at TechShop, a membership-based workshop packed with tools and equipment.

04/26/13 (Web)
Distro Issue 88: TechShop makes its mark on American manufacturing
There's a hackerspace in San Francisco that's equipping hardware startups with the tools they need to get up and running for a mere $125 per month. A brand new issue of our weekly visits TechShop to take a gander at the industrial revolution that includes the likes of Square among its successes.

04/24/13 (Video)
TechShop: an industrial revolution for $125 a month

TechShop's mini-empire of social hackerspaces stands as a testament to the right idea at the right moment. It's the result of a whole lot of distinct elements congealing into a successful business model, including a membership fee that gains you access to the tools and classes to help you do just about anything yourself.

Bloomberg TV
04/23/13 (Video)
TechShop, Local Motors, Chef Cantu: Bloomberg Brink
Bloomberg's Sam Grobart interviews molecular gastronomist Chef Homaro Cantu, owner of Chicago's Moto restaurant, and Rachel Crane visits San Francisco's TechShop and Local Motors. Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Brink" explores how cutting edge technology and high-end machinery are increasingly accessible. Barriers to groundbreaking innovation have never been lower.

04/23/13 (Blog)
Carbon Fiber guitar. Go Make one this weekend with 123D.
Last month in San Francisco, TechShop members had a little party over the weekend to make their own custom guitars. That’s rad enough, but the workshop aimed one step further and taught them how to do it in Carbon Fiber.

The Henry Ford Blog
04/22/13 (Blog)
Tinker, Hack, Invent with University of Detroit Mercy
For April’s installment of Tinker, Hack, Invent Saturday, we’ve got another duo taking up shop inside Henry Ford Museum. Our friends from TechShop Detroit are back again building and launching rockets for all to enjoy.

04/22/13 (Blog)
Fabrication fanatics
So you’ve got an idea; an on-going project; a little thing you’d like to make, or a big job that you want to work on — where do you go? Where do you find the tools? Stephen Holmes knows just the place

04/21/13 (Blog)
Maker Community: SJ Tech Shop & TinyDuinos
I am struck by the awesome diversity that exists in Maker communities in terms of people, disciplines, projects, purposes, and goals. This was further confirmed with a visit to San Jose TechShop's Arduino Show & Tell this past Sunday evening (April 21, 2013). SJ Tech Shop is a cool space with a growing community of builders, hackers, and makers creating various projects for personal and business applications.

Crain's Detroit Business
04/21/13 (Blog)
REPORTER'S NOTEBOOK: Design studio seeks liquid assets for year 2
The Innovation Factory offers the entrepreneur 3D digital design services at TechTown and is completing an agreement with TechShop Inc. to use its design and prototype manufacturing workshop in Allen Park, Richardson said.

Sacramento Bee
04/18/13 (Web)
San Francisco connects with new, bigger Exploratorium
In recent years, other San Francisco institutions such as the Maker Faire, TechShop and The Crucible have been launched with the same goal of self-directed, lifelong learning.

04/16/13 (Blog)
TechShop Raleigh-Durham to Close
TechShop Raleigh-Durham is closing, effective Saturday, April 20, 2013 ... Jon Danforth, the founder of Maker Faire North Carolina, which was created at TechShop Raleigh-Durham in 2009, said the hackerspace ... "sparked a fire in the Makers of North Carolina the likes of which I’ve never seen. It launched projects, products, careers, and grand ideas. It will be sorely missed but the spirit lives on in the forever-changed lives of those it touched.”

ED Michigan IP Report
04/11/13 (Blog)
Detroit World IP Day Program Announced For April 26
Today, 185 member states have joined the WIPO to develop international standards for the protection of innovative ideas. The Detroit World IP Day Celebration will be held April 26 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at TechShop Detroit, 800 Republic Drive, Allen Park ... Speakers will include Will Brick – Manager of TechShop Detroit, a Garden of Eden for tool-geeks everywhere.

PDMA Pittsburgh
04/10/13 (Blog)
The Maker Movement Update
During the February Innovation Forum, TechShop CEO Mark Hatch stressed that a key factor in the Maker Movement is a shared facility where people can collaborate and grow a community of makers. Throughout the presentation, Mark provided examples of how ordinary people, from hobbyists to engineers, use TechShop to design and develop extraordinary products.

Our Region's Business
04/09/13 (Video)
TechShop Opens Newest Location in East Liberty's Bakery Square

Billed as a Kinko’s for geeks or a 24-hour fitness center for makers, TechShop has brought its makers paradise to Pittsburgh ... Mark Hatch, TechShop’s CEO, is joined by Rich Lunak, president and CEO of Innovation Works and Jeff Thompson, president of the Product Management and Development Association, to discuss TechShop’s offerings and the impact this new location will have on Pittsburgh’s entrepreneurial community.

citizen tekk
04/08/13 (Blog)
6 World Changing Technologies by Mark Hatch of TechShop
I’ve been asked often whether I thought any “real” innovation or “serious” companies could come out of the Maker Movement ... the truth of the matter is that a number of important technologies have already come out of the Maker Movement. Here are five that were world changing.

Making Society
04/03/13 (Blog)
The Turbinophone Transforms a Jet Engine into a Musical Instrument for Burning Man 2013
Burning Man is a great place to start ambitious and original big hardware projects ... I went yesterday to TechShop San Francisco and met Kunal Dovedy, who was putting the final touch to his Kickstarter campaign for his Turbinophone. He just launched it today ... and it’s already a success.

Maker Faire; Detroit
03/30/13 (Blog)
Tinker, Hack, and Invent with TechShop Detroit
Q: What will you be doing during this week’s Tinker, Hack, Invent, Saturday? A: ROBOTS AND ROCKETS! We’re picturing three levels of simultaneous engagement that should appeal to a broad sweep of ages and interests and each of slightly different participatory format.

Green Car Congress
03/28/13 (Blog)
Ford launches app developer challenge to improve consumer understanding of personal fuel efficiency
In the near future Ford engineers will begin a tour of TechShop locations around the United States including Detroit, the San Francisco Bay Area, Austin and Pittsburgh to provide OpenXC workshops for staff, TechShop members and the general public.

Popular Mechanics
03/27/13 (Web)
Get Startup Savvy: Lessons From the New Manufacturing Revolution
If you'd rather not spend your seed money on equipment, you can send your CAD files to Shapeways' 3D printing service, or join a maker collective such as TechShop or NextFab for access to any tool you can think of for less than $125 per month.

Metro Magazine
03/27/13 (Web)
The Best of Silicon Valley 2013: Best Place to Make a Spaceship
You don't have to have something as ambitious in mind as building a spaceship to benefit from TechShop's two locations in Silicon Valley. Maybe you want to build little wooden frogs or design a better doorknob. Really, the sky is the limit, and TechShop has all the equipment to get there: woodworking tools, quilting machines, 3-D printers and computers with Autocad and Adobe software, along with classes on how to use all this stuff. All it takes is a membership, which runs about $125 a month. 120 Independence Dr., Menlo Park. 300 S. Second St., San Jose.

3D Printer
03/26/13 (Blog)
In-depth tour of TechShop, “the most important startup to the United States’ manufacturing industry.”
So why is this 66-minute video, shot in TechShop San Francisco, so worth watching? Blogger, technical evangelist, and author Robert Scoble, who does the interview, considers TechShop “the most important startup to the United States’ manufacturing industry.” You’ll be fascinated as he spends an hour with TechShop CEO Mark Hatch, as he learns about TechShop and meets some interesting members along the way who call TechShop home to their startups (like Emotimo, Type A Machines, SF Made, ProtoTank). Personally, I’d never been to a TechShop, and the magnitude of the facility blew me away.

03/26/13 (Video)
Always On: GoPro Goes 360
[How to make a "time-lapse contraption" for making time-lapse videos, at TechShop San Francisco.]

03/25/13 (Blog)
Assembly Required: How TechShop plans to build dreams in Pittsburgh
In addition to the more than 4,000 individual members who belong to TechShop, corporations are increasingly turning to TechShop as a strategy for motivating employees, developing new workforce skills and fueling innovation. Universities are partnering with TechShop as an open innovation studio for their faculty, students and alumni, said Woods... “We provide folks with the light bulb, a-ha moment. You can feel the satisfaction of discovery,” said Robert Thomas, Director of Experience, with his drywall dust-covered TechShop hoodie zipped up tight during a walk through of the facility while still under construction. “The greatest component is allowing people to make their own way. Set a path and allow people to create a product and get it in the market.”

Robert Scoble
03/25/13 (Video)
America's Most Important Startup?
TechShop could be the most important startup to United States' manufacturing industry. Here we spend an hour with CEO Mark Hatch ... This is why TechShop is so important to our economy. It's providing a place for many other startups to get going, meet cofounders, and make the things that need to be made to startup companies ... In this video you'll also meet several startups that call TechShop home.

03/25/13 (Video)
VIDEO: Is Do-It-Yourself Startup TechShop Leading America's Next Revolution?
Think of TechShop as a playground for creativity, part fabrication and prototyping studio, part hackerspace and collaboration center for anyone from artists, engineers and entrepreneurs ... It's an amazing ecosystem that supports every layer of product design and development, along with a social network of potential project contributors of all ages, anywhere from welders to people using 3-D printers.

Washington Post
03/22/13 (Blog)
The maker movement gets a menagerie

Even MakerBot has expanded its inventory and is preparing to release its 3D scanner into the consumer marketplace, while companies such as TechShop offer customers an opportunity to build their dreams.

03/20/13 (Video)
Want to Build a Carbon Fiber Guitar? This Workshop Teaches You How

One of the outlets with the biggest array of tools and classes is TechShop, and with a location right around the corner from Wired’s offices, we’re able to observe everything from woodworking to metal fabrication to musical-instrument making and more. At a recent TechShop course, staffers taught attendees how to make traditional acoustic guitars using carbon fiber, a surprising and particularly modern material, for the instrument’s backing shell, neck, and headstock.

USA Today
03/20/13 (Web)
3-D printing is revolutionizing product development
On the other side of the country, instructor Kyle Moore is teaching a 3-D printing class at the San Francisco location of TechShop, a technology incubator with offices in 10 U.S. cities

03/18/13 (Web)
TechShop Detroit Offers Tools For Michigan Inventors To Build Almost Anything

If you walk into any of the TechShop locations, you will see a group of inventors building great things ... Building gadgets and products can be challenging, but scarcity of resources are no longer an issue. As the TechShop blackboard says: What would you make if you could make ANYTHING?

USA Today
03/17/13 (Web)
New Tech Economy: 3D printing's promise in prosthetics
[Bilal] Ghalib, whom I met at the San Francisco location of TechShop, a technology incubator space, is also the "lead instigator," as he puts it, of GEMSI, the Global Entrepreneurship and Maker Space Initiative ... Inexpensive 3D prototypes can be tried and fitted to an amputee's prosthetic insertion point and used to develop more customized devices, says Ghalib, who believes the result will be less pain for amputee patients ... As we spoke here, he was using one of the 3D printers at TechShop to prototype a small plastic circuit breaker that he hopes will one day reduce disruptions to medical equipment at developing-world hospitals plagued by power outages. "This (technology) is going to positively impact any industry you can think of," Ghalib says.

Innovation Works
03/14/13 (Blog)
Thoughts from a Recovering Roboticist on TechShop
I had the opportunity to visit Techshop in San Francisco a few months ago and immediately recognized its value. The facility’s state-of-the-art prototyping tools, software, and training was exactly what I needed during the early product/growth phases of the companies I helped build. I couldn’t be happier that TechShop chose to open their 7th location right here in Pittsburgh, allowing our entrepreneurs the ability to prototype cheaper, faster and better ... TechShop’s 16,000 sq. ft. Bakery Square facility will help our region’s manufacturing sector, one of SWPA’s largest economic drivers, stay on top of innovation. It will also add to our region’s hardware community ...

Jeff Kavanaugh's Blog
03/14/13 (Blog)
XSW 2013: observations and ironies
Much of the buzz was about hardware, the physical side of things ... 3-D printing has made the ability to create something that anyone can do, either by spending less than $1,500 (MakerBot) or renting some machine time (at TechShop). Crowdfunding is also making it easier for startups to get the backing need to produce the initial release of physical products, not just software.

My TV20 Detroit
03/13/13 (Web)
Workshop Skills Help Make a Living

More and more people are looking at workshops skills to help them make a living. Many are going to a workshop community center called "TechShop" for help. TechShop in Allen Park was designed to provide access to resources to people who otherwise may not be able to afford to buy certain working equipment.

Core 77
03/12/13 (Web)
From Concept to $500: The Story of the Lumio Lamp
Lumio is a lamp that unfolds from a book. Simply open the cover to turn it on, the further you open the cover the brighter it gets. Sounds very simple, yet the design process was nothing but. The journey started about eight months ago when I joined TechShop SF. I came in with the ambitious idea of creating a modular house with built-in furniture that you can fold flat to fit into your ca

03/12/13 (Web)
How to 'Make' Real Learning Happen
The problem was obvious: a round of bottled soda and not an opener in sight. The solution, less so. TechShop’s Carl Johnson hopped onto Thingiverse, an online library of open source 3D models, and ran a search for “bottle opener.” A few minutes later his 3D printer hummed to life...

Austin Post
03/10/13 (Web)
Tip: Visit the Future at SXSW Create - Free and Open to the Public 3D printing, Hackerspaces, Nerdy Heaven

TechShop, which just opened in Round Rock, is similar in ways to the ATX Hackerspace but on an even bigger scale. Read our review of the TechShop here or, again, just head down to Create to talk to these friendly folks who have an amazing project space with serious tools.

03/08/13 (Video)
TechShop at SXSW 2013
TechShop was supplying the materials and equipment to make some cool items. I got to talk with them and also got a dog tag laser etched. TechShop is a place where inventors can get their ideas off the ground. They have the space and tools for you to use.

SXSW PanelPicker
03/08/13 (Blog)
Crowdfunding & Hardware Prototyping Revolution

Not only are hardware entrepreneurs leading the growing maker movement, but they are also getting noticed thanks to makerspaces like TechShop, a chain of workshops that provides members with affordable access to prototyping tools, classes and design software. Those same hardware inventions built at TechShop locations are also getting off the ground with outstanding funding support from crowd-funding sites like Kickstarter, showing that people crave hardware innovation to the point that they are paying for it en masse.

3D Printing for Beginners
03/07/13 (Blog)
Need Help with 3D Printing? Get it at TechShop!
To learn more about how 3D printing newbies can get started at TechShop we spoke to Jesse Harrington Au. Jesse is Maker Advocate at Autodesk, and has in the past been responsible for designing and implementing the Autodesk – TechShop relationship.

World Affairs Council
03/07/13 (Video)
Meet the Makers: Mark Hatch, TechShop
The opening reception at WorldAffairs 2013 on March 7 will be devoted to Innovating for Impact. We will highlight a select group of Bay Area companies [including TechShop], organizations and individuals who are designing and fostering innovative solutions to address social, environmental and economic challenges around the world. You will have an opportunity to network and engage with these innovators and other conference attendees as we celebrate innovation in the digital age.

03/05/13 (Web)
Why Hardware Will Win SXSW has profiled products ... but if you're looking for more hardware inspiration--and a little educational primer--we've compiled your go-to starter hardware guide to SXSW. 1. New Opportunities for Hardware Innovators ... Jesse Harrington Au, a "maker advocate" at San Francisco-based Autodesk will present alongside Mark Hatch, CEO of TechShop, a membership-based prototyping and fabrication studio based in Palo Alto, California. They will discuss the future landscape of the hardware start-up market.

03/05/13 (Video)
DIY EDU with Dale Dougherty, TechShop, and Chase Lewis

Bit Rebels
03/04/13 (Video)
SXSW 2013: How TechShop's MakerBot 3D Printer Works
[This was a quick interview about how TechShop's 3D printer works. Carl Johnson, Events and Education Coordinator for TechShop guided Bit Rebels Field Reporter, Jeff Kell, through the process.]

03/03/13 (Blog)
Meet Jim Newton, Founder of TechShop: "TechShop was created because I wanted my own dream shop"

Jim Newton, an uber-DIYer and lifelong maker, created TechShop because he needed a place to build his own inventions. His ideas are now more relevant than ever, so I asked him to share his story and philosophy with us.

Because the World is Round
03/02/13 (Blog)
I’m Moving into TechShop
TechShop has officially come to Pittsburgh! This place is basically my personal little heaven. The giant work tables, the people who come there just to learn and to make stuff, power tools, laser cutters, sewing machines, and all sorts of toys I never dreamed I’d have access to. You have to do training courses for all of the machines that can break you (or that you can break) ... today sewing machines, next laser cutting, powder coating, vacuum forming, and beyond!

Michigan Makers
03/02/13 (Video)
Laser Cutting at Dearborn's TechShop
Maya and her dad hung out at Dearborn's TechShop and laser-cut cases for our Raspberry Pis. Check out the video below.

03/01/13 (Web)
Crowdsourced ‘Maker Map’ Charts Nearby Hackerspaces and Hardware Shops
We’ve long been fascinated with makerspaces, the DIY equivalent of co-ops. They make projects possible by offering tools and classes at a shared cost to those who otherwise wouldn’t have access. If you’re lucky enough to live in a maker-dense region, you’ve likely got plenty of options, from niche shops like the Bike Kitchen to multi-use spaces like TechShop ... Created by Renee DiResta and Nick Pinkston, the open source DIY outlet-tracking Google Map tries to illuminate all the SF makerspaces and related establishments, dividing them by category and plotting them out geographically.

USA Today College
02/28/13 (Web)
Hackerspaces provide tools, community to build your own business
[Patrick] Buckley knew what he wanted to build, he just didn’t know how. So he did what many of his friends were already doing: visit the TechShop in Menlo Park, Calif. Buckley got to work sculpting bamboo, bouncing ideas off fellow makers, and in just two weeks, the DoDocase was prototyped and ready for production development ... Spinning off the now-robust maker movement, TechShop franchises and other open-source hackerspaces — physical places where community members can meet and work on projects — are providing a creative outlet for up-and-coming creators, tinkerers and hackers.

02/27/13 (Web)
Growing Your Business From TechShop to the Garage
I first met artist Laura Bruland of Yes & Yes Designs in May 2012 at TechShop in San Francisco when she was a one-woman operation. To make her vintage jewelry pieces, she first draws 2D images on a computer and then cuts them out of antique book covers using a laser cutter ... At the time she was able to run her entire business out of TechShop. No overheard, no employees. Just her and a monthly membership ... Move forward seven months and she’s grown her business from six stores in San Francisco to 23 around the world.

SparkFun Electronics
02/25/13 (Blog)
SparkFun at Make a MakerSpace, hosted by Artisan's Asylum, Part 1
This particular panel was all about identifying and rallying your community. The speakers came from various places such as Make Magazine, Olin College, TechShop in California, the City of Somerville (where the event took place), i3Detroit and, of course, Artisan’s Asylum. Representatives talked about their respective organizations and how to leverage community interest into action and physical space ... Jim Newton from TechShop, also in Detroit, expounded on the benefits of having corporate sponsorship to build a space.

Daedal Dagny 's Dish
02/25/13 (Blog)
With all the hype of DIY 3D-printing these days, I am so psyched to have the TechShop open it’s doors this March so that I can play with RP printers, lasers, and band saws again! Check out their website and see what other sites are offering to bring creative classes to our shop.

Manufacturing Executive
02/25/13 (Blog)
A Salute to the People of Manufacturing
In all the time I have spent at Manufacturing Executive and the Manufacturing Leadership Council, I have enjoyed most of all the hours devoted to the Manufacturing Leadership Awards and the Manufacturing Leadership Summit ... I was also pleased to see Ray Coombs of Westminster Tool, Jim Newton of TechShop, and Andra Rush of Detroit Manufacturing Systems on the winners list. They all deserve recognition as the pistons that help keep this manufacturing industry strong, and its future bright.

  Web Strategist
02/24/13 (Blog)
The Master List of the Collaborative Economy: Rent and Trade Everything
List of 200 Companies in the Collaborative Economy -- Using the spirit of this space, I contacted a TaskRabbit to conduct significant research ... to aggregate a list of startups in this space, from a variety of sources ... Shared Studios / Workshops / Workspaces ... TechShop - Build your dreams here.

Pop City
02/20/13 (Web)
TechShop opening in Bakery Square, a playground for Pittsburgh entrepreneurs
If the smell of sawdust and the hum of a milling machine are calling your inner entrepreneur, TechShop may be in your future. The Menlo Park company is opening its seventh workshop studio in the country in early March in Bakery Square, across from Google’s office ... In addition to gaining access to equipment for a monthly fee ... TechShop will offer classes and training (such as how to launch a kickstarter campaign) and opportunities to nonprofits.
02/20/13 (Blog)
“How to Make a Makerspace” attracts crowd of entrepreneurs to Artisan’s Asylum
Makerspaces represent the democratization of design, engineering, fabrication and education. They are a fairly new phenomenon, but are beginning to produce projects with significant national impacts ... Jim Newton of TechShop emphasized the importance of buying new tools when outfitting a space, because the latest technologies are better and there are fewer problems with down time.

02/20/13 (Web)
Frost & Sullivan Announces 2013 Manufacturing Leadership 100 Award Winners

Frost & Sullivan's Manufacturing Leadership Council today honored 100 world-class manufacturing companies and individual leaders as winners of the 2013 Manufacturing Leadership 100 Awards (ML100 Awards). In a world of intensifying global competition and accelerating change, recipients of the ML100 Awards have distinguished themselves by embracing breakthrough innovation and enabling their companies to anticipate and respond to customers with unmatched agility ... Project Category: Manufacturing Entrepreneur - Jim Newton, TechShop ... Manufacturing Leadership 100 Award winners will be honored on May 15 at a gala celebration that follows the ninth annual Manufacturing Leadership Summit in Palm Beach, FL, a gathering of manufacturing leaders from around the world.

Technology, Culture, and You
02/19/13 (Blog)

It’s not a nonprofit organization, or even an international entity yet, but I think it has an incredible niche in the future of global innovation and empowerment of the masses that I thought it would be something fascinating to mention to you all. What it is? It’s called TechShop ... TechShop is now a hub of innovation across the United States where a number of interesting inventions have been given birth.

National Public Radio
02/19/13 (Blog)
As 3-D Printing Becomes More Accessible, Copyright Questions Arise

In just a few minutes the scan was complete. Burrus emailed the file, and the next day — almost 6,000 miles away — I walked into a tech shop in Menlo Park, Calif., borrowed its 3-D printer, and NPR's very first action figure was produced ... Clay Lambert, who runs the Menlo Park tech shop, says making perfect copies of physical items has never been easier. "We are at the point now with physical objects that we were at with MP3s a decade ago..."

National Public Radio
02/19/13 (Radio)
As 3-D Printing Becomes More Accessible, Copyright Questions Arise
In just a few minutes the scan was complete. Burrus emailed the file, and the next day — almost 6,000 miles away — I walked into a tech shop in Menlo Park, Calif., borrowed its 3-D printer, and NPR's very first action figure was produced ... Clay Lambert, who runs the Menlo Park tech shop, says making perfect copies of physical items has never been easier. "We are at the point now with physical objects that we were at with MP3s a decade ago..."

Pittsburgh Post Gazette
02/17/13 (Web)
TechShop, a training studio for techies, opening in East Liberty
TechShop -- a nationally renowned workshop and fabrication studio that provides equipment, training and mentorship to people hoping to explore technical and technology trades -- will open its first Pennsylvania facility in East Liberty's Bakery Square on March 2 ... If the past is any indicator, that investment could spur new community development. Founded in 2006, the organization has already seen major companies come out of its membership of nearly 4,100.

Before It's News
02/16/13 (Web)
Sneak Peek of TechShop Pittsburgh
(Picked up the February 2013 Techburgher story along with a short TechShop video.)

02/15/13 (Blog)
Sneak Peek of TechShop Pittsburgh
TechShop will cut the ribbon on March 9, offering local makers, artists, entrepreneurs and anyone else a launch pad for their ideas —a real place for inspiration through perspiration. With proximity to tech companies, a revitalized East End and the universities, Dan Woods, Chief Experience Officer and VP of Business Development, couldn’t be more excited for TechShop’s latest location. There are six TechShops across the country with more in the works. “There’s an incredible convergence of art and technology here,” said Woods. “We love the location here with all of the neighborhoods.”

Pittsburgh BusinessTimes
02/15/13 (Blog)
PHOTOS: A look inside Pittsburgh's TechShop
Makers of Pittsburgh will be happy to know the steel city outpost of the TechShop has an official opening date — March 9, with a soft opening a couple days before.

I Heart PGH
02/14/13 (Blog)

Next month – the newest location of TechShop will open right here in Pittsburgh. This is a big deal… 1. because TechShop is pretty cool place – I’ll get to that in a minute. 2. The fact that TechShop chose Pittsburgh for their next location speaks to the kinds of things that are happening with innovation, entrepreneurship, design and development in Pittsburgh.

02/13/13 (Blog)
Lumio hides a lamp inside the pages of a book, takes to Kickstarter (video)

Last week, we stopped by the TechShop to check out Lumio, a lamp that's masquerading as a book. While you could probably make one of your own with a few trips to IKEA, we're rather taken with the idea of toting one of these around in our bags.

02/13/13 (Blog)
A training studio for techies
Long before opening its [Bakery Square] doors, TechShop has already gotten an enthusiastic response from locals who began snagging memberships as Christmas presents in early December. And while many who called were securing memberships for university professors or other professionals, others joined to explore new artistic or creative endeavors.
02/11/13 (Web)
TechShop marks National Engineers Week with special programs for kids, parents
TechShop in north Raleigh will have a special activity day to mark National Engineers Week later this month. From noon to 5 p.m., Feb. 23, TechShop, a do-it-yourself workshop, will offer an afternoon of special classes for students from elementary school to high school. Tours will be offered for parents. It's all free, but children need to be registered to make sure there's a spot in the age appropriate group at your preferred time.

Bakery Square
02/11/13 (Blog)
TechShop Preview Party February 16th, 6-8:30 PM
Bakery Square is please to announce that TechShop Pittsburgh will officially open its doors next month. In the meantime, TechShop is hosting an advance preview on Saturday evening, February 16th ... Best of all, everyone who attends has a chance to win a one-year membership and training package or one of three one-month membership and training packages.

02/09/13 (Web)
Lumio desk lamp takes light reading literally (video)

With the future of reading heading squarely in the direction of electronic devices, what to do with the old timey book form? Build a lamp, of course. During a recent visit to the City by the Bay, we popped into the TechShop hackerspace and were introduced to Max Gunawan, the designer behind Lumio ... The product, developed in that very space, offers up a cool take on the desktop lamp, fitting it into a wooden, old timey-looking book form. Open it up and the pages fan out into what looks like a paper lantern.

D'Verro: Life in a Workshop
02/08/13 (Blog)
I would be here a lot. Just like a gym, you pay a monthly membership for access to one of TechShop’s workshops. You’ve got 3D printers, laser cutters, a wood shop, a metal shop, a textiles department, plus a whole bunch more. Best of all, staff members can help out instructing you on how to use everything.

Adafruit Industries
02/05/13 (Web)
TechShop gives inventors the tools they need

[A replay of the CNN video on TechShop, featuring Founder Jim Newton.]

Gary Sinise Foundation
02/04/13 (Blog)
Get Skills to Work
Gary Sinise Foundation is proud to join GE, the Manufacturing Institute, Alcoa Inc., Boeing, Lockheed Martin, NAM, Futures Inc., the Atlantic Council, LinkedIn and TechShop to launch the GET SKILLS TO WORK coalition to train U.S. Veterans for jobs in advanced manufacturing.

Daily Planet
02/03/13 (Video)
Daily Planet : Feb 5th 2013 - Part 1
From Discovery Channel Canada's Daily Planet TV series -- Here's a bright idea: It's called TechShop, a members-only workspace where you can pretty much build anything that you can dream up.

Reflective Teacher 2012
02/03/13 (Blog)
TechShop - what we could learn about learning

Another ‘maker’ open community, TechShop has pushed obstacles of entrepreneurship and technical innovation ... Experts volunteer mentoring and inventors or designers experiment with projects free from the restrictions traditional education and corporate R&D politics. The boyhood dreams while building Lego transpire into engineering realities ... If educators and schools could embrace more similar opportunities we could be preparing our students for the future much better than we do ... The open supportive creative diversity may also be part of the TechShop magic. Designing facility, capacity and support around access and flexible teaching and support by collaborative teams ... Maybe, somehow, we need more constructivist forms like TechShop?

02/02/13 (Video)
The origami-inspired folded kayak

I started folding paper models, and soon switched to full-scale plastic prototypes that I tested in the Bay and elsewhere ... first in a friend’s garage, then at Tech Shop in San Francisco. Tech Shop was a revelation: Its tools allowed me to build far better and faster, and the community got me thinking about the future of the Oru Kayak ... My advice: Nurture your passions and let them turn into obsessions. Find a way to work on them that’s tangible and gives you joy, even if you don’t know where it’s all headed. And don’t be shy about sharing your story as you go along. You’ll find help and encouragement all over the place, and you may even find a new community, as I did with Tech Shop.

01/31/13 (Blog)
The Possibility of Urban Manufacturing
Cities have such a powerful role to play - by linking young people to apprenticeships at local manufacturers that are transit accessible; through expanded "maker" education which include self-taught skills gained in one of many urban "maker/hacker" facilities like TechShop - where SFMade is housed; and by creating innovative programs through partnerships with urban community colleges and high schools to support both vocational and traditional education.

Mercury News
01/31/13 (Web)
A creative space for DIY home decor

"We are indeed seeing an explosion of growth and expanded interests around DIY as a result of the maker movement," says Clay Lambert, manager of the TechShop open-access workshop that opened in 2006 in Menlo Park. TechShop quickly expanded to San Jose, San Francisco and several sites across the country, with classes in everything from welding and woodworking to sewing and leather crafts. "DIY used to mean simply fixing or updating a small project on your own," he says. "Now, with greater access to tools, technology and training, it's about creating and innovating."

01/25/13 (Blog)
Workspaces are changing for a wide range of professionals. No longer do chefs have to cook in their own kitchens, nor musicians record in their own garage studios, nor artisans build in their own workshops. And, more importantly, they don’t have to invest in their own equipment. They can share space and tools ... TechShop provides shared workspace for artisans, industrial designers, and just about anyone in need of serious tools such as laser cutters, welding stations, and water jet cutters to name a few. Fortunately they also offer training on these!

Our Many Stories
01/24/13 (Blog)
Carbon Arts; Alchemy
Since its 2010 inception Carbon Arts has hosted workshops in partnership with the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit (MOCAD) and TechShop, an organization that provides members with access to tools, equipment, and instruction to build their own projects.
01/23/13 (Web)
OpenSource in Nanaimo
Brad Nelson is working hard to have OpenSource Nanaimo opened on schedule in April. He said OpenSource Nanaimo will be similar to the TechShop in the U.S. which provides clients access to tools, software, space and comprehensive instruction from expert staff to help complete their projects.

Connected World Magazine
01/23/13 (Web)
A Return to Tinkering
I thoroughly enjoyed meeting Will Brick last week in Detroit. For those who do not know Will, his official title is general manager of TechShop Detroit, but I happen to like the way he was introduced to me a bit better: as a “third-generation tinkerer.” ... Ford allowed me the introduction to Will as part of an event they were holding at the TechShop prior to the start of the North American International Auto Show ... What a better place to foster the idea of innovation than the TechShop and what better person to instigate inspiration than Will?

SF Gate
01/20/13 (Web)
Hearth Lounge is season's hottest seat

Created by San Franciscans David Covell, 37, and Aaron Jones, 32, the Hearth Lounge is the first in a line of heated outdoor furniture and an answer to insufficient heat lamps and fire pits ... Jones tinkered and tested at TechShop, the do-it-yourself fabrication workshop in SoMa, molding and shaving off concrete to ensure the lounge would be comfortable for all shapes and sizes.

Information Week
01/19/13 (Web)
Nokia Embraces 3-D Printing Future, Perhaps Too Soon
In San Francisco, where there are presumably more technophiles per square foot than down the road in Half Moon Bay, there's real interest in 3-D printing. Kyle Moore, an employee at community workshop TechShop, said in a phone interview that 3-D printing was "immensely popular" among TechShop members

L'Usine Nouvelle
01/19/13 (Web)
"When my team shows its excellence, I am happy"
Stéphane Distinguin, the founding president of FaberNovel,a digital strategy agency, meets the "Proust Questionnaire" L'Usine Nouvelle. L'Usine Nouvelle - What was your last factory (manufacturing plant) visit? Stéphane Distinguin - Three months ago at TechShop in San Francisco. This place confirms the value of the Internet model applied to the traditional industries. People meet to prototype, innovate, invent.

01/17/13 (Video)
More Details on TechShop Pittsburgh

Learn about TechShop coming to Pittsburgh from Chief Experience Officer Dan Woods. TechShop is a membership-based, do-it-yourself workshop and fabrication studio and will open its doors in March. Look for the full story in TEQ March 7! Enjoy the sneak peek!

Pittsburgh Technology Council
01/17/13 (Video)
Pittsburgh Technology Council Spotlights TechShop

Learn about TechShop coming to Pittsburgh from Chief Experience Officer Dan Woods.

Community Impact Newspaper
01/17/13 (Web)
TechShop: Community facility helps build ideas into realities
Inventors, dreamers and fabricators now have a place to call their own in Round Rock. TechShop, a membership-based community workshop, offers customers the use of specialty equipment, tools and computers to design, build and assemble whatever they choose. TechShop opened Oct. 13 in the La Frontera shopping center next to Lowe’s and features 18,000 square feet of space and more than $2 million worth of equipment, TechShop Facilities Manager Cale Bessent said. TechShop membership has grown from 100 in October to more than 400 in January.

Castle Ink
01/16/13 (Web)
Expert Interview: Adam Rogers, NC State University
I have been following the Maker Movement for a few years now, and am an electronics hobbyist in my spare time, but I am relatively new to the 3D printing world. I have taken some classes at our local TechShop (TechShop RDU), which has helped bring me up to speed ... The university has 3D printers in some other places on campus, but the decision to purchase them for the library was really a library decision. We decided to invest in them because our library has a goal of exposing our students to new and emerging technologies, providing them the tools to succeed and giving them a competitive advantage. Also, they fit in great with the Hunt Library's vision of the "library of the future," experimental and technology-intensive.

New Public Domain
01/13/13 (Blog)
PicoShop: Reactivating Newstands to Create Tiny Retail
With a Square, an iPhone and an Arduino-powered electronic lock, any unused newspaper box in the world can be converted into a vending machine for locally-made products. Local designer/makers are thriving thanks to manufacturing help from places like TechShop, but getting public exposure is hard and driving traffic to your product website or Etsy shop can be a constant challenge. Why can't local makers showcase their products right where they are making them? Right out on the street where hundreds of people walk by every day?

Dearborn Patch
01/13/13 (Web)
Student Design Team Invites Dearborn to Take Part in the Art
The Dearborn Community Fund and the high school Pockets of Perception student design team invite the public to “Take Part in the Art” by helping to make tiles for the mosaic wall that will be installed in Dearborn’s new Intermodal Passenger Rail Station ... To make the tile molds, the POP students applied wood, plastic and clay to make a relief of each tile design on medium density fiberboard. Then the team went to TechShop in Allen Park where they learned how to use a Vacuform machine to heat and stretch a sheet plastic onto each relief to create the molds that will be used in making the tiles.

01/08/13 (Blog)
Tool Review: Rio Grande Electroplating Chems

I have a buddy living here in Austin, Jon Wolfe, who makes these beautiful little boxes from large acorns ... When TechShop recently opened its Austin-Round Rock location, Jon bought a membership, and made a deal with his wife that he would pay for it by selling stuff he made there.
01/07/13 (Web)
Demolition Electronics class lets teens disassemble a microwave
TechShop, the do-it-yourself membership-based workshop in north Raleigh, has a fun class for ages 12 and up this weekend that involves disassembling a microwave oven. During the Demolition Electronics class, students will rip into a microwave oven and figure out how it works.
01/01/13 (Web)
TechShop lowers age limit, giving younger teens more access
TechShop, the do-it-yourself workshop with a north Raleigh location ... has lowered some of its equipment and class age requirements, giving younger teens more access to their equipment. Kids still must be 12 to 17 to be eligible for membership. But now kids ages 12 and up have access to the metal shop, along with some other spaces

01/01/13 (Print)
TechShop Detroit
[Review on p. 76] Detroit celebrated TechShop’s grand opening last spring after months of long-awaited anticipation. In the pioneering footsteps of Henry Ford, inventors of all ages can participate in workshops with state-of-the-art equipment and knowledgeable instructors.

Venture Beat
12/31/12 (Web)
In 2013, here’s why we’ll seriously consider alternatives to higher ed
This is just one example of what can happen once you set content free. The impact will be even more powerful once we unbundle the other parts of school that are currently packed together — namely the community and accreditation ... Companies like General Assembly and TechShop are creating real-world spaces for people to learn in formal environments outside school.

Open Forum
12/20/12 (Web)
Small Businesses Revive Made in the USA Manufacturing
Many urban manufacturers are small businesses—solopreneurs who outgrow their garage or home office “warehouse” and decide to scale up. In the process, they often go to places like TechShop, an advanced makerspace, for tools, Epilog laser cutter for equipment, or Objet for high-end 3D printers.

  RD Childers
12/14/12 (Video)
TechShop Round Rock Austin Texas
[Video tour of TechShop Austin-Round Rock]

Michigan Radio
12/10/12 (Radio)
Stateside: From 'Mythbusters' to 'TechShop,' a place to innovate in Detroit

Well, there's a place in Detroit called TechShop, and it functions a lot like a gym for carpenters, welders, designers, engineers and the like. TechShop is a new facility that recently opened up in Allen Park near Detroit ... "I want to see Detroiters change the world," [TechShop CEO Mark] Hatch said. "And I think they can.

Folsom Lake Ford Fleet Dept.
12/09/12 (Blog)
Ford Technology Development Efforts Recognized on the Thomson Reuters Top 100 Global Innovators List

“Enhancements to programs like the Employee Patent Incentive Awards encourage our team members to think outside the box for new solutions,” says Bill Coughlin, CEO, Ford Global Technologies. Invention submissions are up 60% since the launch of the enhanced invention incentives that included memberships to TechShop as an early award.

Gear Patrol
12/05/12 (Web)
12 Guys of Christmas: The Do-It-Yourselfer
#9: TechShop Membership

12/05/12 (Blog)
Pittsburgh TechShop is Hiring

TechShop‘s newest store is now under construction in Pittsburgh’s Bakery Square. With our public opening planned for February, we want to hear from Pittsburgh area makers who’d love to help other makers and aspiring makers build their dreams. If you, or someone you know, would like to join our community as TechShop staff, see the contact information below

Practical Machinist
12/03/12 (Blog)
I visited Tech Shop in Raleigh, NC! And here are some pictures...
For those that don't know already, Tech Shop is a "learn and make techie stuff" membership business that has at least 6 locations around the country. We were driving thru Raleigh after Thanksgiving and it occured to me to stop in. Took the tour, got the T shirt (two in fact)'s a few pix.

The Bold Italic
11/30/12 (Blog)
Getting Wood

San Francisco has great groups like TechShop and Woodshop that let you get your craftsman on, but for the most part it's tough to find the space or time to build, say, new end tables.
11/29/12 (Video)
Destination: TechShop, the membership-based do-it-yourself workshop
Jenny Luper of TechShop talked about the north Raleigh shop that's designed for teens and adults.

11/29/12 (Blog)
TechShop and the Growth of Bakery Square

Construction is underway for a brand new TechShop to open in Bakery Square in February 2013. The membership-based, do-it-yourself workshop and fabrication studio will give inventors access to over $1 million dollars worth of advanced machines and tools. Makers will gather to learn, build, weld, screenprint, and pursue any number of design hobbies together under one roof. Excitement for the workspace is growing ... [see video clip on future development of Bakery Square at end of article]

Go Ask Mom
11/29/12 (Blog)
Destination: TechShop, a membership-based do-it-yourself workshop

TechShop in north Raleigh is a real shop ... designed for teens and adults. Kids 12 and up can take many of the shop's classes and work on much of the equipment, though mostly under their parent or guardian's watchful eye ... TechShop also is perfect for creative, handy families with teens who have ideas and the interest in creating products and pieces, but need the tools to execute them. "If you have kids who want to get beyond that computer screen and into a hands-on situation, this may be just the thing," said Marie Taylor, a Raleigh mom.

The Wall Street Journal
11/28/12 (Web)
A Shop to Build Your Hit Product

When Anton Willis moved into an apartment in San Francisco and had to put his fiberglass kayak in storage, the architect began experimenting with a kayak that could fold up. He turned that idea into reality this year at TechShop, a three-story workshop in the city outfitted with 3-D printers, laser cutters and other sophisticated tools to develop products and prototypes ... Mr. Willis is just one of the entrepreneurs in the Bay Area's "maker" movement who are building physical products, a trend that has fueled the growth of TechShop and related endeavors.

11/27/12 (Web)
Roundup: Butler Health loss triples; TechShop to open in February; Nintendo sells 400,000 Wii Us

TechShop Inc., a private company that provides space and high-tech machines to inventors and craftsmen, will open its Pittsburgh location in February. The Menlo Park, Calif. company said on Monday that it has started interior construction for the space in the Bakery Square development in Larimer.

Bakery Square
11/27/12 (Blog)
California-based TechShop is Opening in BkSq This February
California-based TechShop leased 16,000 square feet in the Google building at Bakery Square for a fabrication studio where members will have access to machines, tools and equipment, trained staff and classes.

Pittsburgh BusinessTimes
11/26/12 (Blog)
Techshop opening in February - here's how to sign up
The facility in Bakery Square is set to open in February and anyone interested in signing up for membership (or those interested in becoming institutional partners) and staying updated on construction progress can email

SF Gate
11/25/12 (Web)
3-D printing a boon to entrepreneurs
For years, 3-D printing has been spurring innovation by lowering the cost and time needed to create prototypes of new inventions. That's still one of the main uses for the 3-D printers at San Francisco's TechShop work space ... "You're in it for $5 now instead of $20,000, to figure out what that prototype looks like and if it's going to work and how it feels," [maker advocate Jesse] Harrington Au said. "Entrepreneurs have a major jump in the game."

Venture Beat
11/21/12 (Web)
The maker movement isn’t just for hackers anymore

Accidental entrepreneurship ... is a not uncommon outcome for folks who walk through [TechShop's] doors seeking to simply finish a one-off project ... The Bosavi headlamp came from a guy who walked into TechShop in September 2011 with no maker experience whatsoever. Now, he’s an inventor, entrepreneur, and TechShop instructor ... Around 60 percent of TechShop members end up looking at starting their own businesses ... in no small part due to the fact that all kinds of makers, from sewers and designers and papercrafters to welders and carpenters and painters, under a single roof. The cross-pollination effects are huge.

San Francisco Business Times
11/16/12 (Web)
Hatch tools up inventors with fresh service model

Mark Hatch feels a grand sense of mission about his job running TechShop, the growing national chain of workshops where members get access not only to costly industrial tools, but also to instructors and a community of people interested in building things.

Peninsula Press
11/16/12 (Video)
Do-it-yourself gadgets, inventions come to life at San Jose’s TechShop (VIDEO)

Clarion Content
11/15/12 (Blog)

TechShop employees seemed remarkable happy, stoked to be doing their jobs. Our tour guide's official job title is, "Dream Consultant" ... How close are these folks to the nexus where the boundaries of free play and work mesh into the beauty of invention? ... For those of you who have [mastered tools more complicated than the screwdriver and the hammer], TechShop will blow your mind. It is an unbelievable community resource.

Pittsburgh BusinessTimes
11/14/12 (Web)
TechShop to open in 2013?
J.R. Yoccco, a retail broker and leasing manager for Grant Street Associates, the group that represents retail space at Bakery Square, told our real estate reporter Tim Schooley the TechShop has officially leased 16,000 square feet and the target to open is early next year. “The enthusiasm from the local community is just off the charts with this one,” Yocco said.

11/12/12 (Web)
In Detail: TechShop San Francisco
Everyone has at least a few good ideas in their lifetime--everyone's uncle seems to have 20 good ones--but not everyone has the resources to recognize their vision. Tools, materials and skills are very difficult to obtain unless you happen to own a workshop, or know somebody that does. Now you do. With TechShop opening its doors to tinkerers all over, those ideas can be executed, further stirring up the innovation coming out of the Bay Area and elsewhere around the country.

SF Gate
11/11/12 (Web)
Flugtag back in S.F. with flying colors

[This Chronicle piece covering the Red Bull Flugtag includes a picture of Laura Stevenson from one of the two TechShop-related teams that were in the contest over the weekend.]

11/10/12 (Blog)
What’s it like Running Techshop? Chat with CEO Mark Hatch
I got a chance to dig into the brain of Mark Hatch, CEO of Techshop, Inc. and hear him talk a bit about Techshop’s successes, cool startups, and of course, the badass equipment of the builder world. Needless to say, Mark gets some hands-on time working to improve Techshop.

Equipment World
11/09/12 (Blog)
TechShop: where fab dreams come true
If you’ve ever wanted to design or fabricate something that you didn’t have the tools or the shop for TechShop may be just your ticket.

Cool Tools
11/08/12 (Blog)
Membership maker space: TechShop
TechShop is a tool shop with a gym style membership ... [There] are tools that even if I were able to afford them, I would not be able to run in my apartment. I would never get the deposit back for the carpet damage alone.

MetroMode Media
11/08/12 (Web)
Five Really Cool Inventions Being Developed In Metro Detroit
The three-dimensional possibilities of computer assisted design (CAD) software, machine tools, and multidisciplinary encounters at TechShop has expanded the innovative potential of Detroit Glass House, a custom glass art business ... Don Price, an engineer with Ford Motor Company has been working after hours at TechShop to perfect a patent for an anti-theft device for catalytic converters.

Austin Post
11/07/12 (Web)
Project-Making Nirvana at Austin’s New TechShop
Shop Class Meets Hackerspace on Steroids

11/06/12 (Video)
TRANSLOGIC 116: TechShop San Francisco
We head to TechShop's San Francisco location for a look at some DIY dream projects, including a test drive of the Autodesk Rallier Roadster.

SF Gate
10/30/12 (Web)
SF ups confetti order for Giants parade
After three long years, Tomus the Hippopotamus is about to return to his Sutro Heights home and get himself back together ... "I've got people down at the (do-it-yourself) TechShop ready to weld him back together as soon as we can," Peltier said.

Upstart Business Journal
10/29/12 (Web)
Head inside the "clubhouse for entrepreneurs and inventors"
TechShop is part of the same revolution that has seen coworking spaces spring up in places like Austin and Boston, Maker Faire in New York, and a raft of accelerators across the country along the lines created by Y Combinator and TechStars. All those accelerators and incubators and, well, TechShops are becoming the 21st century equivalent of the garage where Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard went to tinker—places where entrepreneurs go to dream their dreams.

San Francisco Business Times
10/26/12 (Web)
Inventor’s paradise, TechShop tripling revenue

“I feel like I'm at the center of a revolution,” says Mark Hatch, CEO of TechShop, which has helped startups ... The iconic iPhone credit card swiper that launched payments startup Square Inc. to greatness was built not in a secret lab, but in a sort of clubhouse for aspiring inventors and entrepreneurs. The device was born in TechShop, the first of what has become a national chain of gymnasiums for product makers.

10/25/12 (Blog)
Meeting Of The Minds 2012: A Glimpse At The Future Of Work And Innovation
[San Francisco] has even streamlined the business permitting process in order to facilitate these types of mobile business, which are becoming increasingly prevalent across the city. The Hub, TechShop, and the pop-ups around the city are evidence of the trend to more flexible work – whether by knowledge workers or those in the services industry or even manufacturing.

Bank of America Small Business Community
10/24/12 (Blog)
Creating Virtually Anything: What you need to know now about 3D printing
Or you can find any number of specialized printing firms or new-wave community machine shops, like TechShop ... that have been established to rent out access to entrepreneurial tinkerers. It’s a setup that appeals to small business owners with an eye on the bottom line.

  Kevin Warnock
10/24/12 (Blog)
Interviews with 10 entrepreneurs at the Lower Haight Urban Air Market, October 20, 2012, San Francisco, California USA
Cantu cut the first wallets by hand with scissors. Then he joined TechShop, a well equipped workshop that rents access to tools like a health club rents access to exercise machines ... TechShop has spawned many small businesses, including DoDoCase, which makes an Apple iPad case that looks like a leather hard cover book. Current United States President Barack Obama carries his iPad in a DoDoCase brand case ... Wood Thumb started out at and still does some work at TechShop, like Yes & Yes Designs and Halo Bender Design, also profiled in this post.

Round Rock Leader
10/24/12 (Web)
Member-based workshop opens in La Frontera

TechShop, a workshop touted as a place where people can build their dreams, celebrated an open house Oct. 19-21 at its first Round Rock location, the only TechShop to have a Lowe's store attached next door ... "World-changing, life-saving things will be done here at TechShop," [Founder Jim] Newton said. "The company is also involved with two programs, DARPA and G.E. Coalition, to help veterans get skills to work. Helping the community helps the entire country."

10/23/12 (Web)
TechShop: Welcome To Your Neighborhood Xerox Parc
Hatch, a former Green Beret, is betting that the DIY ethos embodied by these creators is more than a niche trend. He compares the ‘maker movement’ ... to the rise of the physical fitness industry – a massive cultural shift that TechShop hopes to ride.

Huffington Post The Blog
10/19/12 (Blog)
The Renaissance of American Manufacturing

Today, with not much more than a 3D printer, a credit card, and an Internet connection, an aspiring entrepreneur can build a prototype on the desktop, ship off CAD drawings to get all of the parts built, and launch a business. Low-cost tools like MakerBots and Arduinos, membership-based prototyping facilities like TechShop, novel funding mechanisms like Kickstarter ... all make building, manufacturing, and marketing a new product within the reach of any inventor.

10/18/12 (Blog)
Tech Shop-Stairway to Inventor Heaven
One member of this shop describes coming here as, “It is like having Christmas whenever you want.” I finally had the chance to find out exactly what happens inside this TechShop! ... This is your one stop “go to” place to create the things you have always imagined of creating but never had the supplies or the area to do so.

Internet ACTU
10/18/12 (Web)
“ReFaire” Détroit (Re"Making" Detroit)

Mais la renaissance de Détroit ne s’arrête pas aux potagers. La culture des “Doer”, celle de l’apprentissage par le “faire”, s’est diversifiée, passant de l’agriculture à… tout le reste. Détroit redémarre et est en train de devenir la DIY City. Détroit et sa région accueille de nombreux lieux dédiés aux “makers” : i3detroit, Mt Elliott, the robotgarage (Lego et robotique), Omnicorp Detroit, TechShop ...
Translation: But the rebirth of Detroit does not stop at gardens. The "Doer Culture," devoted to making, has diversified from agriculture to ... everything else. Detroit is restarting and becoming the DIY City. Detroit and the surrounding region is home to many sites dedicated to "makers": i3detroit , Mt Elliott, the robotgarage (Lego and robotics), Omnicorp Detroit, TechShop ...

Prince George's County Volunteer Tech Nation
10/16/12 (Blog)
Prince Georges County – Sanjay Gupta and The Next List Asks “What do You Want to Make?
Jim Newton, the founder and Chairman of TechShop, provides members who were fearful of the process, never thought they could create, or didn’t have guidance all the tools and assistance to produce a concrete model of their idea. Would a TechShop or organization like it help spur the creativity that lies in all Prince George’s County residents to produce and manufacture items to be exported for sale in places like China?

Sci Tech Watch
10/16/12 (Blog)
Making Drones in Tijuana
Recently, I was invited to speak at Tijuana Innovadora, a regional conference/expo. Mark Hatch of TechShop, Jason Short, an industrial designer by day and Drone programmer by night, as well as David Cuartielles of the Arduino team also came to speak on an open source hardware panel.

10/15/12 (Web)
GE, Manufacturing Institute, Alcoa Inc., Boeing and Lockheed Martin Launch Coalition to Train U.S. Veterans for Jobs in Advanced Manufacturing

To provide veterans with opportunities for hands-on experience with the technology found in advanced manufacturing, GE is developing, with TechShop, training tracks for veterans in Detroit, Michigan; Raleigh, North Carolina; San Jose, California; Austin, Texas; Washington, D.C. and New York. Mark Hatch, CEO, TechShop said, “Many people have an outdated view of the skills required for jobs in today’s advanced manufacturing environment. Once they have a chance to discover modern prototyping and manufacturing processes and participate in a hands-on workshop they see the possibilities for channeling their creativity and interest in making things into a career.”

Yahoo Finance
10/15/12 (Web)
New Survey Indicates Veterans Are Optimistic about Return to Civilian Careers but Want Training & Education for Jobs That Will Make a Difference

 Business Wire: Results of the ‘Voice of the Veterans’ survey were unveiled today as GE and the IVMF joined with business, digital, academic and not-for-profit partners to launch the Get Skills to Work coalition, aimed at bolstering the talent pipeline, enhancing American competitiveness and giving our nation’s veterans the skills and tools they need to compete for the jobs of the future. Coalition partners include The Manufacturing Institute, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Alcoa Inc. LinkedIn, Futures Inc., Atlantic Council, the Gary Sinise Foundation and TechShop.

  Filipe Neves Dos Santos
10/15/12 (Blog)
Kickstarted: Finding Space (and Making a Makerspace)
Just as makerspaces like TechShop have redefined the reach of garage tinkerers by giving them access to a full suite of rapid prototyping tools, they’re also creating a demand for a “garage-plus” space for maker businesses ... TechShop in San Francisco has a long waiting list for the handful of 50- to 100 square foot “cages” (fenced off storage spaces) where these businesses are housing materials and inventory.

Tijuana Innovadora 2012
10/15/12 (Web)
Presentan en Tijuana proyectos que están cambiando al mundo.
Como “un revolucionario profesional” se presentó Mark Hatch, presidente de TechShop, compañía que tiene como objetivo impulsar la innovación global dándole a la gente lo que necesita para alcanzar su sueño, “Quiero que se unan conmigo a esta revolución y sean radicales”, provocó al auditorio ... Es una planta abierta a todo el mundo, hay ingenieros, artistas, papás, mamás; trabajando en el mismo espacio: “Tenemos el grupo más grande de creativos que pueda tener cualquier sitio”; presumió Hatch.

Right Hand Synergy
10/15/12 (Blog)
Termina el Panel de ¨Open Hardware Madness¨ en Tijuana Innovadora
El taller tecnológico de TechShop ofrece una plataforma muy interesante, donde inventores, estudiantes, artistas y demás, tienen acceso a talleres donde se instruye teoría y práctica para aprender a manejar maquinas Abrasivas, Artesanales, Automovilístico, Electrónicos, Fabricación, y herramientas de muchísimas más ramas ... Incluso si desconocemos como utilizar estas herramientas, TechShop provee el servicio de entrenamiento para estas mismas. TechShop ... se presentan en Tijuana Innovadora con ansias de encontrar socios interesados en abrir un centro TechShop en Tijuana.

10/12/12 (Web)
All-encompassing workshop opens in Round Rock

If you've ever wanted to build something or had an idea, there's a new place in to check out. California-based TechShop has opened its first Texas location in Round Rock this month. Techshop is a membership-based workshop with the tools to make anything you can imagine ... "This is an area that is borne on innovation that totally gets the convergence of art and technology," Chief Experience Officer Dan Woods said. "Really, what TechShop is doing is fueling the birth and growth of small businesses and jobs."

What's Next - CNN
10/12/12 (Blog)
My Question: What Do You Want To Make?
"I find that most people are very passionate about something specific they want to make, but they don't know how to do it. Some of these ideas are small and personal, and others are world-altering ideas. TechShop's mission is to coax people to think about their ideas and help them bring those ideas to fruition," Jim Newton, founder and chairman of TechShop.

NBC Bay Area
10/10/12 (Web)
OpenCo Tours San Francisco High Tech Elite
Technology companies will open their doors for "networking & discussion-based salons" to share the story of what being in SF means to them.

10/10/12 (Web)
Turning Makers Into Middle Class Manufacturers
When you walk through TechShop just outside of Detroit, you see all sorts of contraptions and manufacturing projects—from bipedal robot legs hanging off a wooden stand to super-stretch cargo bikes that can carry big loads ... TechShop is a place where people’s imaginations come to life as real, manufactured objects. And some even become real businesses. The TechShop in Menlo Park, California is where Jack Dorsey’s co-founder Jim McKelvey produced the first prototype of Square‘s credit-card swiper for smartphones. It was also where DODOcase started manufacturing its laser-cut bamboo iPad cases, now a multi-million dollar business.

Grow Detroit
10/10/12 (Blog)
The 5 Reasons Why People Invest

A month ago something rare and refreshing happened in Detroit. David Kirkpatrick, author of “The Facebook Effect”, imported a vibrant assortment of tech titans into the Motor City for Techonomy ... In between sessions, I interacted with certified badasses like Mark Hatch, CEO of TechShop, and Danae Ringelmann, founder of Indiegogo. Both shared their thoughts on the changes surrounding Venture Capital, The JOBS Act, and the advent of crowd-funding.

10/10/12 (Web)
Defense Department Funds High School “Hackerspaces”

A new $10 million federal program is bringing “hackerspaces” to high schools, the New York Times reports ... Darpa also awarded a $3.5 million grant to Techonomy favorite TechShop.(See TechShop’s Mark Hatch talk about the DIY economy at Techonomy Detroit .) The partnership will enable TechShop to open two new locations, and it gives Darpa employees access to TechShop equipment after the workshop closes to the public at midnight. As depicted in Erick Schonfeld’s recent article for Techonomy, TechShop is a space where gearheads and techies can build their most whimsical inventions—hardly a breeding ground for the military industrial complex.

Brooklyn Ink
10/09/12 (Web)
TechShop coming to Brooklyn
TechShop, a member-only do-it-yourself shop plans to open a location in Brooklyn. The founder Jim Newton says it’s “like a health club, but instead of exercise equipment, [it] has tools and machines.” Newton has six TechShops across the country.

10/09/12 (Video)
Jim Newton, patron saint of do-it-yourselfers

Editor's note: Jim Newton’s full 30-minute profile airs on CNN’s “The Next List” this Sunday (Oct. 14, 2012) at 2 P.M. ET. He is the founder and chairman of TechShop, a a membership-based workshop for do-it-yourselfers that provides access to tools, equipment and instruction ... Why he matters: Newton is opening up a world of innovation by giving people the tools, the workspace and the confidence to make things they’ve always dreamed of making. He’s creating hubs for invention and creativity where people can come to inspire and be inspired.

Top News Today
10/09/12 (Video)
Shop helps inventors' dreams become real
Jim Newton says everyone has something they want to make, and some of those things can change lives.

Supply Chain Management
10/09/12 (Blog)
Tragedy of (Not Having) the Commons
"Transformative change happens when industries democratize, when they're ripped from the sole domain of companies, governments, and other institutions and handed over to regular folks." There are some indications that this kind of environment is being created in pockets of Pittsburgh. For example, ... the Post-Gazette published an article about a workshop that is being established in Pittsburgh, called TechShop. The TechShop is a do-it-yourself manufacturing workshop based in Menlo Park, California ... I love the idea of removing traditional barriers - like access to manufacturing equipment or stodgy copyright laws - and empowering normal people to become innovators.

Cool Hunting
10/09/12 (Blog)
Making Things Story

In yet another stellar iteration of Story, Rachel Shechtman presents "Making Things," a temporary concept store focused on the act of creation. Part retail experience, part educational series, Story partnered with GE to debut "GE Garages," a community venture that hopes to provide professionals and novices alike with education on and access to advanced technologies. The center is enabled by TechShop—a member-based DIY workspace—and created in partnership with Skillshare, Quirky and MAKE. The collaborative effort sets out to support and nourish the growing community of technologists and entrepreneurs.

Science Office @ French Consulate in San Francisco
10/08/12 (Blog)
TechShop : là où les outils de la révolution industrielle sont mis entre les mains de Monsieur tout le monde

TechShop a développé pendant 6 ans une structure qui permet aux consommateurs de réinventer des produits pour leurs besoins et donc de franchir le cap long et onéreux du prototypage, le tout avec des outils rapides à un coût abordable ... La vision de ses fondateurs est que le TechShop est au coeur d’une nouvelle révolution industrielle des USA. Qu’attend l’Europe pour rentrer dans la course à la créativité ?

Tech Investor News
10/08/12 (Blog)
TechShop: A workspace for inventors

The Next List profiles Jim Newton, founder of Tech Shop, which is a creative hub that inspires fantastic inventions.

Digi-Key Tech Exchange
10/08/12 (Blog)
Check out TechShop
Check out TechShop – which now has facilities in Menlo Park, San Francisco, San Jose, Detroit, Austin, and Raleigh-Durham. A place to engage your creative self – they have tools and classes and work space. They are open from ~9:30 am until midnight most days.

Huffington Post
10/07/12 (Blog)
Steve Rosenbaum: The World of ‘Makers’ Revealed by Wired’s Chris Anderson

No longer is a ‘factory’ the basis of a company’s scale or speed of growth. Rapid Prototyping technologies like 3D printers, laser cutters, and shared workspaces like TechShop are democratizing innovation in the physical world of atoms.  

10/06/12 (Web)
There Is No Reason For Any Individual To Have A 3D Printer In Their Home
The maker movement is on the cusp of a boom. They’re job-creating world changers, on the verge of thoroughly disrupting everything from crafts to consumer electronics to, heck, well, everything, by democratizing manufacturing ... In low-infrastructure areas, or if you’re a casual hobbyist, or if you have very specific requirements, you’ll head down the road to your nearest local printing facility. Depending on where you are, maybe this is tomorrow’s TechShop ...

New York Times
10/06/12 (Web)
Worries Over Defense Department Money for ‘Hackerspaces’
Over the next three years, the $10 million program plans to expand to 1,000 high schools, modeled on the growing phenomenon of “hackerspaces” — community clubhouses where hackers gather to build, invent or take things apart in their spare time ... Colonel Wiedenman is managing both the grant for the high school program and a $3.5 million grant to the retail start-up TechShop (it is a bit like a Kinko's, but instead of copiers, members pay to user laser cutters).

United Inventors Association of America
10/04/12 (Blog)
Inventor Associations of Michigan - Networking Event

The various Inventor Associations in the State of Michigan are collaborating the First Statewide Networking Event to help facilitate idea generation on sharing a platform on how to better communicate and share information between all of the Michigan Inventor Groups. This unique new statewide networking event for Inventors and Entrepreneurs will make its debut in Allen Park, MI @ TechShop Detroit on October 6, 2012.

The Henry Ford
10/04/12 (Video)
Tech Shop - Maker Faire Detroit 2012
An interview with TechShop Education and Events coordinator Jason Burton, this vido provides an overview of TechShop and its offerings. Filmed on Maker Monday at Maker Faire Detroit 2012.

10/02/12 (Web)
3D-Print Your Own Ancient Art at Museum Scanathon
Professional-grade Dimension and Objet printers at the nearby San Francisco TechShop (an Autodesk partner) ran overnight, producing figures like Seated Ganesha, an elephant deity from 13th-century India.

Dearborn Patch
10/01/12 (Web)
Annual Gathering of Inventors to 'Make' Its Way Back to Dearborn in 2013
Since its inaugural event in 2010, more than 60,000 people have attended to view the wares, fares, ideas and inventions at Maker Faire Detroit ... The Henry Ford event always includes artists and inventors from the Dearborn area, too—including TechShop Detroit in Allen Park.

09/30/12 (Web)
Chris Anderson's New 'Maker' Vision
No longer is a ‘factory’ the basis of a company’s scale or speed of growth. Rapid Prototyping technologies like 3D printers, laser cutters, and shared workspaces like TechShop are democratizing innovation in the physical world of atoms.

Soapbox Media
09/25/12 (Web)
LIVE MAKE launch in Brewery District highlights ARCHinati Festival
Bradley Cooper knew about Maker Works in Ann Arbor and the TechShop franchise, as well as other independent spaces around the country that encourage DIYers and design professionals by providing tools, space and a supportive community.

09/25/12 (Web)
Makers unite - the revolution will be home-made
Cash creators. It is what Autodesk describes as the "democratisation of design software". The firm has recently bought Instructables, a website which offers blueprints for a whole range of products. It is also an investor in TechShop, a physical workshop which gives people access to tools and equipment.

Fox Business
09/21/12 (Video)
Regulation Holding Back Job Growth?
Mark Hatch, TechShop CEO, on the Jobs Act and why the SEC is holding back job creation due to over regulation.

San Francisco Business Times
09/21/12 (Web)
Bay Area's Most Admired CEO Awards

This year's winners are ... Mark Hatch, TechShop Inc. (Mark is #4 in the slide show. He will receive the award in November and the San Francisco Business Times will also be publishing profiles on all of the winners in that week's edition of the publication.)

09/21/12 (Video)
DIY Economy, video from ...Techonomy Detroit conference

David ten Have was invited to join a panel entitled The DIY Economy: The Democratization of Finance, Design, Manufacturing, and Distribution. Fellow panelists included Grady Burnett of Facebook, Mark Hatch of TechShop, and Danae Ringelmann of Indiegogo. The idea was to feature speakers that represent each stage in creating your own business. Funding (Indiegogo), prototyping (TechShop), manufacturing (Ponoko), and marketing (Facebook). You can watch the full 45 minute panel sessions in the video or read the transcript here.

09/20/12 (Print)
Makers: The New Industrial Revolution By Chris Anderson

Review of Wired editor-in-chief Chris Anderson's new book (release date Oct. 2, 2012), Makers: The New Industrial Revolution. "Enthusiasts have coalesced around these machines, much as hackers did around the early personal computer ... Broadly, they call themselves makers. They meet in collective workshops called maker spaces, such as Tech Shop, to share tools and expertise. Anderson, the editor-in-chief of Wired, knights these makers as future industrialists who will drive a new age of manufacturing."

The Bold Italic
09/18/12 (Web)
Tech Support: Joseph Schnell discovers a handmade world inside TechShop

After spending time at TechShop, I’ve realized that its amazing business model of fostering a creative community through shared resources has helped it become ground zero for many San Francisco start-ups. Whether the initial idea is to build the next super-computer or to tinker with an art project, TechShop is the place to turn dreams into tangible realities.

Pittsburgh BusinessTimes
09/18/12 (Web)
TechShop headed to Bakery Square
Details of the Pittsburgh outpost of TechShop Inc. are emerging, and it looks like the group will be opening in Bakery Square in the next six months ... it is expected that TechShop would take between 15,000 and 17,000 square feet in the Larimer neighborhood development that is increasingly becoming a center for technology-related companies and organizations.

Jackson Inventors Network
09/17/12 (Blog)
Inventor Associations of Michigan – Networking Event

The various Inventor Associations in the State of Michigan are collaborating the First Statewide Networking Event to help facilitate idea generation on sharing a platform on how to better communicate and share information between all of the Michigan Inventor Groups. This unique new statewide networking event for Inventors and Entrepreneurs will make its debut in Allen Park, Mich. at TechShop Detroit& Oct. 6, 2012. 

09/15/12 (Web)
The Mobile/Social/Local/Cloud Land Grab Is Over
Somebody a few years hence will write an article much like this one, looking back on the incredible hardware boom, and it will begin with a brief history of Arduino, MakerBot, and TechShop ... My advice is to get in and stake your claim now.

Venture Beat
09/12/12 (Web)
TechShop CEO Mark Hatch: ‘We have destroyed entrepreneurship in this country’
The past decade has seen a 93% drop in IPOs for sub-$50 million companies, Mark Hatch, CEO of do-it-yourself workshop TechShop, said today ... Speaking at a Techonomy Detroit session on the DIY economy and crowdfunding, he attributed that squarely to bureaucracy and legislation such as Sarbanes Oxley, the law that tightened rules and added regulation for public companies in 2002 ... “We live in a completely different space than we did 10 years ago,” said Hatch, citing the explosion of innovation as tools, design, and even fundraising is being democratized.

CBS Detroit
09/12/12 (Web)
Techonomy: Tech Bringing Massive Change To Manufacturing
Others noted that Moore’s Law — the electronics industry bromide that every 18 months, electronics fall in price by 50 percent and work twice as fast — has hit manufacturing ... Combine that with the phenomenon of crowdfunding ... and you have a recipe for instant factories, making custom-crafted merchandise just in time, to a dedicated, deeply involved global customer base. “The price of CNC equipment has come down 95 percent because of Moore’s Law,” said Mark Hatch, CEO of Techshop, a San Francisco-based chain of manufacturing centers for do-it-yourselfers that opened a branch location last spring in Allen Park.

09/12/12 (Video)
Techonomy Detroit: The DIY Economy – The Democratization of Finance, Design, Manufacturing, and Distribution

This session from Techonomy Detroit focuses on how entrepreneurs develop the resources to finance, design, build, and distribute products, and how this this can ultimately lead to the creation of viable businesses and jobs. Panelists include Grady Burnett, Vice President of Global Marketing Solutions, Facebook; Mark Hatch, CEO, TechShop; Danae Ringelmann, Co-founder & COO, Indiegogo; and David ten Have, CEO, Ponoko. Techonomy’s Erick Schonfeld moderates.

Design World
09/11/12 (Web)
TechShop Comes to Town

... this is the most effective job creation program I have ever heard of. Every new business that has started as a new idea at TechShop has generated great income for the inventor and employment for dozens of people who are needed to staff the new business ... TechShop will change the course of the American economy by providing the tooling for inventors to get their ideas to market quicker and more cost effectively than ever before.

09/10/12 (Web)
Detroit Startup Asks (and Names Itself), Are You a Human?

Detroit has become notorious as a symbol of the decline of American manufacturing, but in recent years its tech start-up scene has been quietly attracting attention and generating renewed optimism. Entrepreneurship accelerator Bizdom offers seed funding to local tech startups. The Silicon Valley innovation incubator TechShop set up a Detroit outpost to give locals access to industrial tools and equipment to build their own products. And investors such as Detroit Venture Partners are financing tech-focused efforts.

09/10/12 (Web)
An App that Tells What's in Your Future

Detroit has also become home to an outpost of TechShop, the Silicon Valley innovation incubator where people of all skill levels can use industrial tools and equipment to build their own products.

09/10/12 (Web)
Detroit-based Startup Quikkly Rewards Nimble Bargain

Detroit is now home to an outpost of TechShop, the Silicon Valley innovation incubator where people of all skill levels can use industrial tools and equipment to build their own products. Meanwhile, entrepreneurship accelerator Bizdom offers seed funding to help grow innovate, tech-based local startups.

09/10/12 (Web)
GreenLancer Boosts Renewable Energy from Detroit to Afghanistan

Detroit is now home to an outpost of TechShop, the Silicon Valley innovation incubator where people of all skill levels can use industrial tools and equipment to build their own products. Meanwhile, entrepreneurship accelerator Bizdom offers seed funding to help grow innovate, tech-based local startups.

The Garage Journal
09/10/12 (Blog)
TechShop opening in Austin!

I have spent some time at the TechShop in Dearborn, MI. Words can't even begin to describe how awesome the place is.

09/09/12 (Web)
FlockTAG's Loyalty Card Makes Your Wallet Lighter ... in a Good Way
And also now in Detroit is TechShop, the Silicon Valley innovation incubator where people of all skill levels can use industrial tools and equipment to build their own products.

Washington Post
09/07/12 (Web)
Opinion: SEC bureaucracy is threatening to quash an innovation renaissance
This is a game-changing proposal that could spawn an innovation renaissance by allowing companies like mine – TechShop, a chain of workshops that gives people access to high-end tools and equipment – to advertise in order to find qualified investors.

09/07/12 (Blog)
Tech Shop Opens Its Sixth US Location In Austin TX
Hey Texans, your state just got a whole lot Make-ier. Our friends at Tech Shop, who already have five locations (three in California, one in North Carolina, and one in Michigan) are about to launch their sixth location. The Round Rock, TX location, just north of Austin, features 17,000 square feet of tools and learning spaces for members to explore their brilliant ideas ... Several awesome companies have been formed inside Tech Shop locations, and it is exciting to see them growing into a whole new region.

Blog Talk Radio
09/07/12 (Radio)
Episode #197 Justin Levy, Bethany Mooradian and Mark Hatch
Scheduled Guests: ... Mark Hatch, Gm at TechShop talks about the success of their business.

The Design Observer Group
09/06/12 (Blog)

Which is why perhaps the most intriguing bet on the of mainstreaming maker-ness is a small chain called TechShop, which aspires to become a “Kinko’s for geeks” ... Square, the now-well-known maker of a smartphone-compatible credit-card reader, made its final prototype in the Menlo Park TechShop. The creator of a time-lapse camera add-on called eMotimo makes his product in another TechShop. The founders of Blocklets, which sells snap-together wood-and-acrylic pieces for making Lego-like sculptures and forms, worked out their prototypes on the Raleigh outlet’s laser cutter. Recently, a column on argued that Radio Shack should save itself by in effect emulating TechShop.

Machine Design
09/06/12 (Web)
Manufacturing for the masses

TechShop gives users access to high-end manufacturing equipment and software ... Areas such as machining, laser, electronics, and industrial-painting sit off a large central workspace ... The studio has spring boarded several small businesses.

09/05/12 (Blog)
TechShop opening in Austin-Round Rock TX
Our friends at TechShop are opening another location this fall in Round Rock, TX near Austin ... This will be TechShop's 6th location and they have 3 more locations under construction.

Best Outsourcing Partners
09/04/12 (Blog)
‘Maker Movement’ Could Change How You Manage

TechShop, founded by Jim Newton, gives designers and inventors access to high-end machine tools. Among the companies born there: Karatstix, a maker of bamboo knitting supplies, and Solum, which makes a soil-testing device ... If you join TechShop, you don’t just get to glean from experience and expertise; together with mentoring and advice from engineers that like to help out, you get access to any of the machines you might need to create your bright idea.

Press: Here
08/31/12 (Video)
TechShop Tool Lovers Rejoice

TechShop CEO - and former Green Beret - Mark Hatch deconstructs the Maker movement. TechShop in San Jose, Menlo Park and San Francisco, is a "gym" for tool lovers to work out their inventive muscles.

08/28/12 (Blog)
AZ Entrepreneurs Share Good News

TechShop will open a workshop in April 2013. With over $1 million in tools, machinery, software, Internet access and work spaces, this nationwide chain opens its member-based workshop in the ASU Chandler Innovation Center.

Intel Free Press
08/24/12 (Web)
Technology Crushes Barriers to Innovation

The world’s fastest electric motorcycle — top speed 218 mph — was built at TechShop. So was President Obama’s iPad case, the prototypes for Square, the smartphone dongle that businesses can use to swipe credit cards and a host of other Kickstarter projects. TechShop is a national chain of membership-based do-it-yourself fabrication workshops that provide access to professional equipment and expert advice for a monthly fee.

Arizona Builder's Exchange
08/21/12 (Web)
Techshop Chain Opens Workshop In Chandler ASU Innovation Center
In April, the California-based nationwide chain TechShop plans to open one of its member-based workshops and fabrication studios in the ASU Chandler Innovation Center ... Membership fees are $125 a month, $95 a month to students. Members have unlimited access to equipment on a drop-in basis from 9 a.m. to midnight.

Arizona Republic
08/17/12 (Web)
TechShop chain to open workshop in Chandler

A do-it-yourself subculture focused on technology, dubbed the Maker Movement, is making its way to downtown Chandler. In April, the California-based nationwide chain TechShop plans to open one of its member-based workshops and fabrication studios in the ASU Chandler Innovation Center at 249 E. Chicago St.

South West Rides
08/13/12 (Blog)
DIY Techshop opening in Chandler

Apparently ASU is opening a DIY TechShop in Chandler. Basically it sounds as if they will have welders and other things to use, for a fee of course. Hopefully it will have some goodies to make stuff. It's definately good if they have something you need rarely or occasionally, or if you dont have any room or money to buy things like a welder like me.

Venture Beat
08/12/12 (Web)

OpenROV, a mini submarine developed in a Silicon Valley garage, has been hailed by the world’s media as the key to unlocking the earth’s last frontier ... “At the outset, we thought this might be a great project to discover underwater caves that are too small for divers,” said Lang ... at open-access workshop TechShop in San Francisco, where he and Stackpole make their parts ... The TechShop chain is a recent addition to the Bay Area, and is a paradise for hardware geeks. For $100 per month, anyone can access high-tech equipment such as 3-D printers. Classes taught at one of the TechShop hacker spaces include Welding 101 .... At TechShop, Lang learned how to build robots and work with machines in less than six months.

East Valley Tribune
08/11/12 (Web)
ASU brings DIY TechShop to downtown Chandler

Arizona State University has entered into an agreement that will bring TechShop, a do-it-yourself workshop and fabrication studio, to downtown Chandler ... The TechShop workshop at the Chandler Innovation Center will bring more than $1 million worth of equipment to the downtown area, furthering the entrepreneurial and STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) projects in the area, including Gangplank.

Trend Hunter
08/03/12 (Web)
Techshop Stores Cater to Budding Craftspeople

The American-based TechShop stores allow curious entrepreneurs, artists, students, thinkers and craftsmen to explore a plethora of tech tools. Band saws and drill presses are only some of the machinery made available to the public here, allowing talent to flourish and develop in unprecedented ways ... Hatch’s dedicated following will only to continue to bring about even greater engineering breakthroughs.

MAKE Magazine
08/02/12 (Blog)
New TechShop Coming to Chandler, AZ

TechShop, the membership-based DIY workshop with five locations around the country, has announced an academic partnership with Arizona State University and will open a new TechShop in Chandler, AZ later this year ... Students taking classes at the Center will be offered free memberships at the new TechShop and discounted memberships will be offered to other students and faculty.

IT Clips
08/02/12 (Blog)

TechShop, the membership-based DIY workshop with five locations around the country, has announced an academic partnership with Arizona State University and will open a new TechShop in Chandler, AZ later this year. Chandler is about 20 miles southeast of Phoenix and its Chandler Innovation Center includes a city-funded technology incubator and Arizona State’s College of Technology and Innovation ... Classrooms not in use by the college will be available for TechShop programs.

Arizona State University News
08/01/12 (Web)
ASU Chandler Innovation Center to host TechShop

TechShop, a membership-based, do-it-yourself workshop and fabrication studio with locations nationwide, has reached agreement on terms that will bring TechShop to the ASU Chandler Innovation Center, giving Arizona State University students and Chandler-area makers, entrepreneurs and innovators access to a wide range of machinery, tools and software to turn their ideas into reality.

IT Management Raleigh
08/01/12 (Web)
ASU Chandler Innovation Center to Host TechShop

TechShop, a membership-based, do-it-yourself workshop and fabrication studio with locations nationwide, has reached agreement on terms that will bring TechShop to the ASU Chandler Innovation Center, giving Arizona State University students and Chandler-area makers, entrepreneurs and innovators access to a wide range of machinery, tools and software ...

AZ Business Magazine
08/01/12 (Web)
ASU Chandler Innovation Center Will House Do-It-Yourself TechShop

TechShop, a membership-based, do-it-yourself workshop and fabrication studio with locations nationwide, has reached agreement on terms that will bring TechShop to the ASU Chandler Innovation Center, giving Arizona State University students and Chandler-area makers, entrepreneurs and innovators access to a wide range of machinery, tools and software ...

07/31/12 (Video)
DIY: 3D printing a custom iPhone case

In the latest episode of Always On, I ventured into the world of 3D printing to attempt to print my own, custom iPhone ... I went to the TechShop in San Francisco and tackled my first-ever 3D printing project ... At places like TechShop in San Francisco, people can use communal 3D printers with the help of an expert.

Huffington Post
07/30/12 (Web)
Dale Dougherty, Maker Faire And 'Make' Magazine Co-Founder, Says DIY Festival Gaining Momentum In Detroit

Recently there has been a trend where collective spaces for makers have been opening up. They're sort of like gym clubs for folks who like to build. Tell us a little about makerspaces in the Detroit area? -- TechShop just opened last December. 

The White House
07/27/12 (Blog)
Detroit Maker Faire: Celebrating Tinkerers, Inventors, and the Next Generation

In Dearborn, Michigan, part of metro Detroit, The Henry Ford, which presents the stories of American innovation, ingenuity, and resourcefulness—past, present, and future—will be hosting an event this weekend that epitomizes what not being bored and making something means—Maker Faire Detroit. This unique form of a science fair—a two-day celebration of curiosity, wonderment, inventiveness, and hands-on making—will include 450 makers from Michigan and around the United States.

07/25/12 (Web)
Extreme Sports, Maker Style at Red Bull Creation

In the back of San Francisco’s TechShop on Friday afternoon sat a heap of old parts: partially assembled bikes, pipes, gears, chains, grinders, sheet metal, helmets, plywood, rods, cables, and even empty fire extinguishers ... At the time, the 8-or-so members of team TechShop were just 20 hours into the second annual Red Bull Creation, a 72-hour maker competition with a $10,000 prize.

Red Bull
07/25/12 (Web)

Think of it as the world’s coolest science fair - Red Bull Creation asked makers, inventors, and hackers to participate in a 72-hour frenzy of innovation, madness and ingenuity ... One of those teams, TechShop, from San Francisco, a member-based workshop existing in a dreamland of tools and machines, and inspiring collaboration from a variety of fields, are an experiment gone right.

07/25/12 (Web)
RadioShack Could Come Back After Surprise Loss And Amazon Same Day Delivery Threat
Maybe call up TechShop CEO Mark Hatch and create mini versions of the impressive makerspaces that they are building around the USA.

07/24/12 (Web)
The Local Shop Where You Can Slice Through Six Inches of Anything

Sometimes the only thing that will get the job done is a fully equipped metalworking shop with a 32 square foot CNC machine. But those things cost a fortune, and who has room for one, anyway? TechShop does ... TechShop is a group of workshops with tons of equipment, capable instructors, and a community of like-minded builders. On a given day in the shop, you'll find people restoring motorcycles, fabricating prototypes, making furniture, sandblasting salvaged metal—just about anything, really.

07/23/12 (Web)
The End of Chinese Manufacturing and Rebirth of U.S. Industry

How will we turn these designs into products? By “printing” them at home or at modern-day Kinko’s: shared public manufacturing facilities such as TechShop, a membership-based manufacturing workshop, using new manufacturing technologies that are now on the horizon.

Core 77
07/23/12 (Blog)
Why It's Good to Be Proven Wrong with Product Design Predictions
It's not so interesting to see a product you knew was going to succeed, succeed; it's much more fascinating to watch the success of something you were initially dismissive of ... Designer Dan McDonley's Ninja Standing Desk is an amusing, if self-consciously silly, product I never guessed would so handily smash its $10,000 funding target ... San-Francisco-based McDonley tapped the resources of his local TechShop to create the portable bi-level desk, which can be hung on the back of a door, the wall of a cubicle, or even affixed to an ordinary wall.

07/20/12 (Video)
Benchmark’s Michael Eisenberg On The Worldwide Talent Crunch And The ‘Golden Age’ For Israeli VC [TCTV]

About six minutes into the video, Michael Eisenberg mentions TechShop in the interview about innovation economies.

07/20/12 (Web)
OpenROV Will Change Exploration Of Last True Frontier
OpenROV, as a? Do-It-Yourself telerobotics community is centered on underwater exploration and education. Their robot is made of mostly off-the-shelf parts. Probably not stuff you have laying around the shop, but ones you can easily acquire. They have been prototyping the entire project at TechShop (done some open build type nights, too) ...

07/19/12 (Web)
TechShop provides inventors with the tools of the trade

“We describe our members as five basic categories: hobbyists, entrepreneurs, artists, tinkerers, and students,” said CEO Mark Hatch. Whatever category they fall into, all members have the opportunity to receive training on a wide variety of machines and tools, and then subsequently use them at their local TechShop.

IT World Canada
07/18/12 (Web)
Groups hope to launch Web-funded satellites
Combining advances in electronics and new sources of funding with the Valley's geeky, do-it-yourself culture, two teams are turning to the Internet to fund satellites and take project supporters along for the ride into space ... On a recent afternoon the team was working on SkyCube at TechShop Menlo Park, a workshop popular with geeks and tinkerers that allows access to machinery and electronic test equipment for a monthly fee.

Foreign Policy
07/17/12 (Web)
The Future of Manufacturing Is in America, Not China

How will we turn these designs into products? By "printing" them at home or at modern-day Kinko's -- shared public manufacturing facilities such as TechShop, a membership-based manufacturing workshop, using new manufacturing technologies that are now on the horizon.

PC World
07/16/12 (Web)
'Space Nut' Looks Skyward With Web-funded Satellite

On a recent afternoon the team was working on SkyCube at TechShop Menlo Park, a workshop popular with geeks and tinkerers that allows access to machinery and electronic test equipment for a monthly fee.

Engineering TV
07/16/12 (Video)
Make Your Designs Come Alive at TechShop Detroit

Do you have a great idea for a fun, inventive, maybe even world-changing product, but you don't yet have all the tools or the skill set needed to bring it to life? Step into TechShop and you can make it happen! Electronic Design's Bill Wong visited the TechShop located in Detroit, MI, and got the scoop on their membership-based workshop and skill-building programs from General Manager Will Brick.

07/14/12 (Blog)
More Hacker Spaces! TechShop coming to Pittsburgh

TechShop is coming to Pittsburgh. This will be a great addition to Pittsburgh’s DIY / Hacker culture – which has a slightly different flavor in Pittsburgh because – unlike the big coastal cities that are ‘rediscovering’ the idea of building stuff – Pittsburgh is a city that never stopped thinking of itself as working, industrial city.

07/12/12 (Blog)
All About TechShop Detroit, Michigan #GoFurther

If you haven’t heard of TechShop before, it is a membership-based workshop that provides members with access to shop tools and equipment, instruction, and a community of creative and supportive people so they can build the things they have always wanted to make. Seriously such a fabulous idea! TechShop has five different locations throughout the United States, and is rapidly growing.

Tree Hugger
07/11/12 (Web)
10 Coolest DIY Technology Resources from Tools to Tutorials

TechShop is where your ideas become reality, even if you lack the tools at home or skill base to build your ideas. It is a place the ensures everyone has a shot at making something themselves ... TechShop makes it possible for anyone to make pretty much anything. And we mean anything.

National Geographic
07/10/12 (Blog)
Searching For Sunken Treasure, Discovering a DIY Community

“Our goal is to get as many OpenROVs out into the world as we can,” said David Lang, the co-founder of a new underwater robot (or “ROV,” remotely operated vehicle) [developed at TechShop] ... To meet their goal of robotic ubiquity, Lang and his partner, Eric Stackpole, share the prototype plans on their website and will soon sell out-of-the-box OpenROV kits. (Make a big donation to the project on their Kickstarter page and they’ll send you one of the first kits available.)

07/08/12 (Blog)
OpenROV, an underwater drone for marine exploration

Using the Arduino open source software development platform and machining the parts at TechShop, a membership-based club for makers and tinkerers, Stackpole and Lang have created an OpenROV kit that they’re selling on Kickstarter.

Cute Geek
07/08/12 (Blog)
Go Further with Ford Day 2

After the sessions we had dinner and explored TechShop. HOLY CRAP! These people get paid to work there?! ... I hope to visit the TechShop office in San Francisco soon!

Into Tomorrow
07/06/12 (Radio)
Weekend of July 6th, 2012 – Go Further With Ford

This week Dave and Rob bring you highlights from the "Go Further with Ford" 2012 ... Mark Hatch, CEO – TechShop ...

Internet ACTU
07/04/12 (Web)
ECOSYSTEM a unique innovation: the Shan Zhai
Translation: When we go to Fab Labs, TechShops and Hackerspaces, these new spaces of production, we note that many projects are based on this second level of innovation. They intersect with existing techniques and processes, and divert innovations, to get the best. Innovators in these areas share their research, share and help each other. They exchange plans, copy and improve the ideas shared via the network. They perform incremental innovation at the world with a philosophy of sharing ...

07/01/12 (Video)
Mark Hatch, Alan Mulally on TechShop – Go Further with Ford

Creativity. It’s what gives us new products and time saving ideas. Sometimes, those ideas need to be helped along. A place like TechShop is one of those places. Letting you create prototype so it can get the chance to go to market.

Financial News
06/30/12 (Web)
New field of dreams fuels US recovery

A new collaborative ethos has emerged, creating a culture that attracts and develops people who want to help each other and are good at working together, a sort of brains trust for 21st century entrepreneurs. Take TechShop, the brainchild of Jim Newton, a Californian inventor who wondered what would happen if machines needed for rapid prototyping – laser cutters, 3D printers, lathes, drill presses, injection moulds – could be put in the hands of inventors.

Hey Do You
06/29/12 (Blog)
Go Further with @Ford 2012: Trend Conference

Trend #5 is DIY. We spent an evening at TechShop – the dream workshop shared space for anyone who wants to create anything. We made sandblasted glass mugs, custom pewter jewelry, silk screening and high-pressured waterjet demo. The CEO of TechShop, Mark Hatch, said they are opening one in Brooklyn at Jay Street Metrotech soon.

Electronic Design
06/29/12 (Blog)
TechShop Members Get Access To Latest Tech Tool

So what are TechShops? About what you might expect, a shop where there are a lot of tech tools that you can use, but this is not your typical garage shop. They have everything from Flow Waterjet Cutters (Fig. 2 and Fig. 3) to the latest CAD tools from Autodesk's AutoCAD.

Woodturners Guild
06/28/12 (Web)
TechShop open house this weekend

You may have heard a few WGNC members refer to TechShop, the member-based do-it-yourself workshop and fabrication studio off Route 70 near Rt 540. They have a well equipped wood shop -- now with a full-size Powermatic 4224 lathe -- as well as metal working and other tools you might love to get your hands on.

06/28/12 (Web)
Alan Mulally continues to push Ford to 'go further'

“It’s a very exciting time for us at Ford,” Mulally said during an event Tuesday night at TechShop Detroit for Ford’s annual trend conference ... TechShop Inc. CEO Mark Hatch, who also spoke at the event, said the reason the shop opened in Metro Detroit was thanks to the automaker.

06/27/12 (Web)
TEDGlobal2012 Simulcast

We'll start showing Session 4: Globality of TED Global promptly at noon on Wednesday, June 27th. Bring your lunch and join us in the Conference Room at TechShop in San Jose.  

06/27/12 (Web)
Techonomy Convenes Leaders in Detroit to Discuss Technology's Role in Competitiveness, Jobs and the Urban Future Hosted by the Detroit Economic Club on September 12, Techonomy Detroit will Include Innovators Steve Case, Jack Dorsey and Reid Hoffman

Innovators, executives, entrepreneurs, academics and thought leaders from technology, business, government and design will assemble at Wayne State University on September 12, 2012, to discuss the far-reaching potential of technology-enabled change to accelerate economic, urban and social progress. Confirmed speakers include: -- Jack Dorsey, inventor of Twitter and founder of payments company Square -- Reid Hoffman, LinkedIn co-founder and venture capitalist -- Steve Case, co-founder of AOL and Revolution Capital -- Vivek Kundra, EVP of Emerging Markets, and former CIO of the United States -- Richard N. Bolles, author of job-hunting bible What Color is Your Parachute? -- Carlo Ratti, director of MIT's SENSEable City Lab -- Catherine Kelly, publisher of The Michigan Citizen -- Mark Hatch, CEO of TechShop ...

Virtual Strategy Magazine
06/25/12 (Web)
North of Nine Communications Chosen as TechShop Agency of Record

North of Nine Communications, the San Francisco-based innovation communications boutique, announced today that TechShop has selected the firm as public relations agency of record ... North of Nine will partner with TechShop to support corporate and executive awareness and influencer relation programs as the brand expands its national presence.

PR Week
06/22/12 (Web)
TechShop brings on North of Nine as AOR

TechShop, a membership-based do-it-yourself workshop and fabrication studio, has hired North of Nine Communications as AOR.nTechShop's goal is to provide consumers with the tools and space they need to invent “the next big thing,” said Carrie Motamedi, director of PR and marketing communications at the company.

06/20/12 (Web)
Made in Silicon Valley
America's startup capital produces more than code and apps. It's also at the center of a surprising manufacturing renaissance.

06/19/12 (Web)
New Incubators Focus on Hardware

Lemnos gives each business $50,000 in exchange for a 10 percent stake and a sprawling office in San Francisco’s tech-friendly South of Market district, located near a TechShop, where engineers can use industrial-strength machinery for the work that can’t be done using the tools Lemnos provides.

Popular Science
06/18/12 (Web)
Invent Your Own Anything

Shared workspaces let you learn new skills and wield expensive tools. These are some of the largest and most active. TECHSHOP: Each of TechShop’s five 15,000-square-foot locations contains more than $1 million in prototyping equipment and software. Its 3,000-plus members include entrants in the Google Lunar X Prize and the makers of the fastest electric motorcycle.

06/14/12 (Web)
PHOTO ESSAY: Where Metro Detroit Invent

Or you might run into the Rushing brothers at TechShop Detroit, where they will be clad in spandex as they build their own American Gladiators Assault Course.

Pop City Media
06/14/12 (Web)
TechShop is coming, industrial tools for tinkerers and entreprenuers

TechShop, the perfect father's day gift for the man who doesn't have everything as in powerful, industrial-grade tools. The Menlo Park-based workshop is coming to Pittsburgh, bringing with it a playground of heavy duty tools for artists, craftspeople and entrepreneurs of all genders.

Keystone Edge
06/14/12 (Web)
TechShop bringing industrial tools to Pittsburgh's tinkerers and entreprenuers

TechShop, the perfect father's day gift for the man who doesn't have everything as in powerful, industrial-grade tools. The Menlo Park-based workshop is coming to Pittsburgh, bringing with it a playground of heavy duty tools for artists, craftspeople and entrepreneurs of all genders.

Future Tense
06/13/12 (Web)
Extreme Marshmallow Cannons!
How the government and private sector can turn American kids on to science through “Making.”

06/12/12 (Web)
Do It With Others - Maker Community Manifesto

Collaboration creates community. Fearless sharing creates community. We will serve the community. People want to create and contribute. Maker communities encourage this contribution. Maker and hackerspaces, places like TechShop ... and many other co-working spaces are fueling this exchange.

  Seth Newsome
06/11/12 (Blog)
A tour of TechShop

TechShop is a community workshop that works kind of like a gym membership. You pay a monthly fee, and in return you get access to a plethora of tools and space to make almost anything you want ... In addition to the pictures above, they also have plastic forming equipment, an electronics lab, and a sand-blasting/powder coating area. This gallery contains 15 photos.

06/11/12 (Web)
TechShop: building dreams
TechShop represents a return to making, made possible by access to tools and expertise

06/10/12 (Web)
Musical Hardware Hacking workshop with Nicolas Collins

A 2-day workshop on (musical) Hardware Hacking with composer, instrument builder and DIY advocate Nicolas Collins. 

San Francisco Examiner
06/10/12 (Web)
No Duds for Dad

TechShop -- a "maker" workshop -- offers access to professional saws, sanders, welding gear, laser cutters and more, while hosting a dizzying array of shop classes at SanFrancisco, Menlo Park and San Jose branches.

Silicon Valley Mercury News
06/09/12 (Web)
Pair's Car-B-Q wins San Jose grill-design contest

TechShop, which opened in San Jose last year, is a do-it-yourself membership club offering a workshop filled with high-tech woodworking, metal shop, sewing and other tools ... TechShop also offers classes, camaraderie and advice.

Marin Independent Journal
06/09/12 (Web)
Pair's Car-B-Q wins San Jose grill-design contest

"I left my 9-to-5 job at Apple," said Youngblood, a 35-year-old San Jose TechShop member. "Inside me, I just wanted to build things." Those are precisely the type of folks TechShop aims to serve -- creative people cradling an idea but needing equipment, expertise or space to build.

06/07/12 (Web)
Tinker, Invent, Innovate - TechShop Comes To Metro Detroit

As far as Cinderella stories go, it doesn't get much better than Patrick Buckley's DODOcase. The chic, bamboo iPad covers went from an idea ignited by the announcement of the first iPad in 2010 to sitting on President Obama's desk in a Huffington Post photo near the end of 2011. Today, you can not only purchase a DODOcase iPad cover on the company website, but also at J. Crew. In this entrepreneurial fairytale, a new kind of workshop incubator called TechShop played the role of the Fairy Godmother.

Cleveland Business Review
06/06/12 (Web)
Cleveland Could Use a TechShop ‘Birthing Room’

Think Menlo Park, Edison’s celebrated idea hatchery in New Jersey, with contemporary manufacturing tools and membership privileges. That’s TechShop, a California-based franchise that aims to serve the guy who has outgrown building bird houses as well as the restless would-be inventor who needs a milling machine to test out his idea. Six years after the business started in another Menlo Park, TechShops are beginning to appear across the country.

Model D
06/05/12 (Web)
TechTown, Ford team up to create Motor City Innovation Exchange

The new entity will capitalize on a partnership between Ford, TechShop, AutoHarvest Foundation and TechTown to create another pipeline of start-ups in the region. The bottom line is to connect people with ideas for new technologies and products with the tools they need to commercialize them.

Green Chip Stocks
06/05/12 (Web)
Ford Embraces Sustainability

While all of this incredibly ambitious, Ford announced two new initiatives to help foster growth: The Motor City Innovation Exchange: A collaboration between Ford, TechShop Detroit, Wayne State University’s TechTown and AutoHarvest. Its goal is to help entrepreneurs commercialize various creations. This program will also have a showroom so various entrepreneurs can exhibit their innovations to industry peers ...

06/05/12 (Blog)
Ford creates forum to elicit third-party innovation

Automotive maker Ford Motor Co. is the latest company to set aside a bias toward “not invented here” ideas with the creation of several programs intended to support inventors and entrepreneurs that don’t happen to work on its payroll. The programs include a concept called the Motor City Innovation Exchange, which is a collaboration between Ford, the TechShop Detroit (a workshop and fabrication studio where inventors can work on ideas) ...

06/05/12 (Web)
Silicon Valley Is Creating Real Jobs By Making Real Things

Mark Hatch, a former Green Beret with an M.B.A. from the Drucker School at Claremont College, is bringing the new manufacturing capabilities to almost anyone. His six-year-old TechShop chain, which he dubs “Kinko’s for geeks,” is a locus for tinkerers building iPad cases and desktop machines that can crank out diamonds on demand.

The Green Car Website
06/04/12 (Blog)
Bill Ford outlines plans for Michigan green car revolution

Two initiatives were also announced: the Motor City Innovation Exchange, which provides a showroom for innovators to show off their creations; and the Jump Start Program, which offers start-up suites with space located near TechShop to provide discounted work space and support for members ready to grow their business.

Pittsburgh Post Gazette
06/03/12 (Web)
TechShop seminar coming to Pittsburgh

TechShop is a playground for hobbyists and inventors during the day. But at midnight, it could turn into a place where workers from the Defense Department's ultrasecretive technology development engine tinker behind closed doors.

Stephen Murphey
06/03/12 (Blog)
How to use TechShop to launch your business

If you’ve ever wanted to build your own product, but didn’t know where to start then you need to check out TechShop. I interviewed Michael Madsen who designed and built his own 4 bay iPad charger thanks in part to the tools and skills available through TechShop.

06/02/12 (Web)
Michigan Economy Can Be Rebuilt with Green, Smart Technologies

Integration of communications and vehicle technologies can help Michigan address issues with urban mobility. Creation of more high-tech jobs could make Michigan the the Silicon Valley of mobility. The company has announced a partnership with TechTown, AutoHarvest and TechShop called as the Motor City Innovation Exchange for encouraging entrepreneurs and innovators in Michigan.

Ask Harriete
06/01/12 (Blog)
TECH Shop is having an Open House!

If you don't know about TECH Shop, CHECK IT OUT! Learn how to use Laser Cutters, anodizing, welding, sandblasting, and all kinds of machine tool technologies. CAD (Computer Aided Design) CAM Computer Aided Manufacturing, CNC Mills, vinyl cutters and more are all at your disposal.

Detroit Free Press
06/01/12 (Web)
Tom Walsh: Bill Ford to city, state: Don't sugarcoat fiscal reality, deal with it

One new initiative is the Motor City Innovation Exchange, a collaboration among Ford's intellectual property licensing group, the new TechShop Detroit workshop, Wayne State University's TechTown and AutoHarvest to help entrepreneurs commercialize their creations. It provides a showroom to display and pitch inventions.

06/01/12 (Web)
Ford Increases Focus on Outside Innovation With Two New Programs

Coughlin says the concept was not only something he had never seen before, it was something he had never even thought of. That’s the kind of outside innovation that Ford has made it a priority to seek out, as evidenced by its recent partnership with TechShop in Allen Park, MI and its focus on reaching out to entrepreneurs outside the automotive sector.

Timbuktu Chronicles
06/01/12 (Blog)
TechShop Member Stories

Top blog of the day: TechShop video, TechShop Member Stories. (Blogger's interests include sustainable technologies in the developing world and paradigm breaking technologies in general. Timbuktu Chronicles seeks to spur dialogue in areas of entrepreneurship, technology and the scientific method as it impacts Africa.)

International Technological University
06/01/12 (Blog)
Digital Arts Department and TechShop Get Creative

As promised, the partnership between ITU and TechShop is oozing with creative surprises. Students in Marina Christodoulides’s course, Manufacturing Cinematic Space, were given the opportunity to create their final projects using state-of-the-art tools at TechShop.

D Business
05/31/12 (Web)
Ford Announces New Initiatives at Mackinac Policy Conference

Ford Land also announced the Jump Start Program, which offers startup suites, including space located near TechShop, to provide flexible, discounted work space and support for TechShop members who are ready to grow their businesses.

The Detroit News
05/31/12 (Web)
Bill Ford bets on Michigan know-how

The Dearborn automaker is expected to announce today the creation of Motor City Innovation Exchange, a collaboration between Ford, TechShop Detroit, AutoHarvest and TechTown to support entrepreneurship. And Ford is in the process of opening an office ...

Pittsburgh Business Times
05/31/12 (Web)
The ultimate tinker shop headed to Pittsburgh

The shop is part of Menlo Park, Calif.-based TechShop Inc. and is part of a collaboration between TechShop, the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). TechShop is a membership based group that has facilities in California, North Carolina and Michigan. In addition to the Pittsburgh location the group is also adding Washington, D.C., to its list of sites.

05/31/12 (Web)
IT Innovation Won't Be Slowed by Cloud Concerns

Great, right? What is really cool is that the designs can be downloaded and taken to a local TechShop, where the designs can be cut into cardboard sheets and assembled. This gives the designer the experience of seeing his or her designs in physical form.

Detroit Free Press
05/31/12 (Web)
Bill Ford seeks reform, new opportunities for green technology

“We are heading in the right direction to grow Michigan by putting the right policies in place and investing in Michigan’s future.” The two new initiatives include the Motor City Innovation Exchange, which is a collaboration between Ford, TechShop Detroit, Wayne State University’s TechTown and AutoHarvest to help entrepreneurs commercialize their creations.

05/31/12 (Web)
Ford Pilots the Motor City Innovation Exchange Program

Ford is working to encourage entrepreneurship and innovation in the business and design communities. It began with the creation of their cutting-edge TechShop, which gives Ford’s employees access to high-tech resources and material for design and creation.

05/31/12 (Web)
The Military’s Futuristic Projects Get A Home In The Maker Movement

But, says Hatch, there’s no reason for regular TechShop members to hide out and spy on the DARPA team. "There’s nothing secret about the activity" ... No, the DARPA staff simply wants what other TechShop members enjoy--the chance to use plasma cutters, welders, 3-D printers, and any number of other tools to perfect their projects. They won’t get any special equipment; just what TechShop normally offers ... While rapid manufacturing of military vehicles may not actually improve our daily lives, some of the other projects coming out of the new TechShop locations may one day be able to do just that.

CBS Detroit
05/31/12 (Web)
Ford On Mackinac: Michigan Can Be Silicon Valley Of High Tech Auto Future

Ford also touted TechShop Detroit, an Allen Park invention accelerator created by a San Francisco entrepreneur and brought to Michigan by Ford. And he announced the Motor City Innovation Exchange, a collaboration between Ford Motor Co., TechShop Detroit, AutoHarvest and TechTown to encourage Michigan innovators and entrepreneurs by offering affordable work/hacker space and support ...

05/31/12 (Blog)
Maker in the UK

What's most interesting about Maker Faire is the enabling technologies and the organisations. There's something about the democratisation of sophisticated tooling through places likeTechShop that's liberating ideas and innovation in ways that we really couldn’t imagine.

05/31/12 (Web)
Bill Ford Seeks Reform, New Opps for Green Technology

The two new initiatives include the Motor City Innovation Exchange, which is a collaboration between Ford, TechShop Detroit, Wayne State University's TechTown and AutoHarvest to help entrepreneurs commercialize their creations.

The Washington Post
05/31/12 (Web)
The ‘maker movement’

As the price continues to drop on 3-D printers, TechShops spring up across the country and VCs start getting interested, the “maker movement” or “DIY movement” is gaining steam. (See the accompanying slide show of TechShop members and CEO Mark Hatch.)

Torque News
05/31/12 (Web)
Ford engenders entrepreneurial innovation with TechShop plus

Ford has provided an intellectual home to innovation for more than a century, and now is taking their penchant for the creation of intellectual property into the field via the Motor City Innovation Exchange, TechShop and Jump Start.

05/31/12 (Blog)
Ford chairman addresses conference

The Motor City Innovation Exchange is a partnership between Ford Motor Company, Wayne State University's Tech Town, AutoHarvest and Tech Shop Detroit. Inventors will get help in bringing their ideas to the public.

05/31/12 (Web)
Leap, Hardware Startups Channel Steve Jobs to Lure Investors

Conditions are improving for hardware startups, venture capital aside. Low-cost manufacturing facilities in Asia are more accessible to startups in particular, thanks to U.S. prototyping facilities such as TechShop.

Triple Pundit
05/30/12 (Blog)
When the Military Meets the Maker Movement

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) might not be ready to set up a booth at the next Maker Faire, but the agency is heading in that direction. DARPA’s new Adaptive Vehicle Make program has just teamed up with TechShop, a maker-friendly chain of shared workshops, to collaborate on a test bed for developing advanced new manufacturing technologies.

05/30/12 (Web)
Ford Opens Motor City Innovation Exchange, A Showroom For Detroit Startups

TechShop, the California-based hacker/makerspace which just opened its first Detroit location. The Exchange, says Ford Global Technologies' CEO William Coughlin, “will be an open meeting place that will enable inventors to showcase what they create in TechShop ..."

05/30/12 (Web)
Defense agency, private firm will open city center

TechShop Inc., based in Menlo Park, Calif., will use a $3.5 million investment by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or DARPA, to add centers at unspecified locations in the Pittsburgh and Washington, D.C., areas, said Carrie Motamedi, a TechShop spokeswoman.

Business Insider
05/29/12 (Blog)
9 Ways to Make a New Product

TechShop is one of the most amazing commercial membership-based makerspaces in existence. I recently wrote about their partnership with Ford in Detroit on Forbes and am amazed at their growth plans. If you've seen the Square credit card reader,  you’ve seen one of the products prototyped in a TechShop. 

The New York Times
05/28/12 (Blog)
A Mini Sub Made From Cheap Parts Could Change Underwater Exploration

Instead of being built in a factory, OpenROV’s chassis is constructed using laser cutter machines that Mr. Stackpole pays to use at San Francisco’s TechShop, a community tool-share and clubhouse for tech wizards and designers in the South of Market neighborhood of San Francisco. 

The Washington Post
05/25/12 (Blog)
A siren song, Facebook’s special, TED, Gatsby and immortality: The week that was in innovation

It’s Friday! That means it’s time for our weekly Storify wrapping up the week on Ideas@Innovations ... Thursday: In other news, DARPA posted a press release detailing their collaboration with TechShop. It's looking like D.C. is going to get a TechShop of our very own (and DARPA's) ...

05/24/12 (Web)
TechShop Creations

The first prototype of the Square, a device that turns smartphones and tablets into credit-card readers, came out of TechShop.

05/24/12 (Web)
Foundry Test-bed Identified

Now, thanks to a new collaboration between DARPA, the Department of Veterans Affairs and TechShop, a test-bed will exist to examine new methods and various approaches to creating an effective iFAB. At the same time, the facilities provide a space for innovators to access industrial tools, training and equipment needed to pursue their own ‘make’ ideas without the need for affiliation with a large manufacturer.

MarketWatch / Wall Street Journal
05/24/12 (Web)
WIRED Announces National GeekDad Day

In addition, TechShop ( ), a membership-based workshop that provides access to tools, equipment, and instruction, will host Geek Dad events in San Jose, San Francisco, Menlo Park, Raleigh, and Detroit. 

05/23/12 (Web)
TechShop: Paradise for Tinkerers

So he did what a lot of Silicon Valley geeks do: He went to a TechShop. The TechShop chain is a paradise for people who like to make things. The average facility runs about 17,000 square feet and has all manner of apparatus, from Industrial Age staples such as sewing machines, metal lathes, and mills to $200,000 computer-controlled contraptions that can cut precise patterns out of slabs of metal. 

05/23/12 (Web)
After more than 30 years, Grid Beam modular construction system comes to market

When or if I need more building material, I may buy it from the Jergensons, or I could make it myself at a place like TechShop

The Washington Post
05/23/12 (Blog)
Report: TechShop to team up with Defense Department, DARPA

The DIY movement is joining forces with the Pentagon. DARPA, the highly secretive Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, is partnering with TechShop to continue work on iFab, a turn-on-a-dime factory that would allow the government to quickly and seamlessly create parts and products as needed.

  Accuchines Manufacturing
05/21/12 (Blog)
How a ‘creative class’ is re-making a world

Our largest untapped apparatus for creation and a flourishing economy is not solar or breeze power. It’s not amicable networking or electric vehicles. It is many millions of people who have the giveaway time, disposable income, belief and passion compulsory to make things.

05/20/12 (Blog)
How the ‘creative class’ is re-making the world

Our largest untapped resource for innovation and a growing economy is not solar or wind power. It’s not social networking or electric vehicles. It is the many millions of people who have the free time, disposable income, knowledge and passion required to make things. Or at least, that’s what Tech Shop CEO Mark Hatch explained to a packed house of computer hobbyists, DIY fans and makers of all stripes at the seventh annual Maker Faire in San Mateo, Calif., on Saturday, May 19.

Radio Shack
05/20/12 (Blog)
Democratizing Access to the Tools of Innovation

Mark Hatch, the CEO of TechShop, was up next, talking about what happens when you democratize access to the tools of innovation. TechShop is a shared workspace that gives Makers access to tools that would normally be out of reach.

05/20/12 (Blog)
In Which The Maker Faire Restores Your Humble Correspondent’s Faith In Humanity

“What happens when you give the tools of the industrial revolution to the creative class, for the cost of a bad coffee addiction?” asked Mark Hatch, CEO of TechShop, of TechShop, a company that offers its members access to workspaces armed with industrial-strength toolsets. Then he reeled off some impressive examples ...

05/20/12 (Blog)
MakerFaire and The Future of (Personal) Manufacturing

Will this be a huge market or another .COM bubble? I’m not qualified to say. For now, I’m enjoying the TechShops and the Ponokos and the ShopBots and the Local Motors and what they are doing. If you work in traditional design and manufacturing, you better keep your eyes open. 100,000 new thinkers that leave here today are going to have an impact on something.

MAKE Magazine
05/19/12 (Blog)
Bamboo Bike Building at TechShop

Conor Landenberger will be spending most of Saturday building a bamboo bike in the TechShop Pavilion. Stop by and say hello if you’re in the Expo Hall!
05/19/12 (Video)
TechShop: How Innovative Makers Are Changing the World

05/17/12 (Web)
Facebook IPO With ~10 Billion War Chest Could Just Buy Apple And Grow
They could invest a chunk into TechShop and create one of these amazing makerspaces in every major city in America. These spaces are more than just modern-day wood and metal shops. The people who gather in them are often from the top software companies in the world. They are fusing hardware and software with new inventions.

05/17/12 (Web)
Hewlett Packard Should Retool 25,000 Jobs, Not Cut Jobs

Follow Ford Motor Company’s example and build a TechShop. Yes, I know there’s two nearby, but take all those 25,000, put them on notice, and give them six months to invent your way out of this hole. Here is just a snippet of what the recent launch of TechShop Detroit means for Ford.

  Rusty Knuckles
05/17/12 (Blog)
Who Is Going To Build Our Infrastructure?

With all that in mind, take a read on the article and videos below about Ford Motor Company and the innovative TechShop in Detroit. Employees are allowed to access the facilities whenever they want and to work on their own projects. Perks are even given out to potential windfall projects that could be used on new vehicles.

San Francisco Magazine
05/16/12 (Web)
Inspiration 101: Where to learn to upcycle

Making new stuff from old stuff now has a name—upcycling—and an army of ingenious practitioners ... And thanks to places like Etsy, Kickstarter, and SoMa’s TechShop San Francisco work space, it’s never been easier to play around and earn some money besides.

San Francisco Magazine
05/15/12 (Web)
You see an obsolete camera, I see a nightlight: Meet your San Francisco upcyclers

Making new stuff from old stuff now has a name—upcycling—and an army of ingenious practitioners. A rags-to-cashmere overview of the zeitgeistiest design trend around.

05/14/12 (Web)
Is Open Source Hardware IT's Next Big Thing?
Open source hardware isn't just for hobbyists. Early corporate adopters can reap business benefits.

05/14/12 (Web)
Ford + TechShop: Getting Employees to Tinker

Before he invented the assembly line, Henry Ford built his first prototype on a workbench in a shed. More than a century later, his company has partnered with TechShop, Detroit, the 21st-century equivalent of that shed, with a bold program to ignite innovation in the company.
05/14/12 (Web)
Maker Faire presents: Maker Faire Bay Area 2012 - Center Stage

05/12/12 (Blog)
Maker Faire, TechShop, Lasers and 3D Doodling

 The fella’ and I are super excited to start taking classes at TechShop. We paid the San Francisco shop a visit the other day, and a very friendly guy showed us around the metal shop, wood shop, computer labs, work tables, sewing machines, laser cutters, 3D printers and so much more jaw-dropping coolness. It’s almost overwhelming how much can be at your disposal with a membership ...

The Virtual Driver
05/11/12 (Web)
TechShop: A Clubhouse for Dreamers and Doers

Every kid needs a place to play, to unwind, to let their imagination run free, and the tools and tutoring necessary to brings those dreams to reality.

05/11/12 (Blog)
TechShop Fuels Ford IP Folio

Sometimes US automakers get it right. TechShop Detroit, a recent addition to Ford's Dearborn product development campus, is the perfect example. Although originally from California, TechShop is a DIY workshop business which offers a wide array of cutting edge (pun intended) tools to paying members. And the best part: Ford is working closely with TechShop to incentivze employee inventions to bolster the automaker's patent portfolio.

Hemmings Blog
05/10/12 (Blog)
DIY auto restoration made easier: TechShop expands its membership-based workspaces
With the advent of TechShop, we might no longer be able to use that excuse about the tools or the shop space.

The News-Herald
05/10/12 (Video)
ALLEN PARK: TechShop Detroit celebrates grand opening

The ribbon-cutting ceremony Friday at the grand opening of TechShop was unlike others. The ribbon was not made of cloth, but steel. Instead of a giant pair of scissors to snip it in two, the ribbon-cutters — Randy Visintanier, director of Ford Motor Co. research and innovation, and U.S. Rep. John Dingell (D-15th District) — donned safety goggles and used a plasma cutter.

  El Camino Central
05/10/12 (Blog)
Forget the about a garage/shop membership!

This idea is so good, I can't believe that it hasn't been done before. Well, I guess it has, but never on this scale, and with this quality. Here's to hoping they put one in Dallas, TX. Wonder if they'll do club memberships?

Woodworking Network
05/10/12 (Web)
ShopBot Tools celebrates the Opening of the Detroit TechShop

TechShop just opened the country's newest TechShop location, and ShopBot Tools — a technology supplier and sponsor of TechShop and the maker movement — was on hand to celebrate TechShop's establishment in the Motor City.

Wards Auto
05/09/12 (Web)
Ford Nurtures Employee Innovation With TechShop Partnership

Ford hopes its involvement with the recently opened TechShop here will inspire employees to come up with the next automotive innovation and provide a new revenue stream for the company.

05/09/12 (Web)
Ford encourages employees to submit ideas to TechShop

Ford is offering a three month free membership to employees who submit ideas for invention to TechShop as a part of their plan to tap ideas and innovations from among their employees.

Sacramento Bee
05/09/12 (Web)
Ford driving innovation through TechShop membership incentive

TechShop Detroit gives Ford employees a place to invent by offering access to both tools and a collaborative space. Ford Global Technologies is offering an Employee Patent Incentive Award program so that inventors get a free three-month membership to TechShop Detroit for submitting an invention worthy of patent consideration.

05/08/12 (Web)
Ford Inventors Unleash Innovation at TechShop

TechShop Detroit opened last week. TechShop is the do-it-yourself workshop and fabrication studio, based in Menlo Park, California and opening workshops around the USA.

05/07/12 (Web)
Ford Offers Employees Free TechShop Memberships to Spur Innovation

As TechShop Detroit celebrated its grand opening last weekend, Ford announced a new employee incentive program at the makerspace designed to encourage the next generation of Henry Fords by unleashing their inner inventors. 

05/07/12 (Web)
Ford Motors Tech Shop Inspires Innovation
American Automotive giant opens TechShop, the do-it-yourself workshop and fabrication studio

05/06/12 (Blog)
TechShop Gets Detroit’s Innovation Motor Running

When it comes to inventing things, where would you be without a spanner, monkey wrench and a lathe? TechShop, America’s first nationwide open access workshop, provides its members with free use of a vast array of design and fabrication tools to build the things they’ve always wanted to.

Detroit Free Press
05/05/12 (Video)
Detroit TechShop Grand Opening

Detroit TechShop had its grand opening in Allen Park, Mich. on Friday, May 4, 2012. This shop was planned to be the 39th one built, but through the persistence of Ford Motor Company, it came to life today with the cutting of a steel ribbon.

  Earl Powell
05/05/12 (Blog)
The New Improved TechShop Menlo Park

This week the management and staff have been working around the clock to complete a major upgrade to the Menlo Park Techshop...

05/04/12 (Web)
Ford encourages employees’ tinkering with free TechShop memberships

Some companies cater lunch on Fridays. Some throw in gym memberships or childcare or chair massages. Not Ford. These guys are going big: They’re giving invention-focused employees TechShop memberships ...

Dearborn Free Press
05/04/12 (Web)
TechShop is Dearborn Chamber’s Innovator of the Year

TechShop, a membership-based, do-it-yourself workshop and fabrication studio, was awarded the 2012 Innovator of the Year award at the recent Dearborn Chamber of Commerce’s annual Business  recognition Awards Ceremony & Expo (BRACE).

05/04/12 (Web)
Ford Kicks Off Detroit TechShop With Grand Opening

Innovation space will allow inventors to learn valuable skills, access high tech machinery for only $99/month.

The Auto Channel
05/04/12 (Web)
Ford Drives Innovation, Intellectual Property Development through TechShop Membership Incentive for Smart Ideas

TechShop Detroit will give Ford employees, plus all Metro Detroiters, access to classes, coaching and state-of-the-art tools to turn ideas into reality. 

Michigan Standard
05/04/12 (Web)
TechShop Detroit Opens in Allen Park

TechShop Detroit is finally a reality, after its grand opening today in Allen Park next to the Detroit Lions training facility and headquarters. Part fabrication shop, part vocational training facility, the TechShop idea was started in 2006 in Menlo Park, California ...

The Next Web
05/03/12 (Video)
Inside NASA’s Space Apps Challenge

We stopped by the San Francisco codeathon taking part at TechShop and spoke to astronaut Ron Garan and Willow Brugh from Geeks Without Bounds – SF’s location lead about their involvement with the project. You can check out the 200 + solutions here.

Ford Social
05/02/12 (Blog)
All Hands on Tech at the TechShop

The brainchild of Jim Newton, TechShop is a membership-based workshop where your ideas can become a reality. Think of it as a gym-membership for your mind, with the tools and equipment for the tech savvy and the tech-savvy-in-need-of-assistance.

Detroit Free Press
04/29/12 (Web)
Tom Walsh: Ford, TechShop create tinker's paradise

I'm not sure I can adequately explain the purpose, scope and potential of a new venture taking shape in Allen Park, but I sense that it's important, so here goes: It starts with TechShop Detroit, a collaborative work space chock full of tools for woodworking, welding, machining, plasma- and laser-cutting.

CBS Detroit
04/26/12 (Web)
TechShop To Open Maker Location In Allen Park
Have you ever wanted to build something, but didn’t have the tools to make it? TechShop is the place for you.

04/26/12 (Video)
Techie DIY projects creating a movement

Laser cutting, machine sewing, wood-working – they're some of the skills used to build today's latest tech product. And more and more entrepreneurs are getting hands-on training to make their ideas a reality. Mark Hatch, CEO of TechShop, talks to SmartPlanet correspondent Sumi Das about what is being called the Maker Movement.

04/25/12 (Video)
Make, Do, Change!

Vid from Monocle on the Maker movement: “Today in the Bay Area, tech rules ...”

Artserve Michigan
04/25/12 (Web)
techshop detroit: 'makers' of dreams

The ultimate DIY workshop has been designed for ‘makers’ of all skill levels and it is now open for business in Allen Park thanks to a little help from Ford.

04/24/12 (Web)
Creativity starts with collaboration, Detroit business experts say

 A key to innovation? "Fail fast," said Mark Hatch, CEO of Techshop, at the Detroit Business Conference on Tuesday.

Government Technology
04/23/12 (Web)
NASA’s Space Apps Competition Takes on Big Ideas

Teams gathered around the world on Saturday, April 21, and Sunday, April 22, to participate in NASA’s first International Space Apps Challenge — a “technology development event” that challenges members of the public to find solutions to some of NASA’s biggest challenges. Some participants met in San Francisco at TechShop, a workspace that provides resources for various projects. 

The Kneeslider
04/20/12 (Web)
TechShop Arrives in Detroit

On May 5th and 6th, TechShop will be opening its newest location in Detroit, a city where there are probably quite a few guys who would really appreciate it.

04/20/12 (Web)
Metro Detroit's TechShop Gives Inventors, Artists the Tools to Create

There’s one thing every would-be inventor needs to get their ideas off of paper and into reality, and it’s often the thing that’s hardest to come by: tools. 

04/18/12 (Video)
The Making of the Wired Design Logo at TechShop SF

Watch TechShop makers as they create letters in the Wired Design logo using a variety of media.

04/16/12 (Video)
Mark Hatch, TechShop on Mobility and Collaboration - 60 Second Insights

 Mark Hatch, TechShop shared his insights on what mobility has meant for collaboration as part of Intel's 60 Second Insights forum. Running TechShop, a business that thrives on collaboration, Hatch sees first-hand the impact of reaching out across physical and time boundaries has on innovation.

Gov 2.0 Radio
04/16/12 (Radio)
International Space Apps Challenge

A fun chat with Willow Brugh of Geeks Without Bounds & Dan Woods of TechShop about the International Space Apps mainstage city event in San Francisco.

Virtual Strategy Magazine
04/13/12 (Web)
ITU Announces New Partnership between Digital Arts Department and TechShop in San Jose, CA

ITU, a Silicon Valley Based Graduate University, will partner their Digital Arts Department with TechShop, a DIY workshop and fabrication studio. The partnership will give ITU Digital Arts students unparalleled access to high quality fabrication tools and equipment.

04/12/12 (Web)
Open Source Software Fuels Innovation in Hardware Product Design

Mark Hatch of TechShop (I spoke to Mark recently, and wow, I’d attend just to hear him share his vision.) ... The workshop promises to make you aware of the movers, shakers, and makers who are starting hardware-related startups as well as to the venture capital and angel investor types who are looking toward this next generation of companies.

MAKE Magazine
04/05/12 (Blog)
JOBS Bill/Crowdfunding Exemption Signed into Law Today
Today, President Obama will sign the JOBS Act, which establishes a new securities registration exemption for crowdfunding. This means that, early next year ... Kickstarter-like “funding portals” will allow people raising money for projects to offer “perks” based on possible future revenue from those projects ... TechShop CEO Mark Hatch calls the JOBS Act one of the “most important pieces of legislation in decades” and expects it to help software companies and hardware startups most of all.

04/04/12 (Web)
$14 Billion Software as a Service Industry Growth Influences Maker Companies
In a recent conversation with TechShop CEO Mark Hatch, I learned that the Square credit card reader prototypes were developed in their Menlo Park (CA) location. The founders were able to rapid prototype their elegant and useful device in a matter of weeks. Small businesses have been the ones to benefit from this invention. Of course, if TechShop didn’t have this amazing list of equipment and machines, it would not have been possible.

  SXSW Interactive 2012
03/30/12 (Video)
Welding Crash Course in the TechShop @ SXSW Interactive 2012

 PD&D TV Host Louise Rainone visits GE Works' Garages at SXSW Interactive 2012 and talks to Taylor Kuffner, resident artist of the Austin, TX TechShop.

MAKE Magazine
03/23/12 (Blog)
Many (Maker) Hands…

A few weeks ago, Makezine ran a feature on Adam Ellsworth and Bryan Duxbury’s delightful Cube Lamp. The write-up did a wonderful job of exploring how entrepreneurs and makers meet at makerspaces and create businesses.

New Empire Builders
03/20/12 (Video)
The DIY Movement and TechShop

Wandering around the 2012 SXSW Interactive Festival, editor-in-chief Scott Henderson sought out people and ideas with the potential of shifting how the world works.

In this episode, he makes a stop at the GE Garages to speak with Kyle Rushing from TechShop, one of GE’s featured partners in the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) sector.

Downriver Sunday Times
03/17/12 (Web)
TechShop unites area tinkerers

When a gust of wind destroyed a favorite lawn decoration, Charlie Knight knew exactly where to go. Knight, the owner of a Marathon gas station in Trenton, took the battered wooden stem of a lawn umbrella to the Allen Park TechShop to rebuild it with sturdier aluminum.

03/17/12 (Web)
DIY Weekend: Shining a new light on an old video game classic

Bryan Duxbury and Adam Ellsworth loved playing Super Mario Bros. as kids. Now, as adults, they've turned the classic NES video game into a cool DIY project with help from membership-based workspace TechShop.

Huffington Post
03/15/12 (Web)
(EXCERPT) Need Speed And Greed: We Are All Innovators Now
He argues that the spread of such affordable design software, inexpensive digital fabrication labs, and outfits like California’s Tech Shop (which aim to do for manufacturing and design equipment what Kinko’s did for photocopiers) means everyone can join the “maker” revolution.

03/13/12 (Blog)
We wouldn't mind living at TechShop
Have you ever been to a place and had the feeling of being surrounded by geek?

03/08/12 (Web)
GE Wants You to Play With Power Tools at SXSW

Projects include using an injection molder to make an iPhone case with a customized spot for mobile payment device Square. You can also weld together bike racks for the city of Austin and etch your name into a business-sized toolkit. If you’re so inclined, you can subject your own mobile device to the engraving tools. GE partnered with collaborative development platform Quirky, peer-to-peer learning marketplace Skillshare, membership-based workshop and fabrication studio TechShop on the project.

A Better Office
03/06/12 (Blog)
What Are the Biggest Misconceptions About Coworking Office Space?
Artists also patronize shared workspaces, looking for floor space not desk space, to solder and fuse sculptures or giant installations. These types of coworking spaces — examples include BioCurious, TechShop, and NoiseBridge — are veritable creative hotspots where collaboration and community are the foundation.

03/04/12 (Blog)

If you have an idea, want to put it in action but don’t have The Knowledge or know-how to use the machines involved, TechShop will organize a course ... The whole point of TechShop is to empower you with a wide variety of new capabilities so you can start to see the pathway that lets you make new and exciting things ... TechShop’s highest aim is really to celebrate the creative spirit and encourage those looking for ways to get back to the art of making it themselves.

  Startup Weekend
03/02/12 (Web)
Maker Startup Weekend Bay Area Kicks Off With A Bang
Maker Startup Weekend Bay Area Kicked off with a bang at 9am as the TechShop opened its doors. The crowd flooded in ...

03/01/12 (Blog)
Will the DIY Movement Change the Economy, Education, and Innovation Forever?

Yesterday, Future Tense hosted an event called “Tinkering With Tomorrow: Will the DIY Movement Craft the Future?” at the New America Foundation in Washington, D.C. Make magazine’s Dale Dougherty, the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy’s Tom Kalil, TechShop founder Jim Newton, Kickstarter’s Cindy Au, and many others joined journalists ... about the movement’s philosophy, its implications for the economy and for intellectual property law, and more.

Business Insider
02/21/12 (Web)
This is where Jack Dorsey's vision for a new payment system came to life

McKelvey hunkered down at TechShop, a tool shop in San Francisco, to build a prototype of the Square dongle. After a month of using TechShop's industrial tools, McKelvey had his prototype and Square was off and running.

02/14/12 (Web)
Kitmakers say Make It Yourself

Then there are the people who would like to turn what they love to make into a business and earn a living or part-time income from their craft, design, invention or kit. Many of them are already doing it (partly why makerspaces and innovative models like TechShop are growing, too). This group is the one under the radar right now, but quickly emerging as an important force in our economy.

CBS News Online
02/13/12 (Web)
How to boost creativity

The experiment was the brainchild of Bill Coughlin, CEO of Ford Global Technology. He'd been inspired by TechShop, a new business headed by Mark Hatch ... created as a place where anyone with an idea can figure out how to turn it into reality. It isn't just the equipment that works the magic. As a welcoming, open environment, it is full of people with experience, enthusiasm and encouragement who can both instruct would-be inventors and bring a lot of insight and guidance to their ideas.

Future Tense
02/13/12 (Web)
Tinkering With Tomorrow

Among other topics, we’ll discuss crowdfunding, community spaces for innovation, how (or if) DIY will affect the economy, and the legal implications of this new mode of creating. Speakers from the innovation community include Tim Wu, White House Office of Science and Technology Policy Associate Director Tom Kalil, Kickstarter’s Cindy Au, Make magazine’s Dale Dougherty, and TechShop’s Jim Newton.

02/03/12 (Blog)
Marketing for Artists: Lightbox SF and Shana Astrachan Team Up with TechShop for DIY Marketing Class

The class, taught at TechShop San Francisco, featured best practices for helping your brand stand out from the competition. The best part? Genevieve and Shana featured design ideas and inspiration that can be created on some of the super-cool high-tech equipment at TechShop.

D Business
01/19/12 (Web)
Innovation Station
A new ‘invention’ shop in Dearborn offers an on-ramp to the global marketplace

12/31/11 (Blog)
TechShop's Mark Hatch: Access to the Industrial Revolution for 100 Bucks a Month

Here at Autodesk University 2011, the second Keynote speaker we were excited to hear from was Mark Hatch, CEO and founder of open-access workshop TechShop.

11/30/11 (Video)
Autodesk University 2011 Gallery TechShop Tour

See Jesse Harrington Au, Solutions Specialist - the Maker Advocate, Autodesk give a tour of the TechShop display at the Autodesk University 2011 Exhibit Hall.

7x7 SF
11/22/11 (Blog)
TechShop Stages A Full-On Maker Revolution in SoMa
It’s 10:30 p.m. on a Monday, and SoMa’s TechShop is buzzing with activity. Sparks are flying, the band saw is kicking up dust, and nerdy hipsters are in the conference room plotting prototypes. The creative energy filling the raw industrial space is palpable, and the brainpower is suffocating.

10/11/11 (Web)
Remembering Steve Jobs By Celebrating The Life He Lived
The partners for such a vision are already out there—Maker Faire, TechShop, the D-Lab, Fab Lab, Lemelson-MITInvenTeams, FIRST robotics, Startup Weekend and more. These organizations are training America’s first team in the great collaborative game that is modern global exchange.

The San Jose Blog
09/24/11 (Blog)
TechShop Grand Opening Today!

Come out to 300 S. 2nd Street between 10am-6pm to check out the new TechShop Downtown! ... This place should fit in nicely into SoFA and provide an invaluable resource for the Arts organizations there!

09/13/11 (Web)
TechShop’s Mark Hatch Is Building A Place Where You Can Build Your Dreams

You don't need to look far to see that a growing community of makers--people who like to work on art- and science-based DIY projects--is blossoming in the U.S. Not all of these makers own the pricey tools necessary to work on their projects, of course. That's where TechShop, a San Francisco-based chain of DIY workshop spaces that offers tools for artists, engineers, entrepreneurs, and everyone in between, comes in.

08/03/11 (Video)
High-End CNC for Anyone: Tested Tours TechShop

HowTechShop makes getting access to amazing high-end CNC hardware affordable. Will Smith and Norman Chan of Tested tour TechShop San Francisco in this featured video.


08/02/11 (Web)
TechShop + Kickstarter = A New Paradigm for Manufacturing?

For evidence you need only poke your head into the TechShop in San Francisco’s Mission District, a sort of Hewlett Packard-garage meets vocational training that was founded by DIYer and serial entrepreneur Jim Newton. Home to a dazzling array of machinery, this facility attracts everyone from hobbyists to venture capitalists. There’s even a red phone that connects you directly to the U.S. Patent Office.

WJBK Fox 2
07/28/11 (Web)
TechShop to Offer Tools for Inventors

Most of us don't have $20,000 or $30,000 to spend on a laser cutter, but that's the beauty of TechShop Detroit. You don't have to spend that kind of money. All the tools a would-be inventor could want are right there and available to everyone.

PR Newswire
07/11/11 (Web)
Nation's Most Creative Minds Featured at Brooklyn Building Competition

If there was an award given for 'most mind-blowingly fun-looking thing likely to land you in the ICU,' then San Fran's TechShop would've taken it home.

The Atlantic
07/05/11 (Web)
7 Successful Products to Emerge From San Francisco's TechShop

With hundreds of members at each location, TechShop is in the process of expanding its franchise. Here's proof that the model can work.

Santa Cruz Sentinel
07/02/11 (Web)
Tina Baine, DIY: High tech for the masses as TechShop opens San Jose space

But now there is TechShop. The equipment-rich Bay Area workshop has just opened a new location in downtown San Jose, near San Jose State. Seven days a week from 9 a.m. to midnight, members have access to tools and machinery to create just about anything they can envision. TechShop classes also are open to nonmembers to learn techniques, master the safe operation of high-tech equipment, and get a taste of the possibilities.

Inventors Digest
07/01/11 (Print)
Five Questions WIth ... TechShop
ID: If I’m a first-time inventor making a brand new prototype, how can TechShop help me? Jim Newton: When you walk into TechShop, we don’t assume you know anything about the tools and machines we have in each shop ... The TechShop atmosphere is designed to be non-judgmental, with no cliques or elitist attitudes. Everyone is very open and warm. I think it is absolutely the perfect and emotionally-safe environment in which to be an inventor.

06/30/11 (Web)
Entrance to SF TechShop

At Fifth and Howard streets in San Francisco sits TechShop, part of a growing franchise made just for makers. TechShop is designed to have the convenience of a corporate gym mixed with the underground hacker mindset. During CNET's visit, an eclectic bunch of members--including policemen, entrepreneurs, and fashionistas--all huddled in the gym-size playground and took prototyping into their own hands.

Daily Beast
06/26/11 (Web)
Where Entrepreneurs Go Shopping

What Buckley did have: access to a nearby TechShop, a fledgling chain of workshops equipped with enough laser cutters, high-end saws, and other heavy-duty equipment to cause the eyes of any serious-minded do-it-yourselfer to bulge wide. Within four weeks, Buckley says, he had a prototype ...

06/05/11 (Web)
Tooling around San Francisco's TechShop
CNET gets a tour of one of TechShop's four commercial-scale hacker facilities, which are helping to bring the maker culture to the mainstream with classes and monthly memberships.

News Observer
05/30/11 (Web)
TechShop RDU offers all the tools for do-it-yourself tasks

To hear Jeff Sgroi tell it, there's nothing quite like the feeling of having a quarter-million dollars worth of equipment all to yourself. Most days, his is the first key to unlock the front doors to a 20,000-square-foot office building on Triangle Drive off Glenwood Avenue in Raleigh.


05/25/11 (Web)
Beyond 'Dirty Jobs': Mike Rowe wants a TV network to 'Shut Up & Make It'
Fascinated by the idea of TechShop and some of the creations that have come out of it, Rowe started to mull over how it could be turned into a TV show.

Internet ACTU
05/25/11 (Web)
Makers (1/2) : Faire société
Translation: TechShop is positioning itself as the company reference in place of personal fabrication. The first TechShop opened in Menlo Park, south of San Francisco, at the instigation of an enthusiastic inventor, Jim Newton, who despaired of not having a large workspace available ... The strong ambition displayed by the management team (which has eight TechShop openings projected by the end of 2012) is in line with the widespread enthusiasm that accompanies the opening of these places around the Bay.

The Daily Journal
05/21/11 (Web)
A paradise for do-it-yourselfers
The TechShop, Huss said, is one of Maker Faire’s biggest success stories, and will most likely be one of its biggest vendors when it sets up under a 5,000-square-foot tent to display its equipment and project exhibits.

CAD Insider
05/14/11 (Blog)
TechShop: Stairway to Inventor Heaven
Come up with a great invention and make a million. Who hasn’t thought that? But often great ideas never see the light of day. A would-be inventor may not have the equipment to turn the dream into reality. A working model, or prototype, may be required. TechShop aims to address this shortfall.

05/12/11 (Web)
Mike Rowe of Discovery Channel's Dirty Jobs at Maker Faire Bay Area 2011
TechShop, the first membership-based DIY workshop and fabrication studio for makers, is excited to welcome Mike Rowe to Maker Faire, the world's preeminent DIY festival.

Triple Pundit
05/10/11 (Web)
SHARE SF: Is Having Access the New Ownership?
Here's what a dip in the access economy might look like: you're at TechShop teaching someone from the local time bank how to make a robotic arm when you...

  Disruptive By Design
05/08/11 (Video)
Autodesk’s CEO Carl Bass Announces 123D
Carl Bass Announces a new product from Autodesk and a joint venture with TechShop at WIRED's Business Conference - Disruptive by Design.

CBS News Online
05/07/11 (Video)
California's TechShop aiding job creation

Scores of entrepreneurs in California have joined TechShop in Menlo Park, which provides members with access to industrial strength machinery.

05/03/11 (Blog)
Democratizing Design: Autodesk’s CEO Carl Bass Announces 123D
Autodesk’s partnership with Ponoko and Techshop will allow people to turn their dreams into reality - literally, Bass said.

05/03/11 (Video)
Everyone Can Now Be A Manufacturer: Autodesk CEO

"When you put the ability to make something in the hands of everybody, you’ll suddenly see all the ideas that were out there just waiting to come out" from "regular folks, not big companies."

Fast Company
05/01/11 (Web)
Brave New Co-working World
So far, the model is attracting entrepreneurs from hot startups such as Square, which manufactures credit-card readers that plug into smartphones.

04/20/11 (Web)
Join Xconomy and TechShop on April 27 for “The Maker Revolution: From Workbench to Business”
TechShop and Xconomy San Francisco are getting together to host an informal evening event called The Maker Revolution: From Workbench to Business.

The Bold Italic
03/31/11 (Blog)
Laser Pointers
I was expecting the typical stuff that you’d find in a workshop, like band saws and such, but TechShop has a dizzying selection of what can only be described as industrial fabrication tooling: injection molders, 3-D printers, quilting machines, and laser cutters.

USA Today
03/29/11 (Video)
Workshop offers geeks industrial-strength toys

In the tech-obsessed South of Market neighborhood that digital sensations like Twitter and Zynga call home, a newfangled workshop for would-be inventors blends a start-up sensibility with the area's historic manufacturing roots to give geeks a chance to get out from behind the keyboard. Modeled after gyms, TechShop is attracting members who pay as little as $100 a month to use industrial strength equipment to invent whatever they can imagine.

The Seattle Times
03/28/11 (Web)
Workshop offers geeks industrial-strength toys
The ex-Green Beret cites Karl Marx's observation that the Industrial Revolution took manufacturing tools out of the hands of artisans and gave them to industrialists. For [TechShop CEO Mark] Hatch, TechShop is a way to give those tools back to stir what he hopes is an entrepreneurial uprising. And he says TechShop members already have the inventions to prove it.

CBS Atlanta
03/28/11 (Web)
Gym for Geeks

A workshop in San Francisco gives would-be inventors access to industrial strength equipment for as little as $100 a month. The TechShop is run like a gym, but these members exercise their brains and try [...]

03/11/11 (Blog)
Wired Video: TechShop Opens Tool Heaven in San Francisco
If your town has a lending library for tools, consider yourself lucky. But if your town has TechShop, you’re in geek heaven.

San Francisco Bay Guardian Online
02/24/11 (Blog)
The Performant: Neat stuff
Just when it felt like San Francisco could not possibly Do It Itself more than it already has, Jim Newton's TechShop moved to town. Now it will be almost impossible not to succumb to the temptation of learning welding, soldering, molding, ...

02/22/11 (Video)
TechShop Opens in San Francisco
NBC Bay Area news story on the opening of Techshop in San Francisco, which is a membership-based public workshop that's helping innovators realize their dreams.

KGO Radio
02/21/11 (Radio)
KGO Coverage
Interview with Founder Jim Newton. Interview starts 17 minutes into the broadcast.

02/20/11 (Video)
Entrepeneurs get hands-on with ideas at TechShop

San Francisco's TechShop, which had its grand opening Saturday, is a community that wants to offer anyone the chance to be a big thinker, by providing a start-up environment equipped with just about any tool you can think of, along with training ...

San Francisco Chronicle
02/19/11 (Blog)
Good Morning Mission!
The grand opening of Tech Shop is today! Adam Savage from Mythbusters will be there, although there is no guarantee that he will bust any myths. He may lie to you. Be prepared. Tools, on the other hand, will never lie to you, and are worth venturing ...

02/18/11 (Blog)
SFist This Weekend: Chinese New Year, TechShop Opening, Tulipmania, Bluegrass Workshops
SF TechShop Grand Opening: Aspiring and experienced DIY enthusiasts can rejoice over the opening of TechShop's new San Francisco location on Saturday. Check out some demos, take a tour, meet Mythbusters' Adam Savage, and enjoy some street food. ...

The San Francisco Appeal
02/18/11 (Web)
Do-It-Yourself Workshop Opens Doors Saturday In SOMA
Dreamers, inventors and hobbyists alike will have a workshop to call home in San Francisco when TechShop, the first membership-based, do-it-yourself workshop and fabrication studio, opens its doors in the city on Saturday.

02/18/11 (Blog)
Saturday: Grand Opening of new TechShop in SOMA
Tomorrow, those of you lucky enough to be in San Francisco can attend the Grand Opening event of TechShop's new SOMA location.

Core 77
02/18/11 (Blog)
Saturday: Grand Opening of new TechShop in SOMA

What I wouldn't give to have cheap access to my own ID shop, rather than the pair of sawhorses, hallway and irritated neighbors I have now ... Good news for us New Yorkers: TechShop Brooklyn is reportedly coming in Fall 2011!

02/16/11 (Web)
TechShop: The Cheap, Easy Innovation Revolution
"The cost of doing a start up now is less than a Starbucks addiction!"

San Francisco Chronicle
02/16/11 (Print)
TechShop SF open house for DIYers

"Without TechShop, we never would have been able to bring the iPad DODOcase to market," Buckley says ...

Silicon Valley Business Journal
02/11/11 (Web)
TechShop eyes third incubation location

Calling all engineers, tinkerers and entrepreneurs: A new incubator coming to San Jose could be the place to launch your next business opportunity.

01/26/11 (Video)
Cruzin' Silicon Valley 1: TechShop: Cruze-arati

Berkeleyside Local Business Forum: a call to action
Anderson said Berkeley was a “perfect place” for such efforts, because of the concentration of digital know-how and excellent coffee shops. He advocated the creation of a “hacking space”, like Tech Shop in Menlo Park and San Francisco.

Autoline Detroit
01/14/11 (Video)
A 25-minute show highlighting TechShop and some of its members and projects.

12/16/10 (Web)
TechShop's "Innovation Cathedral" Comes to San Francisco -- Serving Craftsmen and Entrepreneurs on the Gold’s Gym Model
TechShop has almost every conceivable tool at the ready…It's a DIY enthusiast's paradise.

  The American Entrepreneur
12/14/10 (Radio)
Getting the Most Out of Your Company’s Energy Bill: “Mike and Tony: The Energy Guys”
Segment Titled: A Conversation With Jim Newton of TechShop

Computer Graphics World
12/08/10 (Blog)
Autodesk University 2010
A great concept and a great way to foster interest for those who are not the typical designer types: atypical engineers.

  Revit OpEd
12/01/10 (Blog)
Autodesk University 2010 - Tuesday
You could spend a lot of time there and still not spend more than you would on one serious piece of equipment.
11/30/10 (Blog)
Autodesk University 2010 – Day 1
Autodesk is partnering with TechShop to get to the DIY market.

11/28/10 (Radio)
A Space For DIY People To Do Their Business

11/18/10 (Print)
TechShop's Gadget Factory

Meet a selection of the businesses that got their start at TechShop, a Bay Area company that charges inventors and hobbyists $125 a month to use i.ts tools and gear.

11/05/10 (Web)
TechShop Expands, Helps Turn Inventions Into Viable Products
...TechShop, a Menlo Park, Calif., company that offers members access to workshops that make most tinkerers’ garages look like kindergarten classrooms.

09/29/10 (Web)
Building Lunar Landers
@TechShop: Where inventors go to turn their visions into reality.

09/23/10 (Web)
3D Systems Brings Its Printers to Maker Faire
3D Printers for 'Makers' and 'DIYs' at New York Hall of Science

The Atlantic
09/15/10 (Blog)
Boing Boing Co-Founder Mark Frauenfelder on Maker Education
Kids in the Young Makers Program (just launched by Maker Media, Disney-Pixar, the Exploratorium, and TechShop) have built a seven-foot animatronic fire-breathing dragon, a stop-motion camera rig, a tool to lift roofing supplies, and new skateboard hardware.

09/14/10 (Web)
TechShop: A blowtorch-filled paradise for inventors
Some members use the tools to fix up their kids' tricycles, build custom furniture or print logos on T-shirts. But more than half of them are chasing projects that, with luck, will go beyond the personal realm.

CNN Newsroom
09/14/10 (Blog)
THE BIG I: An Inventor's Paradise
TechShop is a do-it-yourself-type workshop.

09/09/10 (Blog)
TechShop teams up with Autodesk to provide RP software and more
...TechShop has now teamed up with Autodesk to provide a full complement of digital Prototyping software and other design programs.

San Jose Mercury News
09/05/10 (Print)
Zero One techno-art festival takes off in San Jose
...TechShop, a crafts and machine shop in Menlo Park for people wishing to make everything from small belt buckles to large metal sculptures.

  The New York Times - Bits Blog
07/30/10 (Blog)
D.I.Y. Detroit: A Hands-On Approach to Fixing the Auto Industry
Geeks, engineers and do-it-yourselfers in Detroit will soon have a chance to take the future of the American automotive industry into their own hands.

Inc. Magazine
07/01/10 (Print)
How to Make More Manufacturers
Plenty of Americans have the desire to make actual stuff, not just software. What they lack are the tools. We should help them.

Kenneth Wong's Virtual Desktop
06/04/10 (Blog)
Thinker, Tailer, Solider, Maker: Snapshots from Maker Faire Bay Area
Would you ever need to own a laser cutter, a metal welder, or a milling machine? For most, the answer is, "Probably not." But sometimes, when inspiration strikes, you might want to churn out a pair of laser-engraved earrings or a welded sculpture.

San Francisco Examiner
05/18/10 (Print)
Intersection's world-changing art
The Hub and TechShop are relatively new membership organizations committed to democratizing access, and allowing opportunities for small nonprofit and for-profit businesses to thrive.

San Francisco Chronicle
05/05/10 (Print)
Inventor's need for tools sparked TechShop
Every mad scientist needs a laboratory. And for those who can't afford it, there's TechShop.

San Francisco Chronicle
04/29/10 (Print)
Chronicle's new neighbor: Intersection 5M
And the Hub Bay Area, an international social entrepreneurs' collective, and TechShop, a collaborative tech workshop, along with Intersection for the Arts, . . .

San Jose Mercury News
04/23/10 (Print)
Cassidy: Silicon Valley's TechShop is a tinkerer's paradise
TechShop is fast becoming a handyperson's heaven for anyone who likes to tweak, tinker, invent, iterate or inhale the sweet scent of creativity.

San Francisco Examiner
04/19/10 (Print)
Teens bring ingenuity to annual Maker Faire
There's no competition and no approval process, just an eager team of volunteer technical advisors from the Exploratorium, TechShop and Disney/Pixar to help them work out the fine points of the design.

  The New York Times - Cover of the Business Section
04/10/10 (Print)
Inventors Wanted. Cool Tools Provided.

MARK HATCH sees the revolution going something like this: Wealthy, love-handled Americans will turn off their televisions, put down their golf clubs and step away from their Starbucks coffees. Then they will direct their disposable income and free time toward making things -- stuff like chairs, toys and, say, synthetic diamonds. They will do this because the tools needed to make really cool things have become cheaper and because humans feel good when they make really cool things.

03/18/10 (Blog)
The Next Industrial Revolution
Peer production, open source, crowdsourcing, user-generated content — all these digital trends have begun to play out in the world of atoms, too. The Web was just the proof of concept. Now the revolution hits the real world ... To see this model emerging in the real world, you need only visit TechShop, a chain of DIY workspaces that offer access to state-of-the-art prototyping tools for around $100 a month ... This is an incubator for the atoms age. When TechShop founder Jim Newton went looking for an executive to run it, he quickly decided on Mark Hatch, a former Kinko’s executive. The analogy is apt: In the same way that Kinko’s democratized printing and, in the process, created a national chain of service bureaus, TechShop wants to democratize manufacturing.

The Oakland Tribune
03/04/10 (Print)
Munroe: Incubators fertile ground for job creation

They include the proposed addition of branches in San Francisco and San Jose in 2010 by TechShop, an incubator company with three West Coast branches.


  Indy Week
09/02/09 (Web)
At TechShop, hobbyists and inventors find the only limit is their imagination
Adults at play

Inventors Digest
10/01/08 (Print)
Dream Builder: TechShop - Where Power Tools and Ideas Meet

Jim Newton is expanding his rent-a-workshop and one could be opening near you. But the best part may be the fellow tinkerers you meet here ... The access to tools and networking opportunities -- all at a reasonable cost, in my opinion -- make TechShop a compelling destination. (Vol. 24 Issue 9, p22)

09/08/08 (Video)
Systm Episode 67 - Build Yourself A 'Segway' (at TechShop)
Learn how this high school student did the Segway one better... by building his own self balancing scooter!

Forbes Video Network
08/13/08 (Video)
Build a Minty Boost with TechShop's Jim Newton
Step-by-step directions to create one at home with the Minty Boost Kit.

Forbes Video Network
08/13/08 (Video)
Do-It-Yourself Dream Shop
Silicon Valley's TechShop provides entrepreneurs with tools to build almost anything.

Forbes Magazine
08/13/08 (Print)
Gym For Geeks
Jim Newton's TechShop gives creativity a place to work out.

Forbes Magazine
08/13/08 (Print)
Eight People Inventing The Future
Grass-Roots Innovation Takes Root

Forbes Magazine
08/13/08 (Print)
In Pictures: Eight People Inventing The Future
This year, in Forbes' annual E-Gang feature on technology innovators, we spotlight the work of eight leading do-it-yourselfers.

Wired Blog - GeekDad
07/28/08 (Blog)
TechShop: 'Like Kinko's, For Geeks'
Imagine gathering in one place dozens of the local -- and not so local -- geekerati. Picture an assembly of artists, technicians, designers and engineers. Hobbyists, tinkerers, and the geeky-by-trade. Young and old, men and women of every stripe, their only common trait a drive to build and create. What could draw this crowd together? What lure would bring some of them a hundred miles or more? Would you believe me if I said all it took was an empty building?

07/25/08 (Video)
TechShop: Where Inventors' Dreams Are Made
A workshop capable of creating anything you design.

California Green Solutions
06/29/08 (Blog)
TechShop is a Lab/Workshop for Innovation -- Inventors, DIY and Makers
TechShop is a community workshop for inventors who need specialized tools and like minded entrepreneur community

Durham News
06/14/08 (Print)
Man sets stage for mechanical Mecca
Planned local TechShop would provide members access to buffet of equipment

  Los Angeles Times
06/09/08 (Print)
TechShop: Where do-it-yourself inventors do R&D
Silicon Valley workshop offers tools to an innovative community

Ready Made Magazine
06/07/08 (Print)
Father of Invention
TechShop's Jim Newton invites everyone into the garage.

ReadyMade Video
05/30/08 (Video)
TechShop: Behind the Scenes
Go behind the scenes at TechShop, a membership-supported workshop in Menlo Park, California.

CBS News
05/08/08 (Video)
Menlo Park Workshop Offers Space To Inventors
To most people, people use their garages to park their cars. But to Silicon Valley engineers and inventors, it's the place to create the next big thing.

05/08/08 (Video)
Core77 Video Drive-by: Maker Faire: TechShop
TechShop is one of those things that makes so much sense you wonder why it hasn't been around forever.

Bay Area Back Roads
05/03/08 (Video)
Do-It-Yourself in the Bay Area
We spoke with Natalie Zee-Drieu, Senior Editor of Craft Magazine, who gave us tips on art and craft places to do it yourself.

Institute for the Future
05/01/08 (Print)
Future of Making Map
Two future forces, one mostly social, one mostly technological, are intersecting to transform how goods, services, and experiences--the "stuff" of our world--will be designed, manufactured, and distributed over the next decade.

Boing Boing tv
05/01/08 (Video)
TechShop: a community tinkering space
Today on Boing Boing tv, Xeni visits TechShop, an open-access public workshop that's kind of like a health club with heavy machinery and sparks instead of treadmills.

Kevin Kelly's Cool Tools
04/28/08 (Blog)
TechShop -- Industrial tinkering space
Wouldn't it be great to have a full machine shop at your disposal, with dozens of industrial tools also at your disposal, and all you have to do is contribute to the upkeep?

Inc. Magazine
03/01/08 (Print)
From Tinkerer to Franchiser
Since being featured in our start-up issue ("How to Launch a Cool, Profitable, Kick-ass Start-up," July), Jim Newton has been in high demand.

San Diego Business Journal
02/25/08 (Print)
Jewelry innovator networks her way to getting 'bling' to market: inventor might find snap decision leads to success.
Like many inventors, Terri Pickering thought she could make a better product than what was already on the market, so she invented one.

11/05/07 (Blog)
Hobbyists heed TechShop's siren song

At TechShop, a Menlo Park, Calif., business that invites the public to come and use a wide variety of personal-fabrication machines and tools, a piece of bread has gone through a laser-etching machine.

11/05/07 (Blog)
Geek Gestalt: Making whatever you want at TechShop

After covering three Maker Faires over the last year and a half, one thing has become clear: there are one heck of a lot of people out there who like to make things.

11/05/07 (Blog)
Paradise for tech tinkerers
It's no surprise, really, that something like TechShop could attract the interest and money required to expand to eight new cities.

ABC News
09/23/07 (Video)
Building A Cell Phone From Scratch
Matt Hamrick and Craig Hughes are co-founders. The Club meets monthly at, and uses the tools at Silcon Valley's TechShop.

Guy Kawasaki
09/10/07 (Blog)
How to Change the World -- TechShop: Geek Heaven
One of the challenges that geeks, inventors, hobbyists, hackers, burners, and artists who are trying to change the world face is finding a place to do their work.

09/10/07 (Blog)
TechShop: Geek Heaven (1299 Diggs)
This stuff should be worldwide!

Silicon Valley WAVE Magazine
08/01/07 (Print)
Club Creation
Bay Area inventors can "work out" ideas at Tech Shop.

Explo TV & Make Video Blog
07/21/07 (Video)
Exploratorium Video: Tools for Making Things with Jim Newton
While demonstrating how to build an electromechanical digital clock, Jim Newton talks about different kinds of tools--from low-tech, such as a drill press or a welder, to high-tech, such as laser and plasma cutters.

ABC News
07/02/07 (Blog)
Menlo Park 'TechShop' Makes Brilliant Inventions Come To Life
When you need to make copies, you go to a copy shop. When you need to make a picture frame, you go to a frame shop. But where do you go when you need to make the next brilliant invention?

Inc. Magazine
07/01/07 (Print)
How to Launch a Cool, Profitable, Worth-All-The-Risk, Kick-Ass Start-Up (And Live To Brag About It)
Case Study #2: The Inventor's Best Friend

05/04/07 (Blog)
Silicon Valley engineers peek at the Tesla (at TechShop)

If you want to pack a room of mechanical engineers in Silicon Valley, just trot out its hottest new symbol of status and geekery, the Tesla Roadster.

Palo Alto Weekly
09/29/06 (Print)
Atherton man to unveil public TechShop
Menlo Park open house this weekend for shop with industrial-grade tools for public use

Make: Blog
08/29/06 (Blog)
TechShop - A place for Makers to work on their projects
Hey Makers! If you like to build stuff but you don't have the tools, equipment, space, or know-how, TechShop is for you!

San Francisco Examiner
04/24/06 (Print)
Seeking a 'place to go build stuff'
Belmont resident Jim Newton has a dream, and it is filled with power tools.