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Patent Workshop with Central Coast Patent Agency
Thursday, 3/28/2013
5:00 PM to 6:30 PM
TechShop San Jose

Central Coast Patent Agency will be holding a seminar covering the main aspects of patents, including provisional and non-provisional patents. 

For the past 20 years, the Central Coast Patent Agency team has quickly and cost-effectively issued more than 1,000 patents for its clients. There is simply no substitute for legal experience, technical knowledge and accessibility in the IP field. We quickly grasp the technology behind our clients’ innovations and expand the vision and protection of each patent application. Our team enables you to better understand the strength and scope of your patents. We help you navigate the patent landscape and overcome all its challenges. When you’re facing a crucial Intellectual property decision, our valuable insight and experience is vital to your success.

About the Speakers: 

Don Boys is one of the most experienced patent agents around, having achieved issuance of over 1,000 patents for clients in the last 20 years of practice. Don is named on several patents himself from when he was an engineer pioneering sputtering technology in Silicon Valley and with auto vacuum coating systems with General Motors. Don has extensive knowledge of lithographic technology as well.

Mark Boys is Don's son and vice president of CCPA. Mark manages the agency and has extensive patent experience, holding several seminal patents in areas such as DVR technology, proximal advertising technology and web conferencing. He will present on Monetization of Patents.

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