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The Wickedly Clever Guide to Buying a Used Car
Wednesday, 5/22/2013
6:30 PM to 9:00 PM
TechShop San Francisco

Join Techshop automotive enthusiast Blaine Dehmlow and friends for a fun and informative look at buying a used car. The Wickedly Clever Guide includes:

  – How to buy quality for pennies on the dollar

  – What never to buy

  – Where to find the deals – learning the language of Craigslist sellers

  – Putting together a foolproof plan for buying a reliable car

  How to get an absolute steal on a used car (not for the faint of heart)

One lucky person will be able to use the guide with expert guidance and find their car right before your eyes.

If you are afraid of losing money or valuable time on risky purchases, or want to drive like a rich person for pennies, come and become one of the Wickedly Clever!

Thousands of dollars of savings and knowledge for just 39 bucks!! Sign up here!