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Monetize It 101: Making Money with Your (Hardware) Product
Monday, 5/6/2013
6:30 PM to 9:00 PM
TechShop San Francisco

The Inventor files you sent to China never resulted in a quote or leadtimes you could understand. Things didn’t work out like you’d hope with Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Your web site isn’t exactly straining to keep up with orders and how the heck were you supposed to figure out what the price of this stuff should be?

What’s the problem?

It used to be possible to have a Silicon Valley success story with more than just crowdsourcing, web sales or outsourcing to China. The smart money just might be on learning how to do it again. Maybe it’s time to look at also using some things the old school way. Learn how to create a workable business plan, build your first units yourself, price for success, learn to sell, use distribution channels and all the other stuff you can't learn in a three-minute TEDx video.

Join us at TechShop for 90 minutes of learning, success stories and examples, Q&A, invective and discussion on how to take your great (probably hardware) product or idea and monetize it in today’s market.

About the Instructor: Jeff Osborn, most recently vice president of sales and business development at MakerBot Industries, is a dynamic, multi-year member of TechShop and a veteran of many startups going back to the early ’80s as a designer, programmer, sales rep, senior manager, angel investor and now consultant. Sign up for limited seating here!