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Introduction to Yarn Spinning
Tuesday, 4/24/2012
6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
TechShop San Francisco
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Ever wanted to spin your own yarn? In this class you will learn how, using a simple spindle that each person will make and take home! You will also receive a good amount of wool to get you started. Here's what will be covered:

- Spinning basics: drafting, adding twist and winding on

- Spinning methods and their uses: worsted, woolen and in between

- Fiber basics: fiber types, characteristics and uses

- Plying: combining your single strands for a strong, stable and balanced yarn

You will also receive a handout full of valuable resources about spinning and other textile information.

Everything you need will be provided in the class. Please wear something that you won't mind getting linty or fuzzy.

Workshop Length: 2 Hours
Cost: $35

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