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Electric Imp Workshop at TechShop
Saturday, 10/27/2012
12:00 PM to 6:00 PM
TechShop San Francisco

Electric Imp is a complete solution to connect devices to the Internet, wirelessly.

The Internet of Things has been talked about for many years, but even though communications technologies grow cheaper and more effi­cient, there are still only a handful of Internet-connected devices. Those that do exist are expensive and offer limited benefits for the user. The advantages of having devices connected intelligently are huge: Resources can be saved by controlling devices appropriately, security and safety can be improved, and information can go to and from the device using the full breadth of Internet services, opening possibilities for support services and remote diagnoses as well as useful and timely notifications. The Imp uses WiFi and a cloud service to make it easy for vendors to Internet-enable their products, bringing the power of the Internet to places and devices it could never reach before.

This workshop represents a new relationship with a great company and it is FREE! Come and learn what the future has to offer!

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