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Round Rock Boat Regatta TechShop Team Build #1
Thursday, 4/17/2014
6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
TechShop Austin-Round Rock

The Round Rock the Boat Regatta pits homemade cardboard boats in a fun race at Old Settlers Park.

Old Settlers Park will be full of spectators waiting to see who will float, sink or swim at Round Rock the Boat Regatta. Contestants make boats out of cardboard and tape and will rely on their inventions to keep them afloat as they race across the lake at Old Settlers Park.

TechShop wants YOU to be a part of the build team!

There will be 4 scheduled build days before the BIG DAY!

April 17th - Brainstorm, plan, build - at TechShop - 6 pm

April 25th - Build Day - at TechShop

April 26th - Build Day - at TechShop

Cardboard Boat Building Construction Information 2014

To join our build team, e-mail or join us on April 17th at 6 pm at the shop with your ideas and creativity!

Visit their official website for more information.