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Hardware Startups: Founding to Funding
Tuesday, 9/24/2013
7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
TechShop San Francisco

Join Greg Kumparak, Nabeel Hyatt, Josh Stansfield, Kate Drane, and Jessica Alter for an informative evening as they share lessons they have learned about getting started in hardware.

Should you crowdfund, get VC money, or both? Should you manufacture in China or domestically? Should you do it alone or with a team? Join us as we discuss this and more of what you need to know to get started in hardware.

This event is brought to you by FounderDating, Highway1 and TechShop.

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About the Presenters:

Greg KumparakGreg Kumparak, Moderator - Greg Kumparak is the mobile editor at TechCrunch. Greg has been writing for TC since early 2008, where he's broken hundreds of stories on everything from upcoming acquisitions to unreleased gadgets.

Nabeel HyattNabeel Hyatt is a Venture Partner at Spark Capital. He has led Spark's investments in Thalmic Labs (Myo), Picturelife, and assists with Occulus. Prior to joining Spark, Nabeel spent 15 years as a startup founder, CEO and head of product at the confluence of design and technology. Most recently, Nabeel served as General Manager at Zynga, joining pre-IPO. Prior to that he was an early member and VP Product at MIT Media Lab spinoff Ambient Devices.

Kate DraneKate Drane is Indiegogo's hardware category lead. She is responsible for all aspects of business growth for the platform's design and technology categories and has led many companies, including Misfit Wearables, Scanadu and Canonical, to secure funding on Indiegogo.

Josh StansfieldJosh Stansfield met Incident founder Idan Beck while they were studying at Cornell through a mutual interest in music production. Years before incorporation, Josh joined Incident while the gTar was still a garage-built prototype and became involved with nearly all aspects of operations and marketing. He went on to create the Kickstarter project that launched the gTar into the public eye and set a record for the highest funded music hardware project in crowdfunding history. Josh is now Director of Brand Marketing, where he leads Incident in its commitment to deliver cutting-edge experiences around musical hardware and software to anybody, regardless of experience.

Jessica AlterJessica Alter is the co-founder and CEO of FounderDating, an online network for entrepreneurs to connect, share, and find co-founders. FounderDating recently partnered with TechShop and Highway1 to launch an effort that specifically helps hardware entreprenenuers get started on side projects and companies. Previously, she led Business Development and was the GM of Platforms at Bebo before it was acquired by AOL.