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Meet-Up: Aging in Place Technologies
Wednesday, 4/2/2014
7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
TechShop Mid-Peninsula

Reducing Social Isolation among Seniors: Ideas to Solutions

This is our first, topic-specific working group meeting. The group's goal is to work together to tease out the details of specific problems in the category of social isolation among seniors, and ultimately create new products and services that in some way reduce those problems.

Please come if you would like to commit real time and energy to trying to meet this goal, working together with like-minded people.

At this meeting we need to identify a topic leader team that want to drive the work, and agree on some goals and timelines. We will have plenty of time to brainstorm the problems together. And we will talk about the path along which we need to travel to meet the goals, and how we will get there.

This will be a working meeting, so please come ready to participate.

Anyone is welcome who has an interest in this topic. You certainly do not need to be technical. In fact, it is probably most useful if you have deep understanding of the actual "problem" Bbecause that is often the missing ingredient in discussions like this.

Anyone interested is welcome, whether you can spend a lot of time working on the topic, or just a little time.

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